Weekend Bonanza: TK Toy Expo 2012

28 Aug

This was one swell weekend! I haven’t had so much fun in ages that writing about it (and blabbering on and on and on) is simply too easy. Aside from the Gift Gate Big Sale at the NBC Tent last Saturday, there was one other major event for collectors in the city this weekend. This was the four-day Toy Kingdom Toy Expo, the very first one in the country, which ran from August 23 to August 26 at the SM Mall of Asia SMX.

Here are pictures from this smashing event:

On the way to SMX, we were met with traffic along parts of EDSA. I couldn’t help but wonder- were they going to the Toy Expo too?

Fortunately, we got to the area in record time! “I’m almost there, Toy Expo!” I whispered to myself.

We made it!

Had to take pictures of my favorite Transformers OP and Bumblebee (Go, Autobots!).

Here are some quck peeks into some of the most interesting sights (for me, at least): the X-box Kinect area (I wastched that lovely young girl dance), Barbie and her fashionable “house” (all the while wishing Cha, one of my dearest friends, was there),  Lego’s super-creative Philippine sights, and Monster dolls (this was not for me, but for some of my friends who are into these ghoulish, yet, fashionable dolls).

Ahh, but nothing beats Hello Kitty… and Lalaloopsy! There’s Ms. Beth in the picture with me (Ms. Beth is one of Ban Kee Trading’s wonderful sales persons) and lots more of the Lalaloopsy section. Believe me, if I had my own little girl, I think we’d have stayed forever with the Lalaloopsy girls!

Still, while there were obviously so many other areas to go to and explore, I think we all know what I went there for:

Ms. Aileen, also of Ban Kee Toys, was ever so gracious and accommodating. She showed me around the display area and gave me a short feedback on people’s response to this particular segment of the Expo. Of course, they loved it! Duh!

I ♥ the Sylvanian displays! I’ve seen them a hundred times before and I never get tired of looking at them.

I want to live in this neighborhood!

For the Toy Expo. Ban Kee Toys offered a special promo of a Sylvanian jewelry box for every purchase of PhP5000 and above. *Sigh* These made me wish I hadn’t bought everything yet!

Ahhh, despite my inability to avail of the promo, there was another highlight to the day. The Sylvanian Families Meet and Greet was my most favorite event at the Expo!

“Careful, Freya and Douglas!” we shouted at them as they ascended thestage.

Say hello, everyone! HELLO!

“I just knew this was going to be an extra special day,” Douglas thought to himself. Freya couldn’t stop waving at the enthusiatic crowd.

There were little kids everywhere! And in a crowd composed mostly of toddlers…

I was the biggest there!

Little Karen Doughty had to have her picture taken too.

See her yet? She’s so tiny compared to her giant relatives!

After all the pictures, it was time to go home. But Karen was nowhere to be found? Can you guess where she was?

“I’m hiding, I’m hiding!” Karen seemed to say, as she holed out in the Lalaloopsy garden.

The Toy Expo is certainly every child’s dream come true. Well, include adult toy collectors in that list! Truly, it was not only a visual treat but it served as an interactive playground for kids too. I think everyone who spent an hour or two there during those four days will say it was time well spent. I’d definitely recommend bringing the family next time. 🙂

Now, will there be another one next year? We certainly hope so! Thanks, Toy Kingdom!


5 Responses to “Weekend Bonanza: TK Toy Expo 2012”

  1. Nina August 28, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    Hello! The Sylvanian diplays look awsome! 😀 I especially like the pics you made of Karen being held by her giant relatives! :-DD And Karen seated on the tree branch. Adooorable! 🙂 Regards, Nina

    • Kittymama August 29, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      Thank you, Nina! I shoved little Karen into their hands right after I had my picture taken, heehee. At least, she had one that was her own! 🙂

  2. Anonymous August 28, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    I wish I went there! I didn’t know admission was free! Sayang na naman!

    • Kittymama August 29, 2012 at 11:55 am #

      Yes, it was free. There were also interactive areas where kids could play so everyone could have fun. Maybe next year?

  3. Guyito September 15, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Whoa, a toy expo! Looks fun! How I wish I can attend next year.

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