Gimme, Gimme Some Kimmi!

29 Sep

If you’re wondering if Kimmidolls has updated its local collection in the past months, wonder no more! The August 2012 collection arrived late in the month and if you’re wondering why I am a full month late in reporting it, it’s because it took a while to track down some of them. While Rustan’s Gateway called within the week of the collection’s release (I got some of mine earlier than the Facebook posts of Kimmidolls Philippines page, heehee), I wasn’t able to complete the collection right away. Still, with help from Kimmidolls Philippines and Rustan’s Gateway’s very accommodating sales personnel, I got the ones I wanted- stress free!

So here they are- the stars of the August 2012 Kimmidolls release!

As you can see, it’s a full house of Kimmidolls over here! I got two new Extra Extra Maxis, two Extra Maxus, six Maxis and six Minis. There are also two Limited Edition releases (see the boxed ones on the picture) this year and they are even lovelier than last year’s LE’s! 🙂

My search for Kimmidolls tooks on a lucky turn when I was able to track down an Extra Maxi I missed from last February’s release! Meet Extra Maxi Ryoko. the girl with the golden hair. 🙂

It’s been a full month of Kimmidolls for me! Thank you, Kimmidoll Philippines, for bringing these beauties in!



One Response to “Gimme, Gimme Some Kimmi!”

  1. RowiEve Resurreccion January 24, 2014 at 1:10 pm #

    Wow :O Cute Kimmidolls

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