A Kitty Wonderland: Part One

11 Nov

The invitation said four in the afternoon and I had meant to get there by three at the latest to get a feel of the Atrium’s layout. But when you’re a mom and wife and everything else all rolled in one (yes, I am even a handy carpenter on occasion), sometimes, getting your undies on right side out is all you have time for. Cross my Kitty heart.

In fairness, though, I wasn’t really late. I was there 15 minutes before the scheduled time but already, there were so many people that it felt like the MRT on rush hour, sans the funky smells of course. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the security and all the people milling around and wandering aimlessly. There were just so many. Fortunately, my phone rang just in time and I was graciously led me to where I was supposed to be seated for the duration of the program, on the second row of the right side of the stage.

The launch of SM City North EDSA’s tribute to Hello Kitty came in the form of a runway fashion show spiced up with a LOT of Hello Kitty talk. Ms. Tessa Prieto and Mr. Raymond Gutierrez hostedthe almost two-hour show. It was wonderful to see Ms. Prieto and Mr. Gutierrez banter lightly on stage. But of course, the star of the show (aside from the REAL star) was Ms. Prieto who was right in her element- fun, wacky, and feisty, but elegant to the core.

True to Ms. Prieto’s spirit, she came out in an over-the-top, multicolored (I counted six colors, at least!) Hello Kitty-inspired fairy/butterfly gown! It had pink pearly, sequined wings AND Hello Kitty plushes trailing down the hem and train. Shades of Lady Gaga’s plush gown, except waaaay more wearable. 🙂 Oops, don’t forget her aqua blue and pink feathery fascinator! Only Tessa Prieto can ever pull an out outfit like that. *bows to the master*

There were girls dressed in Hello Kitty finery and styled with ribbon bows made of hair on their head. They pranced and galloped and sashayed on stage like seasoned models (okay, okay, there were one or two little girls who were clueless when it came to directions but, hey, they were cute!).

There were young ladies who showed off adult fashions- from playtime to night time dates- complete with charming accessories like bags and blings, even a neck pillow and a scarf.

All of these fashionable finds are currently available at SM Department Store branches for kids’ fashion and Forever21 for ladies’ wear.

Then, there was a brief Q and A portion with Hello Kitty fans and collectors, including well-known designer Francis Libiran, actress Maxene Magalona, and FM DJ Nicole Hyala.

A-list designer Mr. Francis Libiran designer (middle) designed Hello-Kitty inspired outfits for America’s Next Top Model 18th cycle (April 25, 2012 episode). Seen here beside him to the right is Ms. Pia Arroyo-Magalona.

GMA-7 actress Maxene Magalona is in Hello Kitty from top to toe!

And DJ Nicole Hyala shows off a Loungefly patent embossed tote bag, a HK watch, a HK-covered white iPhone 4s and HK shirt dress with matching shoes!

While I loved being right near stage, my vantage point for photos was hopelessly limited. Moving around was not an option as there were so many people you’d be stepping on people’s toes when you do. Right in front of me was the row of seats occupied by Mr. Hans Sy, Executive Vice President of ShoeMart Inc.and President of Shopping Center Management Corporation, and his guests and officers. Mr. Sy donated gifts to the 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize Awardee Kesz Valdez and his supported advocacy.

Sorry, you can’t even see Kesz here but you can see Mr. Sy and his giveaway presents!

Right after that, it was time for the REAL star of the show to come out! There was much funfare as heralds started screaming Hello Kitty’s name. Confetti shot out from giant confetti guns and filled the air with fluttering paper! A white vintage car drove (the better word would be “crawl” as it inched its way ever so slowly, surrounded by a throng of people into the center Atrium). Inside, a fluffy giant feline waved happily to the crowd that greeted her with such a uproar of delight.


Hello Kitty being assisted up the stage

She is surrounded by Kitty-addled crowds- men, women, and children!

The vintage car that carried the star of the show!

After that, it was complete bedlam as people rushed to get their photos with Hello Kitty! So enamored were they of her that they screamed her name and jumped on stage, even with hosts Ms. Prieto and Mr. Gutierrez still on it! It was Kitty crazzzzzy! 🙂

I managed to get one photo taken with Ms. Kitty through the kindness of Ms. Cleo De Ocampo of Gift Gate Philippines. Long after the time given for Hello Kitty to welcome guests (can you imagine how hard it must have been for the person inside the mascot costume?), people were still pulling her for photo ops.

It was a Hello Kitty-rific day!

~0~ ♥ ~0~

(Part two to follow with more photos from the event, the displays and the exhibit! Watch out for it!)


3 Responses to “A Kitty Wonderland: Part One”

  1. Cynch November 13, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    I see you didn’t fail to get some loots there ^_^. Thanks for sharing photos of the event Pinks ^_^!

  2. Kittymama November 13, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    That was a giveaway from the organizers, Cynch! 🙂


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