Getting Ready for Christmas!

11 Dec

Fourteen days before Christmas and everyone’s getting ready for Christmas! Even if I didn’t get to finish my Sylvanian Nativity (which means it’s the first on my list for 2013), there were other ways to make Sylvanians ready for the Big Day. We’re still adding crafts as we go along, but a DIY wreath defeintely adds good cheer to a home!

SF DIY wreaths

The wreath is made from fallen foliage from an artificial tree that’s seen better days. Since the needles are attached to a wire base, shaping it into a circle is easy even without using long-nose pliers. Hot glue some balls from broken garland strings, add a ribbon in front and another to serve as a hanger, and you’re all set to go.

SF DIY wreaths 02

Hang it on doors to announce your Christmas spirit. See how a festive wreath announces the glad tidings of the season outside the carry case house.

SF DIY wreaths 03

While inside, Grandpa Rhys and Grandma Patricia try to make their home cozy for the season. Can you think of other miniature decorations for the holidays?


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