Happiness is… (xv) A Soggy Hankie

15 Jan

Les Mis 01Last night, I had the opportunity to watch the film Les Misérables at the Red Carpet screening of Solar Entertainment. Due to open in theaters on Wednesday, January 16, this screening came in the heels of the last-minute cancellation of the much-anticipated premiere at the Resorts World Manila last January 9.

Undaunted by the disappointment of the premiere’s cancellation, fans of the movie musical trooped to SM Megamall Cinema as early as 5:30 in the afternoon. Solar Entertainment, the film’s offical distributor in the country, went all out for this special event with a red carpet (duh!), paparazzi, food and drinks at the cinema lobby. Despite the generous servings and overflowing drinks, I had little appetite, as excited as I was for the movie and nothing else. Although “Zero Dark Thirty,” “Jack Reacher,” and “Life of Pi” had all helped ease the longing for Les Misérables, I had waited long enough. Les Mis 02

By movie’s end, I felt that my wait had been more than amply rewarded. The film was everything I dreamt of and more. I consciously stopped myself from singing out loud, the words sounding so familiar in my ears (my son memorized the libretto when he was six) and yet beguilingly fresh at the same time. My tears ran in rivers.  I had to stifle my sobs at certain parts, keenly aware as I was of the quiet concentration and silence of the people around me. Like me, they were weeping as well.

At the end, the audience gave a hearty, resounding applause. Les Misérables is a real rare gem. What’s more, for someone like me who considers empathy as her super power (haha), it is extremely cathartic.

On the way out, as my husband and I rushed to the parking lot ahead of everyone else, I was still crying. With my head bent low, I did not see until it was too late that a reporter had a microphone thrust in my face. “How did you find the move, Ma’am?” he asked. My face was lined with tears, my mascara had run, my cheeks were blotchy and red and all I could say was “sorry!” But what I really wanted to say was “I think I will cry some more in the car.”

And cry I did.

Bravo, Les Misérables!


One Response to “Happiness is… (xv) A Soggy Hankie”

  1. Anonymous January 17, 2013 at 12:38 pm #

    I watched it last night and you are right! It is happiness in a soggy hankie! Ahhh! Hugh Jackman is incredible!

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