Happiness is… (xvi) Love♥ Hello Kitty

I’ve been having a little fun with my Sanrio Build-A-Bear dolls these last few days. I didn’t realize how many I’ve collected in almost five years, not until I had them all laid out for a group picture.

DSC07363 copy2

All the pretty kitties!

I started collecting Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear dolls in 2008, a year after the release of the very first one. At that time, you can only purchase them through eBay, so my very first one, a Tropical Hello Kitty, came in the mail in a Sun Chips box! The Tropical Hello Kitty was the second one released in the HK BAB line, the first being a white Hello Kitty (2007), which I eventually got as another present from my husband A♥. (Ohh, don’t you just love him?) If you notice the itty-bitty ones in front, those are the latest additions to the Sanrio BAB family. They are Small Frys, or smaller versions of Sanrio BAB releases, and are called such because each comes in a french fries box! 🙂

My most recent acquisition arrived last week as one of three Valentine gifts from my husband. Although released in January in the US, Love Hello Kitty is perfect for Hearts’ Day as it screams “Will you be my Valentine?” from its dual heart bow, its Love “tattoo”, and red and white heart paws!

HK BAB copy

I love you too, A♥!

Build-A-Bear dolls are so cuddly I can’t stop collecting them. And although I’ve stuck to my version of Hello Kitty rehab with as much discipline as I could muster, these have got me weak in the knees. They are sooo darn cute! I guess I can now be considered a “cat lady” but instead of real cats, I have 16 cat dolls, a frog doll, a rabbit doll, and their mini-mes. 🙂

BAB with Kittymama copy

Cat Lady

Now if you wonder if this craziness will ever stop, I hold Build-A-Bear USA directly responsible for this crazy obsession. They’re the ones who won’t stop making new ones!

And just to prove to you they’ve got their paws on me, here is a sneak preview of what’s coming in March, just in time for spring! Help! I am putty in Hello Kitty BAB’s hands! 🙂

HK Sunshine2

Take me home, Kittymama!

See you in March, Sunshine!

3 thoughts on “Happiness is… (xvi) Love♥ Hello Kitty

    • by the by, i am happy i got the 35th anniversary kittyhead like you said…haha! she’s lovely!

      and i am jealous to bits you have the BAB one! tsk!

      • No My Melody small fry, I’m afraid. They’ve only had three releases of Sanrio smallfrys: the first, with chococat and tan and purple kitty, the second release consists of pink, purple and red kitties, and the most recent set has the sunny and pink flower kitties.

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