Happiness is… (xvii) The Perfect Boyfriend

8 Mar

It’s one of the most common things in the world, and one many all over the world complain about. When people get married, the little niceties begin to disappear from their relationship. Moreover, as they settle into the routine of parenthood and making a living to sustain a family, their personal relationships often take a back seat to more pressing needs.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that love is gone. More often than not, both are simply caught up in their everyday responsibilities. They see each other more as comrades in their journey of life, and while this is not a bad thing, it can sometimes change the way they treat each other.

Sometimes, though, one runs into a quirk of nature, an aberration in the normal course of life. The Perfect Boyfriend Material.

The Perfect Boyfriend Material is the type who offers a perfectly shaped leaf as a souvenir of his love, because he thinks of your delight at green things. He is the young man who gives you a lovely rock, engraved with both your names and an infinity sign on it. He gives you your favorite books, prefacing each with a love poem. He is also the one who gets a good friend* to help him record love song duets, because you are sick in bed and in need of entertainment. The Perfect Boyfriend Material is not only attentive and faithful; his strongest suit is his innate thoughtfulness. His gifts are always given with love. Some cost him months of saving; many more are simple, creative things- poems, letters, songs. Each one is given with you in mind.

This is the same man, who 21 years into a marriage, still does the same thing- over and over and over again. This the same man who, just yesterday, passing by a small stall on the way to lunch, thought of you again and saw a wonderful possibility to making you smile at the end of a long day. And he thinks of you often, even when he is burdened by work and responsibilities. On days when he feels like gnashing his teeth and hitting his head on walls, he confesses that you- 21 years and flab, gray hair, glasses and all- gives him his impetus to keep going.


I don’t know what I did in my lifetime to meet The Perfect Boyfriend. Whatever it is I did, Lord, I thank you for the kindness of Your gift.


*Just in case our old friend gets to read this: I still have that casette tape- thank your or letting A coerce you into singing for me! (FYI, this friend is now a very well-known Math professor/columnist of a national daily.)


2 Responses to “Happiness is… (xvii) The Perfect Boyfriend”

  1. Ails Realeza Gayman March 13, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

  2. Svetlanna C April 19, 2013 at 3:36 am #

    Aww! ❤ This is so sweet!

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