Made for All*

13 Mar
Uniglo 2

My Uniqlo Model

When Uniqlo opened its doors and launched its first store at the SM Mall of Asia in June last year, it was welcomed by long lines and huge crowds that went through stocks like locusts. I wasn’t able to make it on the first week but had the opportunity to visit a little later when the crowds thinned a bit.I picked up some shirts for Alphonse and the nannies (they made for really great Christmas presents) and regular fit jeans for my husband. Unfortunately, their sizing did not accommodate Alex’s proportions or mine, so we ended up with nada. Still, the shirts I got for Alphonse proved to be one of the best purchases I’ve made in years.

Alphonse shreds his clothes. Most of them have very short lives because of his sensitivity to cloth textures, marked seams, and irritating tags. We were glad that he took to his new shirts without fuss and they have been spared of this cruel fate. Now, Uniqlo shirts are staples in his wardrobe. Through Uniqlo’s Facebook page, we also found some garterized linen drawstring pants and they have been been very useful since he gained so much weight in the last year.  Also, with the opening of Uniqlo SM North EDSA The Block, shopping for Alphonse’s needs issuddenly a lot easier.

Uniqlo 01

He loves his Uniqlo shirts! Mama got him the Snoopy ones.

I know I said nothing fits me in Uniqlo, which just about debunks their being “Made for All,” but just before Christmas, I found a couple of shirts for me. They were raglan Hello Kitty shirts that were stretchy and roomy enough to fit me. Extra large did the trick, heehee. I got two of the white ones and two of the black ones, just to make sure. I haven’t found any new ones that fit me, but I am quite happy with them already.

Uniqlo 3

 I ♥ Kitty!

So now we’re big fans of the store. On occasional trips abroad, my husband and I always drop by the nearest Uniqlo store to compare merchandise and look for styles we miss here at home (they do run out fast, especially the Metal Gear shirts). And just to prove that it is really made for everyone, Uniqlo has a special surprise for Snoopy and Hello Kitty lovers out there: new totes featuring these favorite designs! Below are the Snoopy ones,

Uniqlo tote 01

and here are the Hello Kitty totes.Uniqlo tote 02

The small totes measure 10 x 14 x 5 inches (HxLxW) while the big ones are 12.9 x 18.5 x 5.51 inches (HxLxW). Each design comes in two sizes. The small tote retails for PhP590 while the big one sells for PhP790. I dropped by the store last week to check them out and get one. They are open, zipperless bags that are made of thick canvas so they are perfect for carrying books and groceries. The material is washable and durable so it can stand lots of heavy use. You can bring them to the beach too!

So next time you drop by Uniqlo, why don’t you spring for one or two of these gorgeous totes?


*Made for All is the slogan of Uniqlo

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