Kittymama’s Easy Peasy DIY Lens Cap Holder

15 Mar

I’m not a natural-born crafty person, as some of you may already know. What I am, really, is a desperate crafter-wannabe whose grand intentions are always dwarfed by the enormity of the task at hand.

Still, sometimes, even  I get lucky.

I’ve been wanting a lens cap holder for a while now. You see, if there is another thing I am (aside from from being a desperate crafter-wannabe, and I reiterate that for emphasis), it is obsessive (and a bit paranoid) with my gadgets and their accessories. Take my iPad,  for example. Not only is it safely housed in a Speck FitFolio case, it also has its own neoprene sleeve. Same goes with my iPhone. This over-catiousness extends to my cameras, all of which have their own cases and bags. I am always wary about losing or breaking any of them. If there is one thing I worry about most, though, it’s my favorite camera-my very first Nikon- a pink J1 A♥ got for me last year (it’s sooo PINK!). After all the trouble and expense he went through to get the camera and the matching leather case for me, losing anything from the kit would be a nightmare.

lens cap case 05

How pink do you think?

But I digress… Back to the lens cap story holder story.

There are quite a few ways lens caps can be safely stowed while the camera is in use. (You can always stuff it in your pocket but that would defeat the purpose of this long-winded post.)

One would be to use a camera neck/wrist strap with a built-in pocket for caps and other small items (SD cards, for example). Hellolulu makes a lovely neck strap called Tyler (the wrist strap is called Skylor), and it comes in five different colors. Made with nylon and reinforced with leather, it retails for around USD32 (the Skylor sells for USD26).

Hellolulu tyler copy

The other would be to purchase lens caps holders you can thread through your existing neck strap. You can get one from Photojojo for USD15 and it fits four ranges of cap sizes. The Lens Cap Strap Holder has a strong grip that latches your caps safely without fear of falling off.

photojojo lens cap holder

The last option would be a DIY route and you can find plenty of ideas in the Net for that. Here are some of them.

  • If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make one using bits of fabric and velcro. Punk Projects has a step-by-step illustrated guide to sewing your own lens cap pouch here.

Punk Projects lens cap holder

  • A 3D printer can also help you fabricate one using Thingiverse’s Camera Lens Cap Holder by kitlaan and it incorporates the same gripping principle of the mass-marketed one from Photojojo.

thingiverse lens cap holder

  • There’s also the Lego DIY version which is innovative and cheap but would require you to stick a matching Lego brick on your lens cap. (Anyone got an extra pink Lego brick?)


  • And last, or maybe not, there is the environmentally-aware upcycling project using recyclable plastic bottles. The step-by-step guide is here and the template for the hook is here. You would have to muster the courage to drill a hole into your lens cap, though.


All told, there are enough options out there for me to choose from. Realistically, however, my best option would be to simply get the Hellolulu strap. No brainer there. Although I have not seen HelloluluPH carry it in their stores, I heard that Pixel Pro and Henry’s Professional may have it. I am holding off buying it only because I am wont to replace the original Nikon strap the J1 came with- it’s sooo PINK!

And so, desperate for a temporary fix, I made my own. Let me remind you that I am not a good sewer or a brave driller, so this project had to be tailored for my limited skills. Still, I am proud that I did not bungle it and humiliate myself in the process, teehee.

I forgot to take “how-to” pics in my excitement- forgive me- but the design is simple enough that just looking at the pics will give you ideas on how it’s done.

Without further ado, let me give you Kittymama’s Easy Peasy DIY Lens Cap Holder!

lens cap case 02 copy

It’s made of felt cloth, which makes hemming the edges unneccessary because it’s not going to fray. Felt cloth comes in different colors so you can make one that matches your neck strap and use a contrasting thread in it. I cut circles big enough to cover both back and front of my lens cap. The back part has extended rectangular arms (or tabs) at the top and bottom where I made rectangular-shaped holes the width of the neck strap. Blanket stitching held the two pieces together so I didn’t need to whip out the sewing machine.

lens cap case 04

To hang it, the strap is threaded through the holes in the tabs. My original design called for the tabs to be flat on top and at the bottom. However when I placed the cap inside the holder, the whole thing sagged with the weight and slid down the length of the strap. Felt is a soft fabric and does not hold its shape well when weighted so I folded the rectangular tabs on the back and fastened parts of it with fabric glue. I also placed four cross-stitches at the edges of the tabs to hold them down better should the glue fail.

lens cap case 01 copy

The result is a no-fuss, functional lens cap holder that works rather well. I have some more ideas to make it sturdier and prettier (some floral fabric inside the pouch would add a little more whimsy, I think) but for now, this serves its purpose. I am rather proud of it, really. After all, the disconnect between my mind and my hands doesn’t seem too disparate anymore; neither is it too evident in it. And with the lens cap safely stowed, I can use my camera without stopping every five minutes to check if I still have it in my pocket or in my bag.

Kittymama’s Easy Peasy DIY Lens Cap Holder: P55 (and only because felt cloth comes in one-yard-sizes, but you can make many holders from just that one yard)

My peace of mind: Priceless

3 Responses to “Kittymama’s Easy Peasy DIY Lens Cap Holder”

  1. Ails Realeza Gayman March 15, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    It’s so pink! I love it! I haven’t seen a pink Nikon before this. Thanks for the tutorials! ❤

    • Kittymama March 15, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Hi, Ails! Bigla akong nahiya kasi you are a real crafter, my pathetic attempts are suddenly embarassing, heehee. Nikon came out with the pink cameras starting with the J1 series. They have the J2 and J3 now, even though the J1 is still being sold (and I just got my camera last year- they change so fast). The dual lens kit started at almost a thousand dollars, good thing they’ve reduced the prices of all three models. The camera takes great pictures with great colors. Then again, I am biased. I think even if it were a dud, I’d be swooning over it because it is PINK! Even better, it’s CANDY PINK!

      • Ails Realeza Gayman March 26, 2013 at 1:32 pm #

        Hi Pinky! Pareho lang tayo, explorers in crafting. 😀 Pulido kaya yung gawa mo, ganda! 😀 And it’s the idea that really matters. Hindi ko naisip yan for my hubby’s DSLR. And you made your really really kyoooot! I will try this too. 🙂 Thanks again for sharing! ❤

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