My Sylvanian Lens Cap Holder

31 Mar

Guess what I did over the Holy Week holidays?


DSC07415 copy

Using the templates I had for the first lens cap holder I made here (see original post: Kittymama’s Easy Peasy DIY Lens Cap Holder), I was able to make one that had a design (a Sylvanian Families chocolate rabbit) and was waaaay cuter than the first! It was a lot easier to make than the first one and took less time as I had the basic steps already committed to memory. I’ll take more pictures later and add them so you can see how the pouch looks in its entirety.

In the meantime, Happy Easter, friends!



Here are a couple more pics of how it looks like:

Back view

DSC_0292 copy

To use, you simply slide in your lens cap in the pouch like this.

DSC_0293 copy

Easy, right?


One Response to “My Sylvanian Lens Cap Holder”

  1. skinniemeanie March 31, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

    too cute!

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