A Critter in the Kitchen

I was reading RocketNews24 on the iPad yesterday afternoon when a little critter pounced on the screen. I let out a little squeak in suprise and almost dropped the iPad. A little white critter stood before me, looking at me imperiously. It was Kittymama.

I hadn’t seen Kittymama all day yesterday as she hid in the safety pockets of my Pacsafe Toursafe handbag. Kittymama had been complaining of the heat these last few days and her little mewling whines had been getting to me. We haven’t been exactly getting alongas she complained almost daily about the heat, about the lack of airconditioning, even about her accommodations.  As it turned out, the only reason she had ventured out of her cocoon was because she was hungry.

Kittymama:Meow! I am ravenous!”

Me: But didn’t you have halo-halo for dessert just a few hours ago? And before that, you had two porkchops and a bowl of rice!

Kittymama: Meow, meow…But it’s so hot! And I am hungry! (stomps her feet)

rocket food 01

Kittymama: (looking at the iPad) Well, what about this? Can I eat this? Can we make this? Can we? This looks yummy! I can do this all by myself, you know, and I wouldn’t even need your help. Meow! (eyebrows raised)

Me: Oh, really? Well, let’s see you try!

rocket food 02 copy

Kittymama: Oh, thank you, kind one (sarcastic tone). Apparently, my friend here is a sizist and discriminates against little critters like me-

Me: I do not! I vehemently deny that! I just don’t like bossy little critters who demand to be fed all day!

Kittymama: Tsk…tsk… so you say…so you say… (dismissively). Let me continue my commentary then. I am sure MY readers would be glad to hear from me-

Me: YOUR readers? You’re in MY blog! (starts tearing hair in exasperation!)

Kittymama: Meow! Meow! The ref and pantry were poorly stocked yesterday but since I am quite an expert in the kitchen, (pauses, waits for applause) I was able to substitute.  I used ham for bacon, whole cheese for cheese slices, and regular loaf bread for thickly-sliced sandwich bread.

rocket food 03

Kittymama: I cut a rectangle out of the bread, setting the piece aside for later use. Be sure not to cut too close to the edge or your sliced bread will break. Thick slices of extra-large loaf bread are better for this but since I had none yesterday, I settled for what was in the kitchen.

rocket food 04

Kittymama: I fried the ham quickly just to shorten the process of cooking when I put them all together.

rocket food 05

Kittymama: In a separate nonstick pan, I put the bread- the one with the hole- and cracked an egg inside the hole. I placed a little butter in the pan to brown the bread. Oh, I just love butter! Don’t forget to season with a little bit of salt!

rocket food 06

Kittymama: Once the egg is half cooked, I added the ham, cheese slices and the piece of bread, which I have buttered on the outer side. I flipped the whole thing on the other side to cook it evenly.

rocket food 07

Kittymama: And voila! A self-contained ham, cheese, and egg sandwhich!  What could be easier?

rocket food 08

Kittymama: It’s very filling, and ordinarily, just one SCHCES is enough for a person! But seeing how famished I was from the heat yesterday, I thought it best to save two for me. A glass of Coke Zero on the side completed this perfect afternoon snack! Thank you very much!

Me: I’m glad you had a great snack, seeing how you didn’t even leave one for me! Next time, Kittymama, I am coming with you in the kitchen!


Friends, if you want to extend your ingredients to make more SCHCESes, you can use beaten eggs instead of whole eggs, and divide one beaten egg into two slices of bread. You can also make the ham smaller to fit just the rectangular hole in the bread. Ditto with the cheese. You may skip the butter too especially if you are using nonstick or well-seasoned pans.

Thank you to RocketNews24 for this wonderful inspiration! You can read the article here.

2 thoughts on “A Critter in the Kitchen

  1. I wanted to do this now since I am hungry. Unfortunately, I don’t have bread, I don’t have ham but I do have butter, cheese and eggs. I just cooked fried egg and cheese omelette. *sigh* Not even close. haha! You really do have a bossy critter. Her tummy is very demanding too!

    • Ah, she is! She can also be very sweet though, especially when she wants something, haha. I made some more Schceses for the boys and they had them for breakfast. Matipid sa bread!

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