PonDeRing* a Mr. Donut Experience

30 Apr

I haven’t been to the Greenhills Shopping Center in ages but I finally found a reason to drop by again: Mr. Donut Cafe. I’ve been dreaming of the Pon de Ring since my post on the Hello Kitty x Mr. Donut collaboration in Japan and you know me, I have never been able to wield an iron will when it comes to food, much more, donuts.

I dropped by late Sunday afternoon for a quick take-away of the Pon de Ring. I wasn’t expecting the store to be full, but it was, save for a few recently vacated tables. A quick scan of the patrons showed a preponderance of the older age groups (read: my age and older *coughs*) and just a smattering of the young ones. Perhaps it was the time of the day, I really couldn’t tell.

I took a quick pic of the store with my iPhone, so I apologize for the dark picture.

mrdonut 01 copy

Inside, the place was warm and cozy, bright and inviting. I had to angle the picture and take surreptitious shots to avoid taking pictures of the other patrons of the store.

mrdonut 03 copyThe treasure vault, heehee.

Since I came for the Pon de Ring, that was exactly what I ordered- a six-box of mixed donuts. I don’t know why I got a six-box. I could have gone larger but I wasn’t really planning on sharing. Bad, I know. 🙂

mrdonut 04 copy

I brought home a mixed box of glazed and premium donuts- three glazed ones and one each of chocolate, cheese, and cookies and cream. I would have gone for Almond but they were all out. Rocky Road, Sans Rival, Gummy Bears, and Sugar raised are the other flavors but I chose to stick with crowd favorites. The glazed donuts cost P29 each while the flavored ones cost P10 more. Not a bad deal, really.

mrdonut 05 copy

Verdict: Glazed Pon de Rings would be my first choice. The glaze was sweet but not too much; it covered enough of the donut to satisy a sweet tooth but not leave it in real danger of cavities.

In my opinion, all the other fancy toppings took away from the flavor of the dough. For example, the chocolate variant was alright, though it had so many things going on at the same time. A simple chocolate glaze would have sufficed. Also, I was confused about the cheese Pon de Ring because it had so much cream. Not only was it messy to eat, the cream overpowered the flavors of the dough and the cheese. (I realized it tasted like a confused ensaimada, hehehe.) I’m not going for that again. The cookies and cream donut worked best, I think, though the toppings had a tendency to fall off whole from the Pon de Ring.

I read recommendations to eat the Pon de Ring within five hours of baking to get the best of its flavors and while I agree that freshness counts, the Pon de Ring can stand a day in the ref without loss of flavor or making it tough to eat. To make sure it tastes its best, remove it from the refrigerator fifteen minutes before eating and let it warm down on its own. No heating required. It was still really, really good a day after. 🙂

Will I be coming back to buy more? You betcha. I am hooked on Pon de Ring, and Mr. Donut has got me wishing to go back again. This time, it’ll not be just for the Pon de Rings- I can’t wait to try their Donut Burger!

mr. donut burger

Will it be better than my homemade donut burgers? We’ll have to see, won’t we?


*Pon de Ring- a chewy donut made of eight donut “holes” stuck together to form a ring

Pondering (verb)- to reflect or consider with thoroughness and care.


2 Responses to “PonDeRing* a Mr. Donut Experience”

  1. Svetlanna Cagasca (@svetlannac) May 2, 2013 at 2:51 am #

    Why so far, Mr. Donut? 😦 I wanna taste! Good thing may malapit na Gavino’s sa amin. hihi! Try Gavino’s naman and let me know which is better! 😀

    By the way, dito ko nalang sasagutin yung tanong mo kung saan merong Gavino’s Donuts.

    Il Terrazo
    808 Banawe St.
    Lower Ground Floor, SM Megamall, Building B.
    Robinsons Place Manila (near my place! yay!)
    I think they also have a branch in Greenhills. 🙂

    They have a facebook page, go check it ouuut!

    Hope this helps! 😀

    • Kittymama May 2, 2013 at 2:17 pm #

      I live near Il Terrazo, yay! Time for a Pon de Ring match-up!

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