The Beauty Salon

Antonio Patches was a lonely man.

beauty salon 01

Each day, he would go to work in worn denim dungarees, carrying an assortment of tools in his old leather bag. And each night, he would trudge back home, dirty and smelly, covered in stains and reeking of grease and oil.

beauty salon 02

He was a mechanic, a job he held close to ten years.

beauty salon 07

Everyone in town trusted him with their cars, bicycles, even their appliances. Everyone knew that if there was anything wrong with anything mechanical, Antonio Patches was the one to call.

beauty salon 04

The work was good.

beauty salon 05

It was work that sustained his family’s needs and for that he was thankful. .

beauty salon 06

Yet, it did not sustain his soul.

You see, all his life, Antonio had wanted to be a hairdresser.

beauty salon 03 copy

He loved hair. He knew how to cut, color, and style. Give him a mangy mane and he could tame the frizz out of it. He could do magic on hair. He could straighten it without defiance or coax the gentlest, softest curls from it. He had an amazing natural talent but he had never dared share it with anyone except his family.

beauty salon plus 05

His wife, Dorothy, admired his wonderful talent. Antonio had been cutting and styling her hair for years, but it was a secret he demanded her to keep.

beauty salon 22

Their kids, Bella and Bertie, knew haircuts were dad’s turf at home as a matter of rule but they thought all their friends’ dads probably did the same.

beauty salon 21

For years, Dorothy had known that Antonio was unhappy in his job. He would rather fiddle with scissors and curling irons than wrenches and bolts. She knew he had been dreaming of quitting for a long time. But the thought of their mortgage, the kids’ education, and all their bills always stopped him from taking the leap and fulfilling his dream.

beauty salon plus 02

On that last Friday of May, as Antonio headed to work, Dorothy Patches had other things on her mind. She had been planning a surprise for her husband for months and today was the day he would get it. She finished all her chores in a hurry. She was so excited she had butterflies in her stomach!

A little past noon, she bundled up the baby and quickly headed to an old building on Perth Path. beauty salon 08

“Hello, Dorothy!” she heard a familiar voice call out. Mayor Kittymama was already at the sidewalk, waiting, papers in hand

beauty salon 09

“The workers finished up inside this morning and will be back at five to remove the window and door covers. Have you told Antonio yet?” the Mayor inquired.

beauty salon 10
“Tonight’s the night, Kittymama. This is Antonio’s surprise gift! I’ve been saving for years for a cruise on our anniversary but when this came up in the market, suddenly, the cruise didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.” Dorothy answered.

“Well, congratulations, dear. Here are your licenses and the final papers from City Hall. Good luck to you and Antonio!” Kittymama bade Mrs. Patches goodbye.

beauty salon 11

Clutching the deed of sale, Dorothy quickly headed home to change. She spotted the kids walking home from school and ran to catch up with them.

“Mommy, does Daddy know?” Bella asked.

“We’ll tell him together, Bella. You, me, Bertie, baby, ” Dorothy replied with a smile.

beauty salon 13

A few minutes past six, they heard the front door open. They all ran to Antonio, still in his dirty dungarees and holding his work bag.

beauty salon 14
“Daddy, Daddy, we have a surprise for you!” the kids cried in unison.

“A surprise?” Antonio looked at Dorothy, seemingly confused. “Why are you all dressed like that? Is it Halloween yet?”

beauty salon 15
“We’ll answer your questions shortly, my dear. But first, we’ll cover your eyes and you have to obey everything we say. It won’t take long. We’ll be there soon.” Dorothy assured him.

“There? Where’s there? Where are we going? Why? What?” Antonio mumbled, a bit dazed.

“Oh, Dadee, it’s a supwise, silly,” Baby Bitty chuckled.

beauty salon 16

His eyes covered, Antonio navigated the short distance with Dorothy and the kids’ help. When they stopped, Dorothy turned him around and took the blindfold off.

“Surpise!” they all shouted together.

Antonio looked at the building in front of him, speechless.

beauty salon 17
He couldn’t believe his eyes. Before him stood a newly painted building with a sign that said “You can do it, Antonio Patches!”

beauty salon plus 03
” What does this mean, honey? How can we afford this?” Antonio babbled on, confused. At the same time, he was also a little bit scared.

“Tomorrow, you are calling Mr. Underwood at the shop to give him notice. The rest of the hair supplies and equipment will come by Sunday. You can open as soon as you want, dear,” Dorothy said gently.

beauty salon 18
“But our bills…” Antonio still couldn’t believe his eyes as Dorothy handed him the day’s latest paper.

“Since we will need two salaries until you get settled, I accepted the position of Dinner Lady at Bella’s and Bertie’s school. Here, look! That way, I can also monitor what they’re eating, while making sure all the kids get nutritious, filling food in school. You know how I always complain about the school lunches they used to serve…” she replied.

beauty salon plus 01

“And Bitty? Who’ll take care of her?” he queried timidly.

“They have daycare at the school, and it’s free! C’mon, honey, look at the paper please!” Dorothy insisted.

“But you know the kids’ tuitions are so expensive. My salary’s barely enough to pay for school as it is,” he said.

“Daddy, we have swim scholarships! After we won in all of last year’s swim meets, the town council decided to sponsor us -school, training, and all- even our new uniforms! Isn’t it great?” By then, the kids were jumping up and down with glee.

beauty salon plus 04

“You see, Antonio, we can make this happen. You’ve given up so much for us all these years. You deserve something really good in your life. Now it’s our turn to make your dreams come true,” his wife whispered in his ear.

beauty salon 19
Antonio could barely contain the joy in his heart. After all these years, he will start living his dream. This gift meant everything to him, made even more meaningful by the sacrifice and hard work of those he loved more than his own life.

beauty salon 20

And with that, Antonio Patches was a lonely man no more.


This has been a Kitty Little Lanes original story.
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14 thoughts on “The Beauty Salon

  1. Oh! I LOVE this story! Very touching! All the pictures are awesome! I especially love the little details like the For Sale sign and the newspaper articles! Great job!

  2. This is a great story. Very sweet and well written. You have so many cute details in your photos. I hope you will write a sequel!

    • Most of the time they can, unless they have uneven legs, which does happen. You can make them stand up on their own but blu-tack does the job of making them more resistant to toppling over.

  3. Really great story and the photography is great. Well done I loved it. The Beauty Salon was one of my first buildings I bought and I have always had a soft spot for it.

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