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The Hello Kitty Obsession

6 Jun

I’ve always felt a sort of kinship with people who go gaga over Hello Kitty. Admittedly, in a not-so-distant past, I was one of them. And as much as I want to pretend that my Kitty obsessive days are a thing of the past these days, I have to admit that should this reach Manila, I will definitely fall in line for these.

Meet McDonald’s Sg x Hello Kitty Fairy Tales.


As of this writing, this is an offer made available to McDonald’s Singapore patrons from May 30 to July 3, but as reports have it, they are gone as quickly as they are stocked. The unexpected shortage is causing a major furor from fans of the feline.

The dolls can be had for only SGD4.60 each with every Extra Value Meal purchase. The last doll in the picture, the one in red, can be purchased only through online orders, but this created a deluge of online orders that, in turn, caused a temporary disruption of delivery services.

One doll is featured per week, with the following schedule (see below), but the first week wasn’t even over when stocks ran out from the huge demand. Tonight, at midnight, expect the second doll to make waves as fans anticipate its release. So if you’re up and about then, better make sure you’re in line for breakfast.

  • Week 1: Wizard of Oz
  • Week 2: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Week 3: The Frog Prince
  • Week 4: The Ugly Duckling
  • Week 5: The Singing Bone
  • McDelivery: Hello Kitty McDelivery

Wisdom Owl- a special release in Hong Kong

This same promotion was made available in Hong Kong in July of last year, with the same overwhelming reception. People flocked to stores to buy, and in many cases, buy more than they actually needed and wanted. The demand it created was so great that online sellers made profits over reselling these dolls.

The dolls have yet to reach Manila but already, I am stretching my legs and flexing my knees for the mad dash to the nearest McDonald’s store. I hope that when they do come, McDonald’s Philippines will have learned the lesson of its Singapore counterpart: that when it comes to Hello Kitty, there is no such thing as having enough.