Crazy Over AC*

25 Jun

We were having afternoon merienda with the boys at Robinsons Magnolia last June 9 when A♥ handed me a small brown paper package. Before I even opened it, I knew right away what it was- it was the new Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo 3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Now, I have had my 3DS for two years and aside from the Sims (which did not hold my fancy too much, alas!) and some old DS games, my 3DS was largely unused. Alex had taken to borrowing it this past summer when he got himself new games (Fire Emblem Awakening, Resident Evil Mercenaries and RE Revelations ) and I was quite ready to hand it over to him each time.

Well, that is, until I got my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game.

AC 14

Three days later, my husband then gifted me with the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 3DS bundle, and that was the final coffin in the nail of this new addiction.

AC 12

The 3DS has been handed down to the boys. Alex, however, did not want to play Animal Crossing with me, so A♥ was forced to take over my original game and rebuild the town to his liking. A couple of days later, Mayor Kitty of Dogtowne finally met Mayor Papa of Doggtown. Our names are derived from the old Dogtowne of our Animal Crossing: Wild World Days (link to post here).  See how imaginative A♥ is?

AC 01

Animal Crossing: New Leaf takes Wild World and gives it a new spin by expanding your AC experience. The wireless multiplayer ability allows you to meet and interact through your games, either through an ad hoc connection or through the Internet. I’ve had quite a few wonderful experiences playing with others. There’s Mayor Papa, of course, but I’ve also had wonderful visits and trips to Mistral to see Mayor Jude, a wonderful little boy from Texas.

I’ve been to visit his city museum and like gawking tourists, we had our picture taken together. 🙂

AC 13

Mayor Jude and I like to shop together, as a matter of fact. Here he is trying out a ninja hood, I think. Looks cute on him, right?

AC 05

In Club Tortimer, I met some Japanese players and were it not for the language barrier, I suppose we could have gotten along quite well too. They don’t speak much English and I don’t speak Japanese except for a few very important words like “taberu” or “to eat”- figures, right? Below is a picture of me with Yuutan, a young girl from Miyagi, Japan. When she told me where she came from, she also mentioned “earthquake” and started “crying.” Yes, Miyagi was the site of the April 2011 magnitude 7.1 earthquake that came shortly after the devastating Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.  😦

AC 06

Unlike the real me, one of the things my character been addicted to in Animal Crossing is clothes shopping! Mayor Kitty changes outfits every day, and her storage box at home is now half-filled with clothes!

AC 07 copy

It’s not all fun and games in Animal Crossing, as every player knows. AC characters are quite hard working- waking up early to water the town plants, digging up fossils for the museum, fishing and catching bugs. They make the rounds of houses, talking to their constituents and working on public works projects. In return, AC gives you back special insights on life, such as this below from the fortune teller Katrina:

AC 10

Even Kapp’n, the singing boatman, gets things right when he croons his shanties!

AC 09

If there is one thing I have enjoyed the most in my thirteen days of playing, however, it is rekindling old love through this game. As mushy as it may be, nothing beats playing with the one you love.

AC 02

With A♥, romance in Animal Crossing is alive and well!

AC 03

You renew love forged from common interests and a friendship so old you’d forgotten how it was before you ever met him. My husband and I have known each other since we were fourteen; I’ve lived more years with him than I have without him. I continue to thank God every day for this special gift. 🙂

AC 04

And though you may be old and gray today, as long as you play with each other and think of new ways to make each other happy,  you will find that it is love that endures.

AC 11

Now, how can anyone not be crazy over Animal Crossing?

3 Responses to “Crazy Over AC*”

  1. Svetlanna Tumbleweed July 5, 2013 at 1:13 am #

    Ahhh. Your love story amazes me! Your husband is one of the most supportive guy in the world! Of course, my boyfriend is one of them. Hihi! Now I really want a DS! What do you suggest (;like what DS should I buy), Okasaneko?

    • Kittymama July 22, 2013 at 6:07 pm #

      Thank you, Svetlanna! 🙂

      • Jude November 27, 2013 at 9:59 am #

        Once I saw this I was like “Yep I’m probably in the blog” And I was right! XD

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