Pika- Pika- Pick a Chu!

23 Oct

It’s no secret that I am a trying hard, desperate crafter-wannabe and that hasn’t changed at all in all these years. I think the desire to create, to embellish, and to bling has gotten even worse as my mind conjures more DIY possibilities for the things around me.

Take the case of my beloved Pikachu 3DS xl. It’s lovely as it is and terribly cute. And since this limited edition sold out on its release early this year, you’d see its price already horribly inflated in the market.  pikachu original

As such. the thought of “skinning” it gives me the heebie jeebies (okay, worse than that, actually). No one in his/her right mind would dare tamper with the original design for fear of ruining its value. And yet, my itchy fingers are nagging at me to do something.

Something to personalize it and yet won’t be irreversible in nature.

Hmmm… Something like this.

Can you recognize who they are?

Pika 01Meet Hello Pikachu and Dear Pikachu, Pikachu’s take on Sanrio’s most famous couple, Kitty and Daniel.

Of course, once you start on this path of craziness, it’s bound to get worse. *cackles maniacally* Some days, Pikachu just has an identity crisis on his hands, never knowing which superhero he wants to really be.

Pika 02

And then there’s this, an homage to one of my favorite modern literary characters (I made this for my friend Laser), here’s a truly confounding sight. Confundo!

Pika 03

Is this Harrychu or Pikatter?

Now,  should I being doing “Chu Chang” next?


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