Where in the World Are the Periwinkle Grandparents?

10 Jan

SF Periwinkles 03I’ve tried to keep a lid on this for so long, so long that the secret has become a burden. It’s easy enough to pretend and ignore when I don’t think of them at all, but when someone sent me an email last week asking me where the Periwinkles were, I had to confess and tell the truth.

I think people have started to notice their absence in my page, PH Sylvanian Families, and thus, the question. Regulars in the community know I love featuring those feisty Sylvanian grandparents, Mack and Mabel, and their crazy antics about town. They’re adventurous, kind, old fogeys, the kind you’d want your real grandparents to be. And so, it is with deepest regret that I must break this piece of news to their fans:

I no longer know where they are. *gasp*

The last time I saw them, they were in my suitcase in Thailand. I was supposed to bring them with me in my sightseeing tours, but Grandma Mabel was feeling a bit off and Grandpa Mack wanted to stay with her to comfort her.SF Periwinkles 01 (They’re really like A♥ and me; where one goes, the other follows.) They stayed in the hotel most of the time and only got out of the room a few times to get some air.

Going home, I remember packing them tightly with my undies to keep them from being squashed (no, it was not meant to be torture; the undies were clean). I could not put them in my handbag because my bag was full of hard, unyielding electronic items (iPad, Kindle, phones, 3DSs) and their flocking was already a bit fragile. So, I trusted that I had packed them well and safely, and that I had, indeed, packed them to go home. Upon my arrival, however, they were no longer there. 😦

Did they fall off my luggage and get left behind? Did they get lost? Or did I accidentally toss them with the dirty towels in the hotel? *scratches head*

I miss them, I do. Until I purchase a new set for playing (I have another for collecting purposes only), I would have to bear the thought of going “Periwinkle-grandparents-less” for a while. And even with new figures, they’d be hard to replace. After all, Mack and Mabel were two of a kind.

Still, I’d like to think that they didn’t get lost and that their decision to stay behind was in keeping with their quick impulses. Somewhere in Thailand, perhaps where the bright sun meets the blue sea, Mack and Mabel are living a quiet life, away from the constant scutiny of PH♥SF and the crazy Kittymama.

SF Periwinkles 04

Wherever you are, Mack and Mabel, I wish you Godspeed always! I miss you both!

One Response to “Where in the World Are the Periwinkle Grandparents?”

  1. Lady Lollipop January 11, 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    Awww! Don’t worry – I am sure that they are on a sunny beach somewhere, living out their retirement like pro’s!!! Perhaps one day, a new collector will join the forum and tell us how two adventuring old rabbits found him/her and sparked a love of collecting in a new generation of Sylvanian fans. 😉

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