Hello Kitty x Monster Hunter

14 Jan

monsterhunterhellokittyI’m about two and a half years late for this, so you’ll all have to cut me some slack when I gush over “old” news. I was never a big Monster Hunter fan until I rekindled my interest in the Nintendo 3DS and discovered MH3 Ultimate on this gaming platform, Regrettably, I missed out so many opportunities to play its predecessors on the Playstation 2, the Wii, and the PSP. Still, picking up the game late in its franchise wasn’t too hard at all. And though I will probably never be able to acquire any expertise in all the grinding and monster slaughter required to be able to progress faster in the game, I still like it, just played my way. 🙂

hk x mh

No wonder they’re so happy!

Now, you’d think Hello Kitty would have no business popping in the picture considering the “violent” nature of the game, but trust her to make an appearance everywhere, all in the name of artistic, and dare I say, economic, collaboration. It’s to her credit that Sanrio is now in the black, what with her collaborations raking in money and assuring the company’s financial viability. Not a small feat for an old little cat! *slow clap*

I’m a sucker for cats so Airou and Merarou are my instant faves when it comes to the Monster Hunter franchise. Airou and Merarou are Felynes and Melynx, respectively, Lynian, cat-like humanoids distinguished only by the color of their fur. Stand-alone merchandise for both Airou and Merarou consist of various plushes and accessories, and I have been lucky enough to get a few of the bigger ones, thanks to friends who help me out with my newer interests. One of these rare finds is a Merarou arm pillow- the one where you slide an arm through a hole in the middle- from my friend Stacy and it has proven to be one of my favorites. I just wrap it a bit with a towel so it doesn’t get any drool on it.


Of course, the whole point of this post is the Hello Kitty x Airou collaboration. I know that these plushes come in three different sizes but I’ve only seen the smaller ones. I did get lucky with the large Airou (wearing Hello Kitty) and that extra large Hello Kitty head (in Airou gear), which was an absolute steal.

Add Hello Kitty to the mix and you have this:

MH HelloKitty copy

I also acquired two different cases- a plush case and a neoprene case- that were perfect for the Nintendo DS Lite I’ve had since 2007. They are bit small for the 3DS xl but any regular-sized handheld console (like the original 3DS or DS Lite) would fit perfectly. And wouldn’t you know, they also fit the Note 3 quite handsomely!

hello kitty x mh cases

While I love this collection, I am already quite happy with what I’ve got already and unwilling to add any more lest I run out of room for other great things. But you all know what they say, that once a Kitty girl, always a Kitty girl! Every one needs a little Hello Kitty in their lives, and that’s a fact.

Have a happy Kitty day!


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