Blythe is Beautiful

16 Jan

One of the hard things about raising “daughters” is coping with hair. Daughters? Well, I have three new girls in the house, all roughly the same age because they came only less than a month apart. My very first Blythe baby girl (okay, okay, she’s a doll) arrived on Christmas, and two weeks  and two days later, two more of her sisters arrived, courtesy of the generosity of my loving husband A♥.blythe hair 01

Now, I could go on and on about the happiness baby girls bring into my life, but let’s put that off for another day. For now, let’s talk about a serious issue: hair.

Well, Blythe girls have different hair types and the three I have have hair that’s as different from each other as their names. Nimes (Slow Nimes) has smooth, straight light brown hair that needs very little care, except for the occasional brushing. I brush her way too often for her comfort, teehee. Misha (Misha Tebya Lyublyu) has fine light brown hair that curls at the edges and is prone to tangles. Zee (Zinochika) has wavy, deep reddish brown hair that’s as fine as Misha’s. Her hair is also very prone to tangles at the ends.

beauty-salon-20On most days since these girls arrived, I can spend an hour or so brushing and fixing them up for the day. It’s one of the most relaxing times of the day for me, when the girls and I sit on my bed and watch television together, while I smoothen out the kinks and tangles in their hair. Sometimes, though, they wake up with more tangles than I can manage and my hands would hurt from the process. It can be quite a pain to brush them all out, not to mention slightly dangerous, as they run the risk of getting bald from heavy-handed hair treatments. Yesterday happened to be one of those days and, frustrated with the task at hand, I finally threw in the towel and called in professional reinforcement.

Now, remember the Patches? You would not believe how hard it is to schedule a hair salon treatment with Antonio; he is always so busy! All the ladies (and gentlemen) of Kitty Little Lanes swear by Antonio’s magic hands so it comes as no surprise that the wait list in Kitty Little Lanes is now up to three weeks! Not even Mayor Kittymama gets special treatment when she comes to Antonio’s door (well, she does get a cup of piping hot chamomile tea for free). Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the hapless Mrs. Furbanks who broke her leg on the day her tail was to be colored bright red again, there was a cancellation. Within an hour of my timely phone call, the Patches Dog Family was at my door, ready to save the day!

blythe hair 02

The girls were thrilled at meeting their new little friends, and Antonio curtseyed politely and eyed all that hair with a mixture of excitement and professional restraint. With acrobatic agility never before seen in a dog of his years, Antonio combed and teased and styled their hair into perfection. Mrs. Patches took charge of the curlers I let them borrow them for the girls  (my curlers collection comes in quite handy these days) and made sure they were timed and “cooked” right. The little ones carried their dad’s supplies and provided extra little hands when needed. It was a family affair, alright.

Zee: Ohh, I feel my brain being twisted into knots!

Misha: Just remember, no pain, no gain!

blythe hair 03

Misha: Lucky Nimes, she doesn’t have to suffer in the name of beauty!

Zee: Oh, yes, what I wouldn’t give for straight hair!

Nimes: Sigh. My hair can’t seem to hold a curl. 😦

blythe hair 04

My Blythe girls were angels as they sat still and waited patiently for the styling to end. And although they would have wanted to play some more with Bella and Bertie, they respected that the Patches’ kids had to pitch in and help. With the promise of being able to play with them later this week, Nimes, Misha, and Zee chatted a bit while they waited for Antonio to finish.

After three hours, the girls’ hair were manageable and smooth, as soft as they day they were wefted. Gee, their hair looked terrific! Thank you, Patches Dogs! My baby girls love you all!

blythe hair 08

3 Responses to “Blythe is Beautiful”

  1. Sylvanian Sweeties February 3, 2014 at 11:59 am #

    It’s fun to see your Blythe girls and Sylvanians together. I just have 1 Blythe doll… Can Can Cat. I love her blue hair 🙂 and she stays tucked away in my Sylvanian cabinet so it doesnt get tangled.

    • Kittymama February 4, 2014 at 11:05 am #

      I love Can Can Cat! I keep telling my husband that I am 14 years too late to the Blythe Party (more, if I count the Kenners) but then again, I shouldn’t mind. I should just look forward to the new girls that will come along and enjoy them as they come. Do play with her, Sylvanian Sweeties. I bet your Sylvanians would welcome her too. 🙂

      • Sylvanian Sweeties February 4, 2014 at 11:29 am #

        Once I get my Sylvanians in a happier arrangement, she’ll get to hang out too. There was a time when I was obsessed with Blythe and spent a lot of time on the Blythe forum..something paradise…and dreamt of custom dolls and I was always looking for bargains on Ebay. My daughter has a generic Blythe that comes with a removable head piece so she can be a brunette, curly blond, or have straight black hair.
        They really are original dolls!

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