Mayor at Work

One of the responsibilities Mayor Kittymama does for her community is to do the hard jobs no one else is up to. Sometimes, it can be taste-testing a banana nut muffin all by herself  (best job ever!) or sometimes, it can be entertaining the odd new visitor that comes over to their little town (with a banana nut muffin- second best job!). On regular days, however, her jobs are nothing remotely exciting as banana nut muffins or visitors, but as mayor, she knows she has a duty to her constituents that she needs to uphold.

Yesterday, it was a real-estate transaction that involved the buying of prefabricated buildings for Misty Forest. Good thing Ms. Nimes was onhand to carry the large boxes (Kittymama dragged her out of bed for the heavy lifting, hehehe).

Kittymama real estate

Nimes: Where do you want these, Mayor?

Kittymama: (panting) Give me a minute to catch my breath, will you, dear? I’m tired from all the hauling we just did!

Nimes: But you were sitting on top of boxes the whole time!

Kittymama: Well, it wasn’t easy sitting on top of boxes at all! They were hard on the tush, as you know. Teehee.

Nimes: (thinking) I know I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning. *groan*

KIttymama winks2

Today, Kittymama and her secretary, Ms. Shizue, are in for a “fitness” test. But it’s not just an ordinary “fitness” test.

kittymama fitness 03

Kittymama: Hmm… Let’s see if this one fits.

Shizue: *giggles* Ahhh, this fitness test!

Kittymama fitness

Kittymama: Shizue, based on your analysis and computations, what is the official verdict of our “fitness” test?

Shizue: Mayor, these Nintendo pouches are suitable only for regular-sized Nintendo handheld consoles like the DS lite, the Dsi, or the 3DS. The xl’s are just too big and won’t fit.

Kittymama fitness 02

Kittymama: Any benefits to “spending” 500 coins for each of these pouches?

Shizue: Well, ma’am, these Nintendo pouches are made of durable nylon, they are not bulky like hard cases, and they do have a built in-pocket for a DS or 3DS game cart. Plus, they are cute!

Kittymama: Well, I’m sold on cute! Let’s make it official and make our endorsement to the public.

Shizue: Yes, Mayor. I’ll have the ad up and ready for your approval.

Kittymama fitness 04

Kittymama: As usual, you do fine work, Shizue! What would I ever do without you?

Shizue: Thank you, Mayor. I do my best. *melts into a puddle of fluffy yellow stuff*

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