Dancing Through Life

11 Feb

As Alphonse acclimatizes to being a more regular part of our home life, he is exwipe tablepected to help with chores around the house. One chore he enjoys a lot is clearing and cleaning the dining table after meals. He picks up plates, glasses, and utensils with amazing dexterity, balancing them on his hands and carrying them off to the kitchen sink. Of course, we have long given up on glassware. Part of the tradeoff of living with our son is we have to use nonbreakable dinner ware, and that means melamine and plastic (happily, Urban Kitchen does a great job of replacing our Corelles with beautiful and serviceable plastic wares).

Last night, after dinner, his nanny handed him a clean, wet rag to use on the table. Alphonse moved the chairs a bit and started to work. I watched from across the table and gave him verbal prompts, but for some reason, he was a bit distracted. His hands were only moving in one direction- up and down- instead of up and down AND left to right. So, I reminded him to do it correctly.

dance steps 2 copy“Alphonse, move,” I said loudly, trying to catch his attention.

He looked at me quizzically, one eyebrow raised. He stood still for a few seconds, and then, his eyes widened as if a lightbulb went on his head. He looked at me in complete understanding. He even flashed me one of his  drop-dead gorgeous smiles.

He took the rag, moved his hand up and down, and… danced the two-step! 

Wipe up, step to the left, wipe down, step close. Wipe up, step to the right, wipe down, step close. He finished cleaning the entire table. humming, smiling, and dancing.

Sometimes, it really is the little ones who show us the way. Would that we could all learn to dance through life, one step at a time.

dancing through life copy


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