DIY Blythe Face Guard

15 Apr

nimes travel 04I am going on a trip with some friends for a weekend next month. I’ve made a list of things to bring for that weekend, light clothing, comfortable shoes, camera- all of the usual stuff- BUT since this will be a weekend with other doll collectors like me, I figured a doll (or two) was in order.

Since I’ve met Nimes (Blythe Slow Nimes), I’ve never been without her for long. I take her almost everywhere, even to the most unexpected places, because she’s always such a pretty addition to the places I go to. Despite being reminded now and then that I do have other dolls to play with, I’ve decided Nimes will be my companion on my weekend trip next month.

There are, however, certain challenges to bringing a Blythe doll everywhere. When I travel within the city, I carry her in a clear plastic box or a small doll carrier. But this planned weekend is starting out with minimal luggage so that means not only do I have to be spare in my essentials, I will also have to squish my doll in with the rest of my things. This poses some problems with dirt and staining; her hands and feet have gotten dirty at times because of this. It’s a good thing a little washing did the trick but I’ve since learned to always wrap her in a white bird’s eyeweave diaper to prevent direct contact with things that can discolor or stain her.

Beyond this, there is also a problem of accidentally ruining her eyelashes or her face. Sometimes, when she is squeezed tight with other things, her face could get scratched or her eyelashes inadvertently folded. As such, face guards are a necessary addition to a traveler’s doll requirements.

I’ve only seen one type of face guards sold online and that is Cool Cat’s Face Guard for different dolls. They are very affordable (less that USD2 a piece) and well worth the money you will spend on protecting your Blythe’s face.

Cool Cat Face Guard 01

Each face guard is made of molded plastic and comes with an optional foam to put around the face. Rivets hold the elastic band in place. Very nice, right?

Cool Cat Face Guard 02

I’ve made a note to ask A♥ to get me some, but in the meantime, while I wait (and the real gist of this story was that I couldn’t wait, haha!) I was seized with the idea to make one. A DIY Lightbulb moment- ta-dah!

You know those plastic bits that come with your Blythe dolls, the ones designed to cradle the head or hold the feet?

Blythe Face Guard DIY 08

I’ve kept all of those in a separate box when I flattened the original boxes and carrier cardboard. I didn’t think I’d ever find a use for all of them but I was just hesitant to part with them all. But this afternoon, while looking around the house for an item that could serve as a potential faceguard, I suddenly thought of them.

Blythe Face Guard DIY 01

A quick inspection showed that this particular piece of plastic- the head cradle- works well when turned over and placed over the doll’s face. There were no points of direct contact to the cheeks, forehead, or eyelashes, and the smooth plastic was not likely scuff up the doll.

Blythe Face Guard DIY 02

I cut around the edges to reduce volume, making sure to cut in rounded corners to prevent pointy edges that can scratch. And then I manually bore two holes, one on each side, to thread ribbons or elastics to hold the face guard in place. And what do you know- it works perfectly!

Blythe Face Guard DIY 03

I tried using a ribbon first and while it was nice to look at, the ribbon also had more “give” and was looser than a thin elastic band.  Changing it into an elastic, or a garter, as we call it here in the country, made the fit better. Instead of knotting the elastic, I sewed the edges shut to prevent it from slipping through the holes in the side.

Blythe Face Guard DIY 05

See? It fits perfectly!

Blythe Face Guard DIY 06

Now, she is ready to travel!

Blythe Face Guard DIY 07

Try your very own DIY face guard- it’s quick, easy, and I love that we have repurposed and upcycled what was supposed to be thrown away. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.” 🙂



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