Smart Parenting At Any Age

10 Oct

In less than a month, my youngest son would no longer be a teenager. My oldest boy became a legal adult this year. I am, finally, what can be rightly called an OLD mother.

Most of my friends are too, with children who have finally earned the right to their own lives. Being an old mother can be both thrilling and sad, for even as we look forward to our children making their mark in the world, we certainly miss the days when we were the center of their universe.

On second thought, however, I belong to an even smaller subset of old mothers- those with adult children with autism. This year, when Alphonse turns 20, he is physically a grown man but his emotional and cognitive ages are way younger than his chronological age. As such, at a time when other moms are developing new interests and passions to fill in the time they used to spend taking care of children, I am still finding myself coping with occasional toilet issues, food jags, and the many challenges of raising a young parent award

It makes sense, therefore, to keep abreast of strategies and products that help mothers (and fathers) make their jobs easier. I find myself looking for recommendations all the time, and while Alphonse is certainly past his infancy (hmmm… more of a preschooler, except very large and very handsome), some of the products babies and toddlers use still come in very handy. Think baby wipes, non-flourinated toothpastes, and even skin cleansers!

If you’d like to check out parent-tested and recommended products, head on to Smart Parenting’s Best for Baby Awards for this year’s shortlist of the best products for your little ones. Even my not-so-little one loves them!



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