Happiness is… The Princess In Me- Launching Day (xxi)

12 Nov

Barbie 29Two years ago, Hello Kitty took SM North EDSA by storm, with a whirlwind of activities, exhibits, and merchandise- all Hello Kitty-themed, of course. This year, another worldwide superstar takes the helm of SM Malls’ Christmas celebrations with the theme “The Princess in Me.” And though she is all of 55 years old, this superstar has conquered gender biases and aging with a lot of grace and grit. Yes, for SM City North EDSA, the royal ball will not be complete without the ultimate princess, Barbie. The Princess in Me Christmas campaign recreates a magical fantasy of princesses and royal balls for children and kids-at-heart. Decked in all fabulous pink, with pampering activities to treat guests and visitors throughout the holidays season, SM North EDSA was transformed into an enchanting wonderland and this magic will last throughout the holidays. Barbie invite The launch of the campaign, held last Friday, November 7, was a glamor and glitz event headed by SM Prime Holdings, Inc. President Hans Sy and  SM President of SM Supermalls, Annie Garcia. As expected, entertainment stars graced the event and rubbed elbows with the common folk. Most significant, however, was the attendance of some of the special beneficiaries of SM Prime Holdings’ charities, namely, the children of Child Haus, as they celebrated the start of this season of giving with their most ardent supporters.

SM Prime Holdings President Hans Sy is always the most gracious host. He is also a tirelee philanthropist, as he and his family gifted Child Haus with a permanent home in Barangay Pinyanah, Quezon City in 2010.

Barbie 24

With an array of booths in the Holiday Barbie Lounge and the Royal Court, guests were treated to a royal pampering of their choice. Food and drinks were aplenty- and in pink! Older guests had their dreams of a model photoshoot fulfilled in the Barbie Photobox while younger princesses had their choice of glitzy stylings from hair, nail art, glitter tattoo and face painting stations.

Barbie layout

In keeping with the fabulous princess theme, guests were welcomed at this diamond ring arched entryway. You know what they say about girls and their diamonds (though I prefer pearls, myself).

Barbie 02

The “royal guards” stood at attention at the second foyer. Beyond that, lovely ladies-in-waiting greeted and courtseyed guests in.

Barbie 03

There can be no doubt, however, that the star of the show was the fabulous Ms. Barbara Millicent Roberts. It’s a girl’s world alright! Yeah!

Barbie 04

A large B loomed over guests; this is the iconic B that represents her name, style, and the billion-dollar industry she has generated.

Barbie 01

The Christmas Princess Tree, also known as the Couture Tree, stood magnificent upon the stage. This, along with the SM Bears of Joy Tree (see picture below), represented the advocacies of SM. I suddenly remembered that the real princess is one who loves herself and others too.  

Barbie 06

Just a note: The SM Bears of Joy Tree makes giving easy. Buy a pair of bears for only PhP200, one to keep, and the other to donate to the SM Cares Foundation.

Barbie 23

Friday’s event was a literal standing-room-only affair. Invited guests filled the lounge as early as two in the afternoon.

Barbie 07

Kids got dolled up through face painting-

Barbie 08

or having their hair done at the royal salon.

Barbie 09

Those who were feeling the Barbie vibe loved the photobox, and this mother and her daughter were no exception.

Barbie 10

An hour-long show hosted by Raymond Gutierrez and Denise Laurel started at a quarter past four in the afternoon. After a brief video  and some introductions, the ceremonial tree lighting was held.

Barbie 18

The Princess Tree was lit for the first time last Friday and its musical lights will greet mall shoppers every half hour from 11 am to 8 pm from then until January 4, 2015.

Barbie 19

SM Supermalls President Annie Garcia supervised the lighting ceremony.

Barbie 26 A twenty-five minute fashion show followed, with these pretty girls sashaying down the catwalk in pop, party, and fairytale Princesses fashions.

Barbie 20

These young ladies pulled off these Princess looks so well.

Barbie 21

Still, it was the little ones who captivated the audience’s hearts.

Barbie 25

 The event was a ball of mall proportions, and even the decorations were specially chosen to fit the theme.

Barbie 11

And did I say there was food? Pink food, of course!

Barbie 12

The royal cake was too pretty to eat.

Barbie 13

Cupcakes and hors d’oeuvres were aplenty, if the royal cake was too pretty to be sliced and eaten.

Barbie 14

Delightfully pink macarons with silver pearl beads made the table elegant (and the mouth watery).

Barbie 15

What’s a royal ball without a glass silver?

Barbie 16

Then again,  what’s a royal ball without a glass slipper and a prince?

Barbie 17

Truly, The Princess in Me brought out the princess in everyone who came. Even I was not immune to its charms. Long after the afternoon had come and gone, I held on the tiara I was given as a souvenir of my visit. It may have been plastic, but it made me feel like a real princess.

Thank you, SM, for making this experience royally unique.

Barbie 27


The Princess in Me- Barbie Collectors Hall will be featured in part two of this post.

For more holiday activities at SM North EDSA, visit their Facebook page here: SM North EDSA


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