Sylvanian Families- Collection Update 2015 P1

23 Mar

I should really get around to uploading these pictures to the Sylvanian collections. If I don’t do it now, I’ll never get them done, I just know it. With me being at Alphonse’s beck and call these days (and he does beckon very often, alas!), there’s hardly any time to do much of anything else except look at a few figures now and then.

Usually, I no longer bother to post separately before I upload these pictures in their proper categories. I thought to do it differently, just so I can see in one glance what I’ve done so far. Doing this also allows me to know right away which boxes and bags I still have to work on.

These figures are part of last year’s purchases from London, Japan, and Hong Kong. There are also a few that were bought locally, precious finds from local toy collectors and resellers. As much as furniture and houses are fun, I’ve discovered that I love figures more and can’t wait to add more to my collections. I have some more that will need to be reunited with their families so here’s hoping I have more time tomorrow to haul them out. In the meantime, please enjoy my new figures.

Warning: This post is graphic heavy.

The Grandstand and Souvenir Shop with Shopkeeper Zoe Barker (FL)

New SF 0315 01- Sue Barker and games stand

The Fish and Chips Van with the Osbornes (FL)

(Papa Finley comes with the van, Mama Francesca comes in the “Francesca the Fish Fryer and Sonny” play set, and Andrea comes from the “Canal Rowing Boat” set.)New SF 0315 02- osbornes and fish and chips van

This is Sonny Barker. He has a thing for fish and chips.

New SF 0315 06 FL Sonny Barker

Dolly’s Candy Floss (FL)

New SF 0315 21 FL Dolly's Candy Floss

Elsie’s Ice Cream (FL)

New SF 0315 20 FL Elsie's Ice Cream

Chocolate Labradors (FL): The Hunter-Smyth Family

Papa Charles, Mama Camilla, Brother Hector, Sister Isabella, Baby Gerald and twins Thomas and Georgina

New SF 0315 04 FL Chocolate Labradors

 Striped/ Caramel Cats (JP)

New SF 0315 03 JP Caramel Cats

 Beavers (JP)

New SF 0315 24 JP Beavers

 Gray Mice: The Thistlethorns (FL)

New SF 0315 17 FL Thistlethorn Gray Mice

Goats (JP)

New SF 0315 16 JP Goats

Yellow Labradors (JP)

New SF 0315 15 JP Golden Labradors

Monkeys (JP)

New SF 0315 14 JP Monkeys

Hamsters (JP)

New SF 0315 07 JP Hamster

Solitaire Cats’ Wedding Set (FL) 

New SF 0315 08 UK Solitaire Cats

(Grandma) Hazel and Rihanna’s Day Out (FL)

New SF 0315 19 FL Grandma Hazel and Rhianna Dappledawn

Babblebrook Grandparents (JP)

New SF 0315 13 JP Babblebrook Grandparents

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents (JP)

New SF 0315 23 FL Chocolate Grandparents

Berry Grove Cheerleaders (FL)- renewal figures for SSK membership

New SF 0315 22 FL Berry Grove Cheereleaders Renewal Figures

Maypole Dancers: Abbie Keats and Poppy Dappledawn

New SF 0315 18 FL Mayflower girls

Oakwood squirrel brother (JP)

New SF 0315 12 JP Oakwood Squirrel Brother

JP Milk Rabbit sister with JP Cake Shop Special Gift Set

New SF 0315 11 JP Cake Shop Special Gift Set Milk Rabbit Sister

 JP Prize Pink Cotton Rabbit (c.2000)

New SF 0315 10 JP Special Prize Pink Cotton Sister Yr 2000

Woodland Princess (JP)

New SF 0315 09 JP Woodland Princess

Part 2 coming soon…


2 Responses to “Sylvanian Families- Collection Update 2015 P1”

  1. Sylvanako March 31, 2015 at 5:42 pm #

    Congrats! They are all wonderful!
    The Babblebrook Grandparents are high in my wish list!
    The Woodland Princess is so special!
    Can’t wait for part 2 🙂

    • Kittymama April 3, 2015 at 4:09 pm #

      Thanks, Sylvanako. I have been very remiss with my collections so I need to reorganize them and look for those that I have indvertently misplaced (ouch!). I hope to have Part 2 up soon. 🙂

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