T’is the Season for Sales (The Coleman, Oster and Kitchen Aid Pre-Christmas Sale)

12 Sep

This morning, I forgot to set the alarm on so I woke up later than usual. Since I got back home from my last trip, wake up time has moved to six-ish, as opposed to the usual eight-ish in the past. This morning, however, still groggy from a late night from Alphonse’s unexpected awakening, I had to be gently roused to wakefulness by my husband.

“Uh-oh,” I groaned under my breath (which, at that time, was moreSale 01 like dog breath), feeling disoriented. I looked at the clock and realized I had overslept. My husband and I had planned to be out of the house by 7:30am and it was already 7:15am. By the time I had finished bathing and dressing, it was past eight. I was definitely late for today.

Late for what, you ask? Late for Focus Global’s one day sale of Coleman, Oster, and Kitchen-Aid items! Traffic was light on EDSA this morning so it took us less than an hour to get to Sale 04Mandaluyong, including the time spent looking for parking. We parked a bit of a way off the sale site, seeing how Reliance Street and that section of Pioneer Street were then already teeming with cars. At a little past nine in the morning, when we finally set foot inside the sale site, some items were already sold out and the lines were long, albeit orderly. This was one sale I was definitively not prepared for.

Still, I managed to snag a few really well-priced items and even got lucky on one. The Coleman gallon jugs were all sold out when I got to their stand but one man returned a PINK(!) one. I was standing next to him so I was able to snag it milliseconds before two other pairs of hands made a grab for it. Talk about timing! This was my prized catch of the day. 🙂

Sale 06There were a lot of good items on sale today, from Coleman jugs and coolers to tents and gazebos. Oster had a variety of small appliances on sale- blenders, rice cookers, steamers, and even personal shakers.

Kitchen Aid had the Classic (4.5qt, available in white and silver) and Artisan (5qt, available in black onyx) stand mixers on sale, and although still pricier than the average stand mixer, today’s price turned out to be a really good deal. I’m holding out for more accessories for my heavy duty 7-quart Kitchen Aid, and judging by feedback from the kind folks at Global, there will be another sale late November.

Sale 02

You can see the Kitchen Aid prices on the picture to the right. The flex edge beaters ran out fast and there were just a few fruit and vegetable strainers left. The stand mixers were also selling briskly as I saw a queue of people happily trying out their mixers at the testing area.

My husband and I finished in no time at all so we stood in line for a good hour. There were many payment counters available and the flow of paying customers was efficient. Still, if we had gone earlier, perhaps we could have had a larger inventory of items to choose from. We could also have avoided the throng of people. It was hot this morning, despite the fans they set up around the selling and payment areas.

All in all, today was a good day to start the pre-Christmas hoarding, ehrm, sale. I am definitely looking forward to finding more in the near future! Have a good weekend, folks!

Sale 05





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