Alphonse Parties!

Today is Alphonse’s cousin Arielle’s 18th birthday and he is attending the party with the whole family. I should have worked on this earlier, but with all that was happening, I forgot to prepare this earlier. We will use this for this afternoon’s session and hope he calms down for tonight. Party cover copy

———————Party 01 copy


Party 02 copy


Party 03 copy


Party 04 copy


Party 05 copy


Party 06 copy


Party 07 copy


Party 08 copy


Party 09 copy


Party 10 copy


Party 11 copy


Party 12 copy


2 thoughts on “Alphonse Parties!

    • He has a few new ones in his IPad, and they’re sort of an instructional on how he is supposed to do things or how he is to behave when he experiences something new for the first time. His”picture books” help diminish his anxiety over new things, though I’ve also found out that having a written list when we are short of time also works (he can read a bit, and I know he does because he can choose answers to multiple choice questions correctly with a high percentage of accuracy). When he knows what to expect, he is less likely to run away or shun new things. We do need a new one for a visit to the doctor because he needs to see the ear and nose specialist this week for a second check-up. 🙂

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