Alphonse Visits the Doctor (ENT)

Alphonse will need to see the ear, nose, and throat specialist this week. We saw him last week, and while Alphonse did well enough, we felt we could prepare him more this week to lessen his anxiety.

At last week’s visit, we were mighty proud of him, and how, despite his instincts to bolt and run from unexpected circumstances, he held his own together. He was scared of the otoscope but after modeling for him and showing him that it would not hurt a bit, he allowed the doctor to take a peek at his problematic ear.

I’ve taken the liberty of blurring the doctor’s face on these photos. Alphonse’s version will be uploaded to his iPad (and mine) for his reading, but since I was not able to ask our doctor’s permission to feature his head in my blog, his face will not be shown here. I’ve also made the sequence of events more specific for his requirements (for example, if he were seeing the pediatrician, I would include photos of auscultation or getting his height and weight checked). Wish us luck this week!

Doctor Visit 01

Doctor Visit 02 blurred copy

Doctor Visit 03

Doctor Visit 04

Doctor Visit 05

Doctor Visit 06

Doctor Visit 07

Doctor Visit 08

Doctor Visit 09 blurred copy

Doctor Visit 10 copy

Doctor Visit 11 blurred copy

Doctor Visit 12

Doctor Visit 13 copy




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