Barker Dogs (EU)

Father Jerry, Mother Margo, Brother Tarquin, Sister Jocasta, baby Bettina and twins Charles and Cressida

(updated 042612- added single baby)

Bassett Dogs (FL)

Dogs- BassettFather Kelly, Mother (Hotel Housekeeper), Brother Charlie (from School Pupils set- new!- upadted 041813) and Sister Carlotta (from Music Lesson set)

Beagle Dog Celebration Family (FL)- new!

Dogs- Beagle celebration

Father Percy, Mother Prunella, Older Brother Barnaby, Older Sister Beverley, Brother Harold, Sister Antonia, and Baby Fiona

Beagle Dogs (JP)

Father Percy, Mother Prunella, Brother Harold, Sister Antonia, and twins William and Fiona (standing baby is also William)

DePembroke Corgi Family (FL)- new!

(acquired March 26, 2013)

Dogs- De Pembroke Corgi

Father Duke, Mother Queenie, Brother Earl, Sister Duchess, with Baby Lady and Baby Prince

Doughty Chiffon Dogs (JP)

Dogs- Chiffon JP

Father Gordon, Mother Delia, Brother David, Sister Karen, and twins Austin and Nigella

JP single boxed figures with older sister- new!– acquired November 2012

Doughty Chiffon Dogs (EU)

Dogs- Chiffon EU

Father Gordon, Mother Delia, Brother David, Sister Karen, and Baby Brooklyn

Farthing Dogs (FL)

Father Harley, Mother Penny, Brother Vespa, Sister Wren and Baby Rally, sitting baby is unnamed and comes from the FL Baby Teacups Ride set)

Forrester Dogs (FL)

Dogs- ForresterFather Ryan, Mother Rachael, Brother Patch, Sister Penny and Baby Nicky

Henry Lloyd Chocolate Dalmatian Dogs (FL)

Dogs- Chocolate DalmatianFather Ben, Mother Pippa, Brother Zac, and Sister Sarah, with twins Wendy and Tom- new!

Huckleberry Hounds/ Maron Dogs (JP)

Father Allan, Mother Hatty, Brother Dennis, Sister Esme, Baby Sparky and twins Jethro and Cordelia

(updated 042612- JP twins added)

Kennelworth Dalmatian Dogs (FL)

Father Montgomery, Mother Dorothy, Brother Rufus, Sister Clara, and twins Dash and Dot

Lopez Chihuahua Dogs (JP)

Father Cesar, Mother Conchita, Brother Pablo, Sister Laya, twins Pedro and Pepi (single babies unnamed)

McWalkies West Highland Terriers (FL)

Father Angus, Mother Muriel, Brother Hamish, Sister Janet, and twins Ben (sitting) and Billie (crawling)

Patches Dogs (FL)

Father Antonio, Mother Dorothy, Brother Bertie, Sister Bella and unnamed baby

Seadog Family (FL)- new!

(completed May 2012, as SSK Club Exclusives)

Dogs- Seadogs

Father Horation, Mother Jane, Brother Francis, Sister Suzanne, and twins Jacc and Shanta

Tailbury Dogs (FL)

Father Victor, Mother Purdy, Brother Tam and Sister Jeanie

Tailbury Dog Grandparents (FL)

Grandfather Roland and Grandmother Jacqueline


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