Rodents- Mice

Acorn Mouse/ Fielding Mouse Family (FL)

Rodents- Acorn Fielding JP

Father Darcy, Mother Bridget, Brother Daniel, Sister Helen, Baby Clop and twins Clip and Clipperty

Hawthorn Mouse Family (EU)

Mother Rikki and Baby Magnolia

Hawthorn/ Milky Mouse Family (CC)

Father Matthew, Mother Rikki, Brother Ryan, Sister Mindy, and twins Mikey and Magnolia

Hazelnut Dormice Family (EU)

Father Sidney, Mother Mona, Brother Otto, Sister Odette, and twins Joe and Jan

Hazelwood Mouse Family (FL)

Rodents- HazelwoodFather Basil, Hotel Chef, and Son Able Seamouse (aka Twitch) of the Captain’s Crew and brother from School Field Trip- new!

Maces Mouse Family (JP)

Maces/ City Mouse Family (EU)

Father Spencer, Mother Arvey, Brother Mark, Sister Nichole, and twins John and Louise

Maces Mouse Grandparents (EU)

Grandfather Ashley and Grandmother Laura

Norwood Family (FL) – new!

Rodents- Norwoods FL

Mother Brie, Sister Katy and Baby Norman



1 thought on “Rodents- Mice

  1. I may have Joe and Jan different outfit for Joe Jan’s dress has thiner shoulder straps with sing button and lite ruffles on bottom but exact same pattern

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