Thank You!!!

The entry period for the Okasaneko Chronicles’ 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway ended last night at the stroke of midnight. Thank you to all those who responded and sent in their entries. I will draw the winners tonight and post the names within three days. I will also send personal e-mails to winners so they can tell me where to send their prizes.

We have a dozen prizes to give away and this being a first for me, I will try to take the lessons I learned from this Giveaway experience and use them to make the next one better, and yes, bigger.

Once again, I express my sincerest thanks to Sanrio Gift Gate Philippines, Ban Kee Trading,, Autism Society Philippines, and The Fairy Godmother for their generous spirit. You all gave from the heart and I appreciate it very, very much.  God bless you all!


Want Prizes?

Today, I was looking at the entries to the Okasaneko Chronicles’ 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaways and I was very pleased to see the numbers growing. You can still join until November 14. The contest ends one second before midnight of the 15th, so any entry received until 11:59:59 pm of November 14 is still valid.

I noticed, however, that there have been some confusion on where to post and what to post, and since we’re all friends here, let’s just say I ♥ you all and forgive the little mistakes. If you took the time out to visit this blog, write a comment, and leave your well wishes on this blog, as long as you indicate that “I want to win in Okasaneko Chronicles’ 3rd blog Birthday Giveaway,” you’ve got one entry for the raffle drum.

To make things clearer, however, let me point out some more helpful tips for posting and re-posting.

  1. Comments must be left on the blog entry “Now 16, Forever Sweet.”  
  2. For FB postings, please make sure that your FB status post is viewable and please put the link in the comments box of  “Now 16, Forever Sweet.”
  3. To  blog about the contest, I ask that you link the Official Giveaway Rules and include the picture with our blog giveaways sponsors (see below). You can resize the picture if it’s too big.

I do have pictures to upload now so if you want any of of these prizes, then, join, join, JOIN!!! I hope these whet your appetite to win freebies!

One winner will receive this very helpful Autism Society Philippines Directory of Resources, which lists down all available schools, therapists, and other professionals, for children with autism. This comes with a bright neon green angel baller band, also courtesy of ASP.  (Note: Because this book will be of greatest use to those in the country, raffle of this prize is limited to local readers only.)

Two winners will win a set each of this lovely charm bracelet with enamel autism and puzzle charms, an enamel autism awareness pin, and a “I ♥ someone with autism” badge pin featuring Alphonse’s brother Alex as a cutie ten-month-old doing a kissy face. These are all courtesy of Alphonse (amd Alphonse’s mama!).

And to Sylvanian fans out there, or simply anyone who wants to see what Sylvanian Families are like,

Ban Kee Trading, exclusive distributor of Sylvanian Families in the Philippines, will be giving away these prizes to four lucky winners! Two will receive a box each of  the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Baby Students and two will each receive a furniture set with a Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Forest Fairy key fob. Absolutely divine!

So, far, we have 12 prizes up for grabs! What are you waiting for? Join, join, JOIN!!!

Now 16, Forever Sweet

Today, Alphonse turns sixteen.

It never ceases to amaze me when I look at him, now almost grown up. He stands three inches taller than me, fits into men’s clothing, and sports a slightly disheveled moustache which matches the smattering of hair in his armpits. Everywhere I look, I no longer see a trace of the baby or the child he once was. All I see is a man.

The truth is, I miss my baby. I miss the sweetness of his breath in the morning. I miss the softness of his unblemished skin. I miss being able to carry  him in the crook of my arm to sing him to sleep.

 I miss the way he fits in the side of my body when he curls up in bed with me.

I miss his chubby cheeks and his round, heavy body. I miss the hibernating porkchop and his pouty lips.

I miss his childlike smile, the one that erases all my fears away. 

But even as I miss those mementoes of his childhood, I marvel at who he has become today. Almost a man, but not quite. Loud, quirky, opinionated, determined. Headstrong and bullish. Sweet and trusting. 

It has been a long journey from then to now. There were many days of pain and heartache, and of grief and despair, but for each one of those miserable days, our lives were blessed a millionfold by what we have learned living with and loving him. Alphonse has taught us patience and tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance, gratitude and surrender. Most of all, he has taught us how to love without hope or thought of reciprocity. We love him because we do, and not because of anything he does to make us love him. It’s as simple as that.

Happy birthday, our dear sweet child, our Alphonse.  Papa, Mama, and Kuya Alex love you so much.


While on the subject of birthday celebrations, this blog also turns a year older this month. Happy 3rd birthday to Okasaneko Chronicles!

In 2007, when I started blogging, I was lucky to get even just ten people a day to read my blog. Three years later, despite the lack of promotion (I’ve never really been very big at that) and the freedom to express myself, those numbers have multiplied exponentially. In this little corner of the Internet I call Kittymama’s home, I have made many friends. I have also become part of a larger community of people I would never have met were it not for this wonderful experience. Thank you to all those who have come, visited, read, lingered, commented, returned, or even just glanced at the pages of my life. I am humbled by your kindness and love.

The Okasaneko Chronicles’ 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway starts today so please be sure to leave a comment in this blog post to join. You can read the mechanics here for the full details on the giveaway. Many, many thanks to all those who have helped make this giveaway a reality: Sanrio Gift Gate Philippines, Ban Kee Trading, Inc., BusinessWorld/, Autism Society Philippines, The Fairy Godmother, and Alphie (who is none other than Alphonse, the birthday boy who wishes to share his birthday blessings with his Mama).


Official Giveaway Rules

As promised, here are the mechanics for the3rd OC Blog Birthday Giveaway. 

Contest Duration: This contest will start on November 3, 2010 12:00:00 midnight and end on November 14, 2010, 11:59:59 pm.


  1. The raffle for Hello Kitty, Sylvanian Families, and Alphie’s Autism Awareness gift packs items is open to ALL readers, both local and international, of this blog.
  2. Due to the nature of the other gift items, the raffle for these prizes will be open ONLY to readers with local addresses.

How to Enter:

There are three ways to join the contest:

  1. Leave a comment in tomorrow’s blog post with your name and e-mail address. For posters outside the Philippines, please indicate your country of origin in the comments box.  Start your comment with “I want to win in Okasaneko Chronicles 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway.”  Only one comment per e-mail entry is allowed. Repeated postings will not earn additional raffle entries.
  2. Blog about this contest and link your post to the URL of this page. Please include the Blog Giveaway photo featuring our sponsors which will appear in tomorrow’s post. Leave a comment here with a link to your post.
  3. Share the giveaway contest with your friends in Facebook. Don’t forget to share the link of this post in your status message. Leave a comment here with the URL of your message so I can verify. Make sure the post is set to public so I can view it.

Each of these methods earns one raffle entry; do all three and get three raffle entries to increase your chances of winning.

Winner Selection:

  1. The raffle will be held in two parts- one for local readers and another for both local and international readers. You may win more than once so it pays to increase your chances of winning.  
  2. Winners will be determined using a raffle drum. The drawing of prizes will be held on November 15, 2010.

Winner Notification: The names of winners will be announced in a separate post within three days of the draw. An e-mail message will also be sent to the winners to notify them.

Claiming Your Prize: Please respond to the e-mail notification right away so the prize can be shipped to you promptly. Shipping of prizes will be shouldered by Okasaneko Chronicles.  

As of this writing, I have 12 confirmed gift packs for the raffle but who knows? I may be able to add some more (crossing my fingers)! So hurry and join; you have exactly eleven days to enjoy this contest. GOOD  LUCK!

One More Day!!!

The Okasaneko Chronicles 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway is one day away and I’m reminding all of you to please join! I have really cute prizes to give away courtesy of the generous sponsors of this gift raffle. Even as I write this, however, one more  request for sponsorship is in the works and hopefully, this, too, will be received favorably. 🙂

Over the weekend, I received a gift pack for this giveaway from one of Alphonse’s eco-minded godmothers. Since she refuses to be identified and wishes to give anonymously, I have christened her “The Fairy Godmother” in this giveaway for her unexpected surprise.

Human Nature products are all-organic, natural and ethical products from Gandang Kalikasan, Inc., Gawad Kalinga’s arm in social enterprise. Thes products are 100%  Filipino, from materials to production, employing GK residents and communities to provide fair trade and sustainable livelihood for them. There are very few products like these in the local market and the few available are often imported and expensive. Human Nature is affordable and does what it claims to do, with no hype and no frills. 

These are the products Alphonse uses regularly and which his godmother feels this blog’s readers will appreciate: a 200 ml bottle of Human Nature’s 2-in-1 moisturizing shampoo and body wash with aloe vera, egg white and mandarin, a 50 ml bottle of yummy-smelling Sugarcane hand sanitizer in watermelon (triclosan free), a 50 ml bottle of this amazing DEET-free, safe-for-even-small-kids Citronella bug spray and this cute eco-bag that turns into a tiny strawberry. How eco-friendly is that?

I’m going to post the mechanics for the giveaway TONIGHT so watch out for it!

Autism For A Day

I will join Communication Shutdown, a global fundraiser for autism tomorrow. Not only am I shutting down my Facebook and Twitter pages for a day but I will not be going online in this blog tomorrow. This campaign seeks to highlight the difficulties of communication people with autism live with everyday. As a mother of a nonverbal young man with severe autism, I know only too well of these difficulties in language and communication; my son lives with them every single day.

If you’d like to join this campaign and donate to raise funds for autism awareness, please make your way over to this page.

I’ll be back on November 2, with new pictures and more details of the 3rd OC Blog Birthday Giveaway that’s coming soon!

In the meantime, while you’re here, may I ask you all kind folks to look at the newest widget on the right side of this page and say a prayer for Jude, a little boy who’s going through chemotherapy today? His mom and I were classmates in grade school and though we haven’t seen each other since 7th Grade, we have since been reconnected through Facebook. I have only learned of six-year-old Jude’s plight a few days ago. I know Jude only through his pictures and the stories his mom proudly shares of him and his brother, but from what I have heard and read, he is a funny, witty kid with a lot of heart. I know he doesn’t know us but I have always believed that good intentions, well wishes, and sincere prayers always find their way to their destination. Let us send him and his family love and light today to give them strength and hope for the following days.

So to you, dear sweet Jude, we send you a million kisses to numb your pain, a million hugs to warm your day, and a million prayers to make you stay. God bless you always.