A Time to Play

Sometimes, to get out of the rut of very long, difficult days dealing with meltdowns and self-injuries, I need to set aside time to play. Of late, all my toys have been forgotten in the worries of every day. My Sylvanians are still in boxes, waiting to be photographed. My dolls are unboxed and languishing in a limbo of neglect. Even Nimes, once my trusted companion, has remained in her pink suitcase, unloved and untouched.

Yesterday, however, was different. I took out a few pieces of doll clothing to wash and a wig to do a hair spa on, and soon enough, I was already setting Nimes up for pictures. One of A♥’s gifts, the boxed Blythe dress set Pinky Doodle Poodle, has turned out to be favorite, what with the fifties poodle skirt, the pink wig, and high boots! It is simply beautiful!

Dress set- Pinky Doodle Poodle

After dressing Nimes up, doing a spa on the wig and setting it up with foam rollers, I thought, “Why not take a picture to remember all the work, ehrm, play I did today?”  Well, the picture turned out nicer than I expected. I liked it so much I thought to share it with you and save it here on the blog for posterity.

Nimes does the fifties

Nimes does the fifties

It even inspired me to write a few lines of fifties nostalgia, sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things:”

Poodles on swing skirts
And cute roadside diners
Corvettes, convertibles
Checkered recliners

Pin curlers and rollers
Worn all night, it seems
These are a few of my favorite things! 

As it turns out, I did need the couple of hours of play to feel “normal” again. The constant anxiety I carry in the pit of my belly has subsided a bit, no longer the pressing, urgent, demanding monster that it is on a daily basis. I know tough times are ahead of me and my family so I need to keep reminding  myself to find a little happiness where and when I can.


Halloween 2014

The moon is bright in the darkness deep
As stirring creatures in the silence creep,
And, once familiar, turn strange and leave
A scaring on this wicked night, All Hallow’s eve.

halloween 2014 a

 Happy Halloween from Kittymama, Nimes, and Freya Chocolate!

halloween 2014 b


Just A Little Lovin’

For Y, who opened my world to Blythes and became my best friend,

for J, for being my Blythe buddy and baby sis,

And for A♥, for showering me with more love than I deserve.

I was going to blog about the Sylvanian Families Theme Park in Grinpa next but I ran into some technical problems while uploading some of my videos. That and culling a select few from over two hundred photographs have already taken much of my time, with still a lot more to go.

I decided to jump into another project to ease the ennui while I finish the pictures. I figured I needed the distraction and my blog deserved some updates. What better to write about than my second-favorite thing next to Sylvanians? Aha, Blythes! That I found this “rescue” Blythe at just the right time turned out to be most auspicious for me.

In the months since I started collecting Blythes, I’ve acquired almost all of them in MIB (mint in box) condition. My blond Kenner, adopted from my best friend Y, was the sole exception. As a personal preference, I really do look for complete, boxed dolls more than ones that are nude, loose, or incomplete. Call it an obsessive-compulsive streak, but something about incomplete dolls keeps me awake at night, heehee.

And then came the turnaround.

I ran into this particular doll in Facebook, a Velvet Minuet with dress and nothing else, and it surprised me that I had jumped the gun on everyone else that morning. After a few discreet inquiries with the seller, I sealed the deal and crossed my fingers. Below is her original photo on Facebook:

VM 01


I received Velvet wrapped carefully in layers of plastic bubble wrap. True to the seller’s word, her eye mechanism was working. There were no visible scratches on her face (except for one thin sliver of gray near her left eye), no missing hair plugs, and her pull ring was intact. Save for overall grubbiness, perhaps brought about by age and years of neglect (seller was not the owner), Velvet seemed fine on the whole.

VM 02

Of course, her legs came with this moldy stain, and I already knew that jumping in.

VM 03

Her dress was also stained and grubby, poor girl. It was also missing those cute puffy pompoms.

VM 05

Her hair, while thick and complete, was tangled and icky-sticky. I couldn’t run a comb through it, no matter how many hours of Law and Order I watched. (For those of you who do not know me, I do my “hairdressing” while watching reruns of Law and Order, no particular season, country, or franchise. I love them all!)

VM 04After a thorough assessment of her condition, I began my makeover process, starting with a complete body wash. I used a light baby wash and a face towel to rub over the dirt and grime. I also applied a Benzoyl Peroxide mask in parts of her body where the dirt would not wash off.

I gave her a shampoo and hot water spa last, taking care to protect her eyes and the hole at the back of her head. After a couple of days of work, this is what she looks like now:

Presenting… Velvet Minuet (Gee, her hair smells-and looks- terrific!)

VM 06

Hello, everyone! I am a brand-new girl!

VM 11

I am gorgeous!

VM 08

Lucky, my momma has my stock clothes in storage, and she gave me these to wear!

VM 09

I think Velvet is a beautiful girl, proof that there is no such thing as an ugly Blythe, only an unloved one. And when you come into one who needs loving as badly as she did, how can one ever say No?

As much as boxed and MIB Blythes are easy to love because they are perfect, there is satisfaction and pride in making a Blythe beautiful again. I like that I did this with my own two hands. I hope to one day try my hand on customizing, but for now, cleaning them back to their shiny selves is happy work for me. Velvet will surely be one of my favorite girls from now on. All she really needed was just a little loving. 🙂

Wishing for Ribboneta

Ribboneta is 2009’s Hello Kitty x Blythe collaboration especially created to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th year. She is one of my dream dolls, a grail doll, if you will.

Back in 2012, when I first dreamed of getting a Blythe doll for myself, the very first thing I did was to search for her. Alas, even then, her price had soared to a point where you could easily buy two or three new Blythe releases. And because I was unsure then if I really wanted to start another collection, I let that dream go, but not without regrets.

Fast forward to 2013, and the day I received Slow Nimes. Who knew I would love Blythes as much as I do Hello Kitty and Sylvanian Families? These days, they (the Blythe girls) coexist happily with my other collections, forefront among them, my Sylvanian Families. 🙂

Now, back to Ribboneta. As most Hello Kitty collaborations go, she is one special girl indeed.


She has reddish brown hair fringed with bangs. Her hair holds a slight curl at the ends.

Blythe ribboneta 02

Her eye chips are special too, as they have been marked with a ribbon in one of the irises of the pink and green forward-facing eyes. Her eyelids are light pink. 🙂 Blythe ribboneta 07

She has one of the prettiest clothes ever, with a pink shantung silk halter dress and a magenta bolero which matches the ribbon in her hair. The dress also has a ribbon behind the neck and more colorful ribbons near the hem. Small faux pink pearls are seeded on top of the ribbons.

Ribboneta has a Hello Kitty bag with handles made of the same faux pink pearls and a Hello Kitty necklace (HK head in a gold chain). Matching pink stockings and shoes complete the outfit and scream “Hello Kitty!” from top to toe.

Blythe ribboneta 01

When RW was released in 2009, she was pegged at JPY21000, or something like USD207 in today’s exchange rate. Today, a quick search of eBay shows the price to have gone remarkably from its original SRP to as much as USD700 for a never opened, MIB (mint-in-box) doll. Oh, my aching heart!

I’ve sort of resigned myself to never ever owning Ribboneta Wish. It’s just too much money for one doll, and unless I win the Lotto soon, I can’t justify spending that much money for her. Still, a part of me longs for that unattainable doll, and will always do.

There is a happy ending to this sad tale, though. Just when I thought I would never even see a glimpse of RW, here comes A♥ to the rescue! No, it is not Ribboneta, but close enough: RW’s stock clothes! *squeals*

And so, despite not having Ribboneta, I am ecstatic that Nimes can wear her clothes and pretend to be her, even for a short while. Moreover, being the recipient of such a thoughtful gift, well, that alone is a remarkable gift in itself, one I will always remember with love and gratitude.

Nimes as RW

Now, can anything be lovelier than that?

Emergency Rescue at Kitty Little Lanes

One of the many little gifts my husband gave me over the holidays were two unboxed Petite Blythes. Petite Blythe Pure Punthic, a 2009 release, was otherwise complete and in perfect condition. Petite Blythe Buttercake Afternoon, released in 2005 and reissued in 2006, came with an extra body as her original body showed wear and tear. Still, these mini-dolls were absolutely delightful. Their eyes, fringed with extra long lashes, could close and open. Their legs were bendable and they could sit and stand (each doll comes with its own mini stand, much like the big Neo Blythes).  I was fascinated by them and immediately thought of giving them real estate space in my miniature village.

Petite Blythe Pure Punthic Miele Dolce 0909  Petite Blythe Buttercake Afternoon 0705

Just this week, I was able to add another Petite Blythe- a Feline Fancy, released in 2003. Feline Fancy, of the three, showed the worst “injuries; ” her shoulders and portions of her bright green hair were stained black from her stock clothes. She had such a pretty face, though, that I couldn’t say “No” to her. I knew also that despite her flaws, she would be welcome in my very inclusive, non-judgmental community of Sylvanians, Kitty Little Lanes.

Petite Blythe Feline Fancy 1203

I had meant to do one picture for Instagram. Inspired by these wonderful dolls and my Sylvanian Families, it evolved into a story. I hope you enjoy it.


911 at Kitty Little Lanes

It was a slow day at the county switchboard offices until Nurse Emmaline Nightingale received a distress call.

Operator Nightingale: 911 emergency services, hello.

ER 01

Grandma Patricia Chocolate: Hello, I need help. Please send an ambulance!

ER 02

Operator: Yes, ma’am, what’s the nature of the emergency please?

ER 03Grandma: It’s my niece, Fancy. She’s burning up with a fever. Please hurry.

Operator (recognizing Grandma’s voice, well, it’s a small town): I’ll send an ambulance right away, Grandma Patricia. Please stay calm. The paramedics will be there soon.

ER 04

One minute and thirteen seconds later:

Grandma: Thank goodness you’re here, Thomas and Burdock! Nurse Brie, I’m so glad you came too!

Paramedic Thomas Nightingale: Well, ma’am, when we heard my sister-in-law Emmaline call out 123 Plaines Avenue, we rushed as fast as we could. Grandpa Rhys back yet?

Grandma: He’s still at my son’s, helping build the play burrow for our grandkids. He’s not due till this weekend, so I am all alone with the girls. These are my nieces Miele, Buttercake, and Fancy.  

ER 05

Paramedic Thomas gently wheeled Fancy in the stretcher. He hadn’t had an emergency in years (well, Owen Bearbury doesn’t count because everyone knows he is accident-prone, like totally) but he still knew the basics like he was taught in Paramedic College. It’s like learning to ride a bike, really; you never forget.

Paramedic Thomas: (thinking to himself) A- airway, checked. B-breathing- checked. C-circulation- checked.

Paramedic Burdock: We’ll have her at the hospital very soon, Grandma.

Paramedic Thomas: Let’s load her up!

ER 06

Buttercake waved to Fancy and held back her tears. Fancy awakened briefly but seemed oblivious to all the commotion around her. She was very, very sleepy and tired, she thought, as the paramedics gently wheeled the stretcher into the ambulance.

ER 07

Nurse Brie Norwood: Hang in there, Fancy. Just stay calm, my dear. You’ll be alright.

ER 08

Three minutes later, they were met by Drs. Murdoch and Murdoch, the father and son medical team of Kitty Little Lanes. Nurse Emily rushed to follow the doctors. Nurse Emma, one of the Nightingale triplet nurses, had another patient on standby; a strawberry-haired little girl suffering from a stomach ache (must be due to all the shortcake she ate).

ER 09

Nurse Brie: Doctor, her pulse remains fast and thready, respiration is rapid and shallow. Her sisters say she was febrile on the way to their aunt’s house here in Kitty Little Lanes.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Let’s bring her in for an evaluation and some tests. Junior, grab her chart and review the history again. Bring me up to speed while I examine her inside.

ER 10

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Mrs. Chocolate, how are you related to the patient?

Grandma: She’s my niece, Dr. Murdoch, on my mother’s side of the family. She came with her sisters for a visit. The trip was overnight by bus and they said Fancy was sick by the time they got here.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Your nieces are very tall, ehrm, ahh… (glances at the three sisters) But where were we? Ah, it looks like her fever is caused by an infection…Hmmm… She is also dehhydrated.

ER 12

Dr. Murdoch, Jr.: Dad, ehrm, Dr. Murdoch, her sisters say she was in an accident last week when her science project, a jet pack, burst to flames while she was wearing it for a demonstration. It looks like the infection is coming from those untreated burns in her shoulders and arms.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: We’ll put her on intravenous antibiotics then. Keep her hydrated and monitor her input and output. See to those burns; let’s debride and clean them up. Nurse, get the burn tray ready please!

Nurse Emily: Yes, Doctor! 

ER 13


Grandma: How are you feeling, Fancy?

ER 14

Fancy: Much better, Auntie Pat. Thank you for taking care of me. I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you.

ER 15

Buttercake: We’re so happy you’re feeling much better, Fancy. We should’ve had your burns treated much sooner. Miele and I are also sorry we didn’t take your injuries seriously.

Grandma: It’s alright, my dears. The important thing is that you are all safe and Fancy will be up and about in no time soon!

ER 17

Nurse Emily saw Miele sitting quietly, as if dazed, and headed over to her.

Nurse Emily: Are you okay, Miele?

Miele: I am still a litle shocked, Nurse Emily. Who knew jetpacks could be so deadly?

ER 18

By the end of the week, Fancy was well enough to go home. Her sisters promised to remind her to take her medicines and help with her chores while she was on the mend.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Goodbye, Fancy! Goodbye, girls! Mrs. Chocolate, Dr. Daniels at Blythe City General will see Fancy three days from now for her check-up, okay?

Grandma: Yes, thank you, Doctor. We’ll be driving them home today. I’ll be sure to remind her mom.

Dr. Murdock, Jr.: Don’t forget the prescriptions for your medicines, Fancy. And if you feel poorly, feel free to call us here at the hospital. Nurses Nightingale will connect you to me or to my dad. One of us is always on duty.

Grandma: Well, come along, dears. Grandpa is at the car already. Don’t forget the suitcase, Buttercake!

Buttercake: I won’t, Auntie Pat.  Thank you so much again!

ER 19

Fancy recovered from her jetpack accident, though to date, she is still undergoing cosmetic treatments to lighten the scars of her burns. When Fancy and the girls made their way back home to Blythe City, she had such wonderful stories to tell of the kindness and graciousness of the critters at Kitty Little Lanes. She also sent a postcard to the hospital staff to thank them.

ER 22

Fancy’s stay at Kitty Little Lanes taught her three things:

1. Don’t perform experiments without a safety check and back-up. Jetpacks are cool but flammable.

2. Don’t shrug off a burn. Have serious burns treated by professionals right away. Don’t put butter or oil or toothpaste on burns. Wash them with cool, clean water (no soap), cover with a sterile cloth, and see a doctor right away.

3. Life at Kitty Little Lanes, while far from perfect (think Owen and all his accidents), is a life for her and her sisters. So, Kitty Little Lanes, here come the Petite Blythes!


This has been an original

Kitty Little Lanes 03 lowrescopy



Update: New Blog Header

Do you notice anything new about this blog?

Well, there’s a new addition to the header and she is a pretty, pretty girl. Meet Nimes, my first Blythe baby girl.


I’ve updated the blog header to include her because among my many collections, I think Hello Kitty, Sylvanian Families, and Blythe dolls will be keepers, no matter how old I get. So, what do you think?

Blythe is Beautiful

One of the hard things about raising “daughters” is coping with hair. Daughters? Well, I have three new girls in the house, all roughly the same age because they came only less than a month apart. My very first Blythe baby girl (okay, okay, she’s a doll) arrived on Christmas, and two weeks  and two days later, two more of her sisters arrived, courtesy of the generosity of my loving husband A♥.blythe hair 01

Now, I could go on and on about the happiness baby girls bring into my life, but let’s put that off for another day. For now, let’s talk about a serious issue: hair.

Well, Blythe girls have different hair types and the three I have have hair that’s as different from each other as their names. Nimes (Slow Nimes) has smooth, straight light brown hair that needs very little care, except for the occasional brushing. I brush her way too often for her comfort, teehee. Misha (Misha Tebya Lyublyu) has fine light brown hair that curls at the edges and is prone to tangles. Zee (Zinochika) has wavy, deep reddish brown hair that’s as fine as Misha’s. Her hair is also very prone to tangles at the ends.

beauty-salon-20On most days since these girls arrived, I can spend an hour or so brushing and fixing them up for the day. It’s one of the most relaxing times of the day for me, when the girls and I sit on my bed and watch television together, while I smoothen out the kinks and tangles in their hair. Sometimes, though, they wake up with more tangles than I can manage and my hands would hurt from the process. It can be quite a pain to brush them all out, not to mention slightly dangerous, as they run the risk of getting bald from heavy-handed hair treatments. Yesterday happened to be one of those days and, frustrated with the task at hand, I finally threw in the towel and called in professional reinforcement.

Now, remember the Patches? You would not believe how hard it is to schedule a hair salon treatment with Antonio; he is always so busy! All the ladies (and gentlemen) of Kitty Little Lanes swear by Antonio’s magic hands so it comes as no surprise that the wait list in Kitty Little Lanes is now up to three weeks! Not even Mayor Kittymama gets special treatment when she comes to Antonio’s door (well, she does get a cup of piping hot chamomile tea for free). Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the hapless Mrs. Furbanks who broke her leg on the day her tail was to be colored bright red again, there was a cancellation. Within an hour of my timely phone call, the Patches Dog Family was at my door, ready to save the day!

blythe hair 02

The girls were thrilled at meeting their new little friends, and Antonio curtseyed politely and eyed all that hair with a mixture of excitement and professional restraint. With acrobatic agility never before seen in a dog of his years, Antonio combed and teased and styled their hair into perfection. Mrs. Patches took charge of the curlers I let them borrow them for the girls  (my curlers collection comes in quite handy these days) and made sure they were timed and “cooked” right. The little ones carried their dad’s supplies and provided extra little hands when needed. It was a family affair, alright.

Zee: Ohh, I feel my brain being twisted into knots!

Misha: Just remember, no pain, no gain!

blythe hair 03

Misha: Lucky Nimes, she doesn’t have to suffer in the name of beauty!

Zee: Oh, yes, what I wouldn’t give for straight hair!

Nimes: Sigh. My hair can’t seem to hold a curl. 😦

blythe hair 04

My Blythe girls were angels as they sat still and waited patiently for the styling to end. And although they would have wanted to play some more with Bella and Bertie, they respected that the Patches’ kids had to pitch in and help. With the promise of being able to play with them later this week, Nimes, Misha, and Zee chatted a bit while they waited for Antonio to finish.

After three hours, the girls’ hair were manageable and smooth, as soft as they day they were wefted. Gee, their hair looked terrific! Thank you, Patches Dogs! My baby girls love you all!

blythe hair 08