Happiness is… (xvi) Love♥ Hello Kitty

I’ve been having a little fun with my Sanrio Build-A-Bear dolls these last few days. I didn’t realize how many I’ve collected in almost five years, not until I had them all laid out for a group picture.

DSC07363 copy2

All the pretty kitties!

I started collecting Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear dolls in 2008, a year after the release of the very first one. At that time, you can only purchase them through eBay, so my very first one, a Tropical Hello Kitty, came in the mail in a Sun Chips box! The Tropical Hello Kitty was the second one released in the HK BAB line, the first being a white Hello Kitty (2007), which I eventually got as another present from my husband A♥. (Ohh, don’t you just love him?) If you notice the itty-bitty ones in front, those are the latest additions to the Sanrio BAB family. They are Small Frys, or smaller versions of Sanrio BAB releases, and are called such because each comes in a french fries box! 🙂

My most recent acquisition arrived last week as one of three Valentine gifts from my husband. Although released in January in the US, Love Hello Kitty is perfect for Hearts’ Day as it screams “Will you be my Valentine?” from its dual heart bow, its Love “tattoo”, and red and white heart paws!

HK BAB copy

I love you too, A♥!

Build-A-Bear dolls are so cuddly I can’t stop collecting them. And although I’ve stuck to my version of Hello Kitty rehab with as much discipline as I could muster, these have got me weak in the knees. They are sooo darn cute! I guess I can now be considered a “cat lady” but instead of real cats, I have 16 cat dolls, a frog doll, a rabbit doll, and their mini-mes. 🙂

BAB with Kittymama copy

Cat Lady

Now if you wonder if this craziness will ever stop, I hold Build-A-Bear USA directly responsible for this crazy obsession. They’re the ones who won’t stop making new ones!

And just to prove to you they’ve got their paws on me, here is a sneak preview of what’s coming in March, just in time for spring! Help! I am putty in Hello Kitty BAB’s hands! 🙂

HK Sunshine2

Take me home, Kittymama!

See you in March, Sunshine!



Guess who arrived yesterday? Hmmmm… let me give you some hints.

She’s tan, fluffy, and flurry! She has a red bow over one ear and a scented Gingerbread friend in one hand. She has gumdrop buttons in red and green on her chest and belly. Oh, she’s an absolute Christmas darling!

Can you guess who she is?


Welcome home, AUDINE!

Build-A-Beary, Merry Christmas!

Well, Build-A-Bear went all out this year in its Hello Kitty plush craze, more than any time in the previous years since it started releasing Hello Kitty versions in 2007. This year alone, we’ve had three already- a red one for Valentine’s Day, a purple one for Easter and winky pink one in leopard print.

HK BAB 2012 01 copy

It seems Build-A-Bear is not keen on simply coasting along until the end of the year because they’ve just released another one!!! *faints*

Meet Hello Kitty Gingerbread!

HK Gingerbread 04

Personally, I love tan kitties best because they don’t get dirty easily and can stand more cuddling than the white ones. And with the cute buttons and holly on the ribbon, this one is perfect for making Christmas come all year round!

Also being sold now are three small Hello Kitty frys to complement the other Kitties of the year:

HK BAB 04small frys new

My childhood friend Auden, who is a lawyer in Singapore, bought these dolls the other day- one for me and one for her! ❤ She named them Audine (my BAB) and Jenny (hers), as these two are sisters for life, just like Auden and I are! Thank you, dear Auden! We’re not dressing them up because the gingerbread buttons will get covered, and it’ll be a waste of a good design (same reason why I didn’t get new shoes for the winky leopard one- her feet were already too cute!).

HK Gingerbread 03

Now, all I need to do is wait for this baby to come home. Already, it’s looking like a very cute Christmas!

Guess Who’s Come to Stay?

I told my friends Cynch, Allen, and Anna  that I wasn’t going to buy any new Hello Kitty dolls, and when I told them that, I meant every word I said.

I did, honest.

After all, I have enough Build A Bear Hello Kitty dolls (and her friends) to keep me company. How many more did I really need?

Of course, A♥ always makes me eat humble pie…

because guess what came in the mail over the weekend?

18-inch PInk Hello Kitty in black sequinned dress and 18-inch Halloweem Fun orange Hello Kitty


Meet Pink and Orange, my newest Build A Bear dolls. I thought I would hate them (I told Cynch that the patterns distract me) but I guess it’s true. Nothing given with love is ever unloved. So, distracting or not, these patterned, colored Kitties get a new mommy!

Thank you, dear A♥, for the surprise! I love that you love to bring out the child in me. 🙂

And before I end this post, of course, I do have to share a photo of my gorgeous Hello Kitty friends. I borrowed it, with permission, from Anna. 🙂

Thank you, Anna, Allen, and Cynch for the wonderful time I spent with you.  We should do it again soon. Hugs!

When You Sleep With Kitty…

I didn’t sleep too well last night. The bed felt too cramped and overcrowded. I could not find a decent position that allowed for REMs to come on. Besides, after bruising my arm and left knee from a hard fall the other day (I tripped on uneven ground and landed on one knee but the momentum pushed my head down till I almost scraped the ground with my face; luckily, my right forearm broke the fall), some parts of my body still feel sore.

Of course, it doesnt help that when you sleep with Hello Kitty…

Kittymama's Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear Collection

you sleep with all her friends too.

Some of them don’t even take their shoes off. *Ouch.*

The Mini- Reveal

I only have a few minutes in front of the PC as our household is shorthanded these past few days. Two nannies are in the hospital right now; one is sick and the other serves as bantay (literal translation: watcher or guard). Since I am unable to leave Alphonse for long stretches of time, I call them regularly to check on their needs and visit daily to bring food and clothing.  With our household decimated and short of manpower, we’ve had to do a lot of double-casting and role reassignments. Alphonse senses something is amiss in our home, and as such, feels very unsettled and insecure, sometimes even acting out. So even as I worry about the nannies in the hospital, I have to be on my toes with Alphonse all the time.

With the flurry of events overwhelming the entire household, we all seem to have very little time to destress. I am taking my little window of Me time right now with a little cake (itty-bitty, Mommy, I promise!) and coffee. As you can see above, my sweet husband also gave me Kitty cake from BreadTalk. It was bee-yoo-ti-ful! We tried to hold off eating it till the last possible moment, but the kids insisted that cake is always their territory. I saved the ribbon for today and while I am waiting for the spaghetti sauce to simmer, I savor these few moments of relaxation. 🙂

I did finally get the boxes opened and boy, were they everything I wanted and more! Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to sort them out and take lots of pictures. Late last night, when everyone was asleep, I got some photos sorted out, resized, and labeled. I hope you all bear with me as I do a mini-reveal first. I’ll try to update as often as I can get pictures loaded.

My Sanrio friends are here! 🙂 These three furry Build-A-Bear creatures jumped right out of the box upon opening. I can’t believe they endured all that time in that stuffy brown box. They were squished and a little manhandled so they were not too friendly at first, but a little kiss for the booboos made them a lot more friendly.  Everyone, I introduce you to KerokeroP-Noy, Jejocat, and Mai (as in Mai Melody, haha, this play on My Melody’s name courtesy of Alex- thank you, baby).

 A didn’t get me Hello Kitty anymore because the new Kitty was virtually the same as the last one, but he did get me new clothing for her.  Aside from the leopard print PJs (rawr!), Kitty got the ruffle tee, the tropical tank top, an extra 35th anniversary shirt, and another 35th anniversary dress. You can also see the bag clips that he bought extra (BAB did not give the freebie clips and it was too late to complain about it, the box having traveled all the way to Manila by then).

I only have one more picture in this lot and these gifts did not come wrapped. These were just there the next day, the way they seem to magically appear before me, haha. It seems I only have to think a thought and voila! There they were! 🙂 

Seriously though, I love that my husband outdoes himself each time. Not only that, he gives them with such flair that I never really know what to expect. Some girls get petals on the bed and candles on the tub; I get magic boxes strewn around me. Best of all, I love that he loves me still, today, 19 years after, with warts and all (figurative warts, mind you), cellulite and thunder thighs included (literal fat, honestly), bossiness and mushiness not exempted.

Honey, if you are reading this, I want you to know that as seriously mushy, maudlin, mawkish, and schmaltzy as this sounds,  ikaw pa rin ang pangarap ko. Thank you for wanting to grow old with me.

The Name Game

Three more days before the Sanrio Friends Build-A-Bear dolls become available and already, I am thinking of names for my new friends.

Naming BABs is a very personal rite, as my experience at the Build-A-Bear store has taught me. It may seem silly to many that the act of choosing, stuffing, grooming, dressing, and naming is an honored ritual among BAB lovers, but it teaches people, children, in particular, that value is a subjective experience and that even seemingly inexpensive things become objects of value with love.

As such, all my BABs have names that are theirs alone. Take the case of the white Hello Kitty BABs. The original 2008 Hello Kitty, which was actually my second doll, retained her original name in my home, Kitty White. I didn’t think then that they would make different versions of her, thus, the seeming shortsightedness on my part.  My second white Hello Kitty was christened Kitty Corazon, or Cory for short. The heart in her bow decided it for me, and I chose to name her in Spanish because she says “Te quiero” when you hold her hand. Last of the white kitties (for now), the 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty is called Kitty Christmas, or Chrissy, because she was a Christmas gift last year.



Kitty White

My Tropical Hello Kitty dolls (and I have two of them), on the other hand are Kitty Browns or Beeone and Beetwo. And because I got a third one only recently, she is the youngest of the Bees or Beethree.

And now while I wait for the rest of the gang to make their way to my home, I’ve been thinking of appropriate names for them already. KeroKeroppi was easy. I will rename him KeroKero-Pnoy, in honor of the new president. (Told you I wanted a Noy.) And even Chococat’s new name isn’t a stretch from what he looks like. His new name will be Jejocat, after PNoy’s vice-president. I was all set to name him Jojocat until a dear friend reminded me of the vice-president’s real name. And I thought she was referring to Jejemons, jejeje. 🙂 Oh well, with the new name, Chococat gets his own inventive tag line, too: “Jejemon na, JojoB pa.”



Still, my brain is taking a beating with My Melody. A recommends to keep it simple with the very unimaginative “My Melody.” But after exhausting my neurons with witty names for the Sanrio boys, how can I not do the same for the only other girl in the bunch? If you have any suggestions, friends, please tell me. I have a few more days left. So, help, please!  

Name that tune, ehrm, Melody!