Sanrio Surprises!

I haven’t blogged about Hello Kitty in a while but this batch of Sanrio imports was definitely something worth sharing: the Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Reunion Collection designed by Simone Legno. These items have limited availability locally and will not be restocked readily so if you want them, do get them before they run out!

tokidoki hkFrom left going clockwise: crossbody bag, shoulder tote bag, metal lunchbox, and backpack

(Not in picture but also available: a handbag)

The bags are made of durable woven nylon with lining and faux leather trim. Unlike their more expensive Tokidoki x HK collaboration counterparts which were made with genuine leather, these bags are meant for everyday use. Hardy, yet light on the pocket (and we all know collaborations usually cost a bit more than your usual Sanrio merchandise), these bags are perfect for  Kittyholics of all ages.tokidoki hk2

The crossbody bag retails for PhP2229.75 while the the shoulder tote goes for PhP3699.75. The handbag retails for PhP3349.75 (see picture on right, sorry for the lack of clarity).  Those who hanker for the good ol’ days of metal lunchboxes (think ’70s, teehee) may very well enjoy a bit of nostalgia with the embossed tin case for P1099.75. And if you’re thinking of hauling more than just the usual kikay kit, then a backpack may just be the one for you, going at PhP3299.75.

This collection is available at Gift Gate’s Sanrio Surprises at the 3rd Floor of SM Megamall Building A. Again, these items have limited availability so once they’re out, you might not see them again. Race you to Megamall then!


GOOD Kitty!

Picture from

I know I wasn’t alone in my Hello Kitty fantasies and obsessions. How could I be, when the whole world recognizes Hello Kitty as an International Icon of Cuteness?

Few characters have had such a distinguished career as this furry feline. Even without a mouth, Hello Kitty crosses the barriers of age, gender, and nationality with such ease that you’d think this cat that weighed no more than three apples was bestowed with her very own manifest destiny.

Consider this: In 1984, Hello Kitty was named UNICEF Ambassador in the US. Ten years later, Japan’s UNICEF office also awarded her the same post. And in 2008, she was hailed as Japan’s offical Ambassador for Tourism, a post highly coveted by humans and nonhumans (fictional or otherwise) alike.

At 38 years old and nearing midlife, Hello Kitty seems to show no signs of aging as she continues her domination across the globe.

Few of us have ever gone to Japan’s Sanrio Puroland and Sanrio Park Harmonyland, or even Malaysia’s very new Hello Kitty Town in Johor. For many Filipinos in love with Hello Kitty, these will remain part of their bucket list, probably unchecked for years, because of soaring ticket prices and travel costs.

Still, there is a Hello Kitty glimmer in the horizon, and it comes perfectly on time for this holiday season, as SM City North EDSA, the largest mall in the country, teams up with Sanrio and Gift Gate to bring Hello Kitty to her many fans in the country.

Yes, my friends, Hello Kitty will be here soon.

Hello, Hello Kitty!

At SM City’s North EDSA The Block Atrium, from November 10 to January 6, Hello Kitty will be featured in one of the most animated, interactive events of the supermall’s history.

Hungry for Hello Kitty treats? There will be a Hello Kitty Cake Shop where kitty treats are more than just catnip!

A coffee lover, are you? Then head on to the Hello Kitty Coffee Shop to get your caffeine fix with just the right amount of Kitty sweetness!

The Hello Kitty House is perfect for photo ops with you and favorite Kitty friends, so bring them all and wear your finest Hello Kitty oufits! (I know I will!)

Looking for a romantic date? The Skygarden has Hello Kitty lanterns for a most unique experience!

And everywhere in the Activity Hall, you will find exciting activities that are sure to whet your Hello Kitty appetites for more, including but not limited to the following:

  • face painting sessions, from November 10 to December 24, from 2 to 4pm, with Hello Kitty up, close, and personal
  • Hello Kitty fashion show on December 8, 4pm, where the latest and trendiest Hello Kitty fashion and accessories will be shown off

Still not convinced this is the BIGGEST Christmas extravaganza this season? Check out the Hello Kitty Luxe Collection at the 3rd floor of The Block from November 10 to January 6 and prepared to be amazed!

Now, if you think Hello Kitty will exempt the normally calming oasis of the elegant Interior Zone, think again! Also from November 10 to January 6, longtime collectors and Interior Zone tenants will team up with some of the the country’s best designers from the Philippine School of Interior Design to present to you Kittified room exhibits.

Wait, there’s also a Hello Kitty car display collection to make you drool! Can you absolutely believe it? Hello Kitty will be everywhere at the SM City North EDSA! *faints*

Of course, SMNE outdoes itself by adding more events in this season of merriment!

  • There’s the Santa Meet and Greet at the City Center (main bulding) 3rd floor, on December 9,16,24,and 25 from 3 to 5pm.
  • The Mr. Men and Little Miss Misterland opens on December 1 at the Annex 4th floor, with free storytelling sessions on December 2,14,22,and 23.
  • Be serenaded with the most enchanting carols on December 2 and 16 by SM’s Grand Chorale.
  • Shop till you drop at the All-4-Kids Sale at the City Center 3rd floor from November 14 to 18 and December 10 to 16.
  • And if you haven’t had your fill yet from toy sales, the latest being Toy Kingdom’s very successful Warehouse Sale at SM Megamall, SM City North follows it up with a Holiday Bazaar at the Skydome on Novemver 30, December 1 and 2.

Truly, there is no limit to our holiday merrymaking this Christmas!

See you at SM City North EDSA! Kittymama won’t miss this for the world!

~0~ ♥ ~0~

And now for some sponsor acknowledgements:

SM City North EDSA

Sanrio and Gift Gate

With the special participation of the following:

HP, Samsung, Firefly, Uniqlo, Toy Kingdom, SM Department Store, The Philippine School of Interior Design, Color & Life, Eglo, Linden Teak, Market Square, Space & Style, Urban Concepts, Breadtalk, Jamba Juice, Papa John’s Pizza, and Tender Bob’s, Forever 21, National Bookstore, Pink Parlor, Van’s, Shell Canvas, Cakes R Us, MSI Notebook.

Now 16, Forever Sweet

Today, Alphonse turns sixteen.

It never ceases to amaze me when I look at him, now almost grown up. He stands three inches taller than me, fits into men’s clothing, and sports a slightly disheveled moustache which matches the smattering of hair in his armpits. Everywhere I look, I no longer see a trace of the baby or the child he once was. All I see is a man.

The truth is, I miss my baby. I miss the sweetness of his breath in the morning. I miss the softness of his unblemished skin. I miss being able to carry  him in the crook of my arm to sing him to sleep.

 I miss the way he fits in the side of my body when he curls up in bed with me.

I miss his chubby cheeks and his round, heavy body. I miss the hibernating porkchop and his pouty lips.

I miss his childlike smile, the one that erases all my fears away. 

But even as I miss those mementoes of his childhood, I marvel at who he has become today. Almost a man, but not quite. Loud, quirky, opinionated, determined. Headstrong and bullish. Sweet and trusting. 

It has been a long journey from then to now. There were many days of pain and heartache, and of grief and despair, but for each one of those miserable days, our lives were blessed a millionfold by what we have learned living with and loving him. Alphonse has taught us patience and tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance, gratitude and surrender. Most of all, he has taught us how to love without hope or thought of reciprocity. We love him because we do, and not because of anything he does to make us love him. It’s as simple as that.

Happy birthday, our dear sweet child, our Alphonse.  Papa, Mama, and Kuya Alex love you so much.


While on the subject of birthday celebrations, this blog also turns a year older this month. Happy 3rd birthday to Okasaneko Chronicles!

In 2007, when I started blogging, I was lucky to get even just ten people a day to read my blog. Three years later, despite the lack of promotion (I’ve never really been very big at that) and the freedom to express myself, those numbers have multiplied exponentially. In this little corner of the Internet I call Kittymama’s home, I have made many friends. I have also become part of a larger community of people I would never have met were it not for this wonderful experience. Thank you to all those who have come, visited, read, lingered, commented, returned, or even just glanced at the pages of my life. I am humbled by your kindness and love.

The Okasaneko Chronicles’ 3rd Blog Birthday Giveaway starts today so please be sure to leave a comment in this blog post to join. You can read the mechanics here for the full details on the giveaway. Many, many thanks to all those who have helped make this giveaway a reality: Sanrio Gift Gate Philippines, Ban Kee Trading, Inc., BusinessWorld/, Autism Society Philippines, The Fairy Godmother, and Alphie (who is none other than Alphonse, the birthday boy who wishes to share his birthday blessings with his Mama).


School IS Cool, Hello Kitty

My friends at Gift Gate told me about this series of events last week, a few days before the start of the actual Megamall event, but I only got this flyer by email yesterday. I won’t be able to come to any of these dates (I missed last weekend already, drat!) but if anyone else is interested, maybe this’ll help. There’s still one weekend left to get yourself and your kids your fill of Hello Kitty. And if a picture with Hello Kitty is what you want, then come on down and get your finest poses taken!

I’m not sure if the resized flyer is still readable so let me just jot down the activities for all of you.

  • 1:00 – 5:00 pm Face Painting and Sand Art
  • 2:00- 2:30 PM Galileo Enrichment Activity for parents and children on “Preparing for Back to School” (limited slots and pre-registration required)
  • 3:00- 3:30 pm Meet and Greet/Photo Op with Hello Kitty
  • 4:30- 5:00 pm Breadtalk presents “Creative Ideas for School Snacks”
  • 5:30- 6:00 pm Meet and Greet/Photo Op with Hello Kitty

Just a reminder to all those who’d love to come, purchase is required for Face Painting, Sand Art, and Photo Op. Kitty addicts, enjoy this weekend at SM North Edsa!

Dress Me Up Before You Go-Go

Boohoo! I haven’t been able to locate my camera’s program CD. I’ve been looking for a few days now and I can’t find it in any of the logical hiding places around the room. It’s not in the closets, not underneath the bed, not in the camera bag, not in dresser, and not in the bedside table. I’m sure it’s just here somewhere; problem is, I can’t remember where I kept it or even where I saw it last. These senior moments have been happening more often now, as we move things around in an effort to hide things from Alphonse’s curious eyes and prying hands.  Instead of having a fixed place for our things, we play “musical spaces” (our version of “musical chairs”) with them. Just last week, it took us three days to locate the ear thermometer. By the time we found it stashed underneath A’s old shirts (this was where one of the nannies hid it but forgot about it until three days later), we no longer needed it. Alphonse’s fever was all gone.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that unless I can get the picture utility program in this laptop, many of my personal pictures will have to wait for when the desktop computer comes home. Consequently, many of my stories will simply be retelling of things I have found while surfing the Net. Have I looked for an online download of my program? Well, duh, of course I have but I haven’t met with success yet. So, as I give this desperate search mission a final chance, I guess I’ll have to content myself with sharing the things I have found interesting  on the Net.

Today, as I surfed my Multiply account, I was drawn to a contact’s pre-order page for Hello Kitty plushes. I haven’t gotten any new dolls lately (the last one is the most recent 35th anniversary Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear) but I do enjoy looking at albums of new arrivals. This, however, was what caught my attention. Did you know that you could own a Hello Kitty Dress Me Doll that comes in its own case? I didn’t even know that until today.

I would have preferred it if my own Dress Me dolls (I have three of them) came in cases. This way, I would not worry about keeping them clean and dust-free. The Dress Me dolls tend to get dirtier than BAB dolls, I’ve noticed, so I don’t play with them as often. The case also works as a wonderful storage for the doll’s clothes and shoes, and having them all in one place helps keep things tidy.

At PhP6899, however, this is a little too steep for me. The doll retails for only US$14; here in the country, most online sellers peg them from PhP1350 to around PhP1500. Add the value of the dress, say roughly another thousand bucks, and the value of the case, and I still don’t think PhP6899 is worth it. I do understand, however, that prices from where this doll and case come from may be highly inflated, thus, the corresponding increase in the cost for this item.

Still, were I awash with dough at this moment (not the edible one, silly), I probably would not have second thoughts about this. If you’re interested and would love to own this, head on to Smay168Fashion Onine Boutique. I love Hello Kitty Dress Me dolls and this seems like a perfect way to package it- doll and handy case in one so get one if you can afford it.

And while we’re at it, check out these outfits currently available at  Just think of these cool outfits hanging in that equally cool case and it just about makes me squeak in delight.  The clothes sell for US$20 at the Sanrio site. I think I’ll wait till the local Gift Gate carries these before I bust the Kitty bank again, though. 🙂 

In the meantime, I’m bringing out my dolls for a spell. Enjoy these Dress Me dolls, folks!

Freedom from Hello Kitty Oppression

Hello Kitty Hell had another hilarious post last Thursday (March 18) and it reminded me so much of my eldest son’s relationship with all things Hello Kitty that I simply had to write about it.

It used to be that I got the run of the house as far as decorating was concerned. Our bedrooms were filled with girly things and the boys – all three of them – endured this mixed explosion of pinks and Hello Kitties without complaints.

As Alex grew older, however, he began to express his displeasure at having to sleep on Hello Kitty sheets or even wear Keroppi pajamas to bed. At six years old, he insisted on blues instead of pinks and willfully demanded Pokemon instead of Hello Kitty. My husband, perhaps seeing his chance at a Kitty-free zone, seized on my son’s demands and negotiated a treaty we all had to agree to. No more Kitties for the boys (except Alphonse, but only if he wanted to) and no more Kitties in the bedrooms, except for a small designated space by my side of the bed. Hello Kitty in the bathroom was a last concession, and Alex, in particular, seemed to find it funny that Hello Kitty stays with his poop.      

Freedom from Hello Kitty Oppression,” my smart aleck son calls this movement, and his reluctance to have anything to do with Hello Kitty has only grown stronger with time. When he was younger and I could still force him to accompany me, he always showed his disapproval by standing in protest by the nearest escape route. He was immune to Kitty’s charms and not even Hello Kitty Café and its food could entice him. If you look closely at the picture below of him and me at the Café (Alex was only eight then), you will see that I had to hold him by both arms to keep him from breaking free. Today, Gift Gate is still the last store he would be caught alive in.

Son: "Let me go, Mama!" Mom: "Not before a picture, son. Now hold still."

These days, even Alphonse seems ready to break free from my Hello Kitty strings. One minute he’s cuddling my Hello Kitty dolls, the next, he’s decapitating them. He’s also given up the pink Hello Kitty comforter in favor of his red Spiderman blankie. As much as I wish otherwise, he’s starting to exercise a little bit of independence from my Hello Kitty influence. He’s not totally there yet, but one day soon, I fear that he will be.

Ah, these are the times I would have really wanted a daughter. Sigh.

Brand Loyalty

I got my Gift Gate reward certificates last night, and I was so happy to receive a gift with it- this really lovely canvas Hello Kitty star long wallet. I love that Gift Gate rewards its loyal patrons with thoughtful gifts like these; it makes me feel less guilty about spending money on them, heehee.

Gift certificates and a free gift- yahoo!

The wallet is perfect for mommies like me with lots of little things stowed in their bulging purses. I’m a sucker for Hello Kitty bags and wallets; I seem to change them on a daily basis, depending on my mood and outfits. My collection revolves mostly on these items. Even as we speak, I also have a Hello Kitty Loungefly Green Earth wallet from Torrid on the way.  But how did my friends at Gift Gate know I love wallets (and purses and bags, ahem)?

Now this has got me thinking of my next shopping trip to Gift Gate. I already spied some new items last night and I love the new bags they had on display. Then again, there are always so many items to choose from at any Gift Gate or Sanrio Surprises store that choosing just one becomes such an ordeal. Just ONE? Impossible!

So drop by your favorite Gift Gate Store and experience for yourself what brand loyalty really means! I personally prefer the Quezon Avenue branch for its proximity, but when it comes to service and friendliness, my new favorites are the Sanrio Surprises store at Megamall Building A, the Sanrio Store at SM North Edsa Annex, and Gift Gate Trinoma (in that order). 


Sanrio Surprises/3rd Floor Building A, SM Mega Mall/ (633-5535)

Sanrio SM City North Edsa Annex/Upper Ground Floor, SMNE Annex/ (441-1371)

Gift Gate Trinoma/Level M1 Trinoma Mall/ (901-5564)