Happiness is… (xvi) Love♥ Hello Kitty

I’ve been having a little fun with my Sanrio Build-A-Bear dolls these last few days. I didn’t realize how many I’ve collected in almost five years, not until I had them all laid out for a group picture.

DSC07363 copy2

All the pretty kitties!

I started collecting Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear dolls in 2008, a year after the release of the very first one. At that time, you can only purchase them through eBay, so my very first one, a Tropical Hello Kitty, came in the mail in a Sun Chips box! The Tropical Hello Kitty was the second one released in the HK BAB line, the first being a white Hello Kitty (2007), which I eventually got as another present from my husband A♥. (Ohh, don’t you just love him?) If you notice the itty-bitty ones in front, those are the latest additions to the Sanrio BAB family. They are Small Frys, or smaller versions of Sanrio BAB releases, and are called such because each comes in a french fries box! 🙂

My most recent acquisition arrived last week as one of three Valentine gifts from my husband. Although released in January in the US, Love Hello Kitty is perfect for Hearts’ Day as it screams “Will you be my Valentine?” from its dual heart bow, its Love “tattoo”, and red and white heart paws!

HK BAB copy

I love you too, A♥!

Build-A-Bear dolls are so cuddly I can’t stop collecting them. And although I’ve stuck to my version of Hello Kitty rehab with as much discipline as I could muster, these have got me weak in the knees. They are sooo darn cute! I guess I can now be considered a “cat lady” but instead of real cats, I have 16 cat dolls, a frog doll, a rabbit doll, and their mini-mes. 🙂

BAB with Kittymama copy

Cat Lady

Now if you wonder if this craziness will ever stop, I hold Build-A-Bear USA directly responsible for this crazy obsession. They’re the ones who won’t stop making new ones!

And just to prove to you they’ve got their paws on me, here is a sneak preview of what’s coming in March, just in time for spring! Help! I am putty in Hello Kitty BAB’s hands! 🙂

HK Sunshine2

Take me home, Kittymama!

See you in March, Sunshine!


Build-A-Beary, Merry Christmas!

Well, Build-A-Bear went all out this year in its Hello Kitty plush craze, more than any time in the previous years since it started releasing Hello Kitty versions in 2007. This year alone, we’ve had three already- a red one for Valentine’s Day, a purple one for Easter and winky pink one in leopard print.

HK BAB 2012 01 copy

It seems Build-A-Bear is not keen on simply coasting along until the end of the year because they’ve just released another one!!! *faints*

Meet Hello Kitty Gingerbread!

HK Gingerbread 04

Personally, I love tan kitties best because they don’t get dirty easily and can stand more cuddling than the white ones. And with the cute buttons and holly on the ribbon, this one is perfect for making Christmas come all year round!

Also being sold now are three small Hello Kitty frys to complement the other Kitties of the year:

HK BAB 04small frys new

My childhood friend Auden, who is a lawyer in Singapore, bought these dolls the other day- one for me and one for her! ❤ She named them Audine (my BAB) and Jenny (hers), as these two are sisters for life, just like Auden and I are! Thank you, dear Auden! We’re not dressing them up because the gingerbread buttons will get covered, and it’ll be a waste of a good design (same reason why I didn’t get new shoes for the winky leopard one- her feet were already too cute!).

HK Gingerbread 03

Now, all I need to do is wait for this baby to come home. Already, it’s looking like a very cute Christmas!

Build A Bear Goes RAWR!

Have you seen this? It’s a screenshot of Build-A-Bear’s newest collaboration with Sanrio- the Leopard Print Hello Kitty and her three Smallfrys friends!

This has got to be the busiest year for Hello Kitty at Build-A-Bear yet!

First, there was the red one that came in February, perfect for Valentine’s Day (see mine here with last year’s pink and orange patterned releases:

Then there was the purple one that came around Easter (see mine below with Alphonse the Alpaca). And because she was just so darn cute, I had to get another.

And just this July 20, another HK BAB hits the spotlight with this Leopard print beauty! Rawr!

I asked my friend Auden to pick me up one in Singapore as soon as it was released. We’d talked about me getting it when I see her next time, and she kindly and generously donated her time, money, and effort in getting me one. (Thanks, Auden! You are an angel!) Of course, I had no idea that A♥ had something in the works for me. That is, until he handed me three boxes last night.

Want to know what were inside?


The two purple dolls, Sabine and Sabine (get it? Sabine-Sabine?*) got two new pretty purple dresses. And Leopard Print Hello Kitty came in a wonderfully matching printed ruffle dress!

The babies, Smallfrys, as BAB calls them, came in very cute fries packaging. They also came with outfits, which were sold separately. Ooohhh, these are absolutely the cutest yet! Thank you, A♥! As usual, you got one over me! Verry nice surprise! And it isn’t anniversary month yet!

If you’re still looking for the purple and pink dolls, look no more! They’re still available at Build A Bear’s website Catch them before they run out!

*Sabine-Sabine is a play on the word “sapin sapin” which is the name of a native delicacy made of sticky rice. I named my dolls Sabine because her colors (purple, yellow, and pink/red) remind me of this local dessert.


Who Needs Red Roses…

…when you can get these?

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Kitty is white, tan, pink, and orange,

And now a sweet red too!

I received this Red Hello Kitty for Valentine’s Day this year, one of the many surprises A♥ had for me. I keep saying that I would no longer add another Build A Bear to my already large collection, but he keeps giving them to me. 🙂 Once they’re in my hands, though, they’re really quite hard to let go, heehee.

The Red Valentine’s Hello Kitty doll came with extra clothes, but I chose to go with the red tutu dress. I like it so much more than the checked red clothes they had recommended on the BAB site. It looks very flirty and elegant.

And as if that weren’t enough, A♥ also added this:

Snoopy has always been one of my favorites growing up, and after watching 9 Works Theatrical’s “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” (and loving it!) I suddenly remembered how much I love him! This musical Snoopy, also from Build A Bear, comes with the Peanuts theme and moving ears!

Lastly, though I may protest that I don’t need red roses, sometimes, it’s the pink ones that hit your sweet spot perfectly.

Guess Who’s Come to Stay?

I told my friends Cynch, Allen, and Anna  that I wasn’t going to buy any new Hello Kitty dolls, and when I told them that, I meant every word I said.

I did, honest.

After all, I have enough Build A Bear Hello Kitty dolls (and her friends) to keep me company. How many more did I really need?

Of course, A♥ always makes me eat humble pie…

because guess what came in the mail over the weekend?

18-inch PInk Hello Kitty in black sequinned dress and 18-inch Halloweem Fun orange Hello Kitty


Meet Pink and Orange, my newest Build A Bear dolls. I thought I would hate them (I told Cynch that the patterns distract me) but I guess it’s true. Nothing given with love is ever unloved. So, distracting or not, these patterned, colored Kitties get a new mommy!

Thank you, dear A♥, for the surprise! I love that you love to bring out the child in me. 🙂

And before I end this post, of course, I do have to share a photo of my gorgeous Hello Kitty friends. I borrowed it, with permission, from Anna. 🙂

Thank you, Anna, Allen, and Cynch for the wonderful time I spent with you.  We should do it again soon. Hugs!

When You Sleep With Kitty…

I didn’t sleep too well last night. The bed felt too cramped and overcrowded. I could not find a decent position that allowed for REMs to come on. Besides, after bruising my arm and left knee from a hard fall the other day (I tripped on uneven ground and landed on one knee but the momentum pushed my head down till I almost scraped the ground with my face; luckily, my right forearm broke the fall), some parts of my body still feel sore.

Of course, it doesnt help that when you sleep with Hello Kitty…

Kittymama's Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear Collection

you sleep with all her friends too.

Some of them don’t even take their shoes off. *Ouch.*