The Hello Kitty Obsession

I’ve always felt a sort of kinship with people who go gaga over Hello Kitty. Admittedly, in a not-so-distant past, I was one of them. And as much as I want to pretend that my Kitty obsessive days are a thing of the past these days, I have to admit that should this reach Manila, I will definitely fall in line for these.

Meet McDonald’s Sg x Hello Kitty Fairy Tales.


As of this writing, this is an offer made available to McDonald’s Singapore patrons from May 30 to July 3, but as reports have it, they are gone as quickly as they are stocked. The unexpected shortage is causing a major furor from fans of the feline.

The dolls can be had for only SGD4.60 each with every Extra Value Meal purchase. The last doll in the picture, the one in red, can be purchased only through online orders, but this created a deluge of online orders that, in turn, caused a temporary disruption of delivery services.

One doll is featured per week, with the following schedule (see below), but the first week wasn’t even over when stocks ran out from the huge demand. Tonight, at midnight, expect the second doll to make waves as fans anticipate its release. So if you’re up and about then, better make sure you’re in line for breakfast.

  • Week 1: Wizard of Oz
  • Week 2: Little Red Riding Hood
  • Week 3: The Frog Prince
  • Week 4: The Ugly Duckling
  • Week 5: The Singing Bone
  • McDelivery: Hello Kitty McDelivery

Wisdom Owl- a special release in Hong Kong

This same promotion was made available in Hong Kong in July of last year, with the same overwhelming reception. People flocked to stores to buy, and in many cases, buy more than they actually needed and wanted. The demand it created was so great that online sellers made profits over reselling these dolls.

The dolls have yet to reach Manila but already, I am stretching my legs and flexing my knees for the mad dash to the nearest McDonald’s store. I hope that when they do come, McDonald’s Philippines will have learned the lesson of its Singapore counterpart: that when it comes to Hello Kitty, there is no such thing as having enough.


My Favorite Things (Part 1)

I saw a curious question on my blog’s dashboard today. It was from someone I didn’t know but who apparently frequents this blog. This person asked,

Do you collect still? I visit your blog because I like your collections. Seems like a shame that you stopped collecting and writing about them.

I know I haven’t been much of a collector (or a writer) lately. After all that has happened with us in the last six months, cute kawaii things have obviously been last in my mind. Having lost so much – our peace, sense of security, and joy- we realized that no material possession could ever make up for the loss of these precious things. One afternoon, as I surveyed all that was left of the rampages’ wreckage, I decided that a life of hoarded, unopened boxes was not for me.

This, however, does not mean I’ve totally gone the way of the ascetic. What I have since acquired is a heightened prudence in choosing what works with our lives and what does not. This has shifted my perspective considerably; from the wanton purchase of pure eye candy, I now practice functionality and purpose as my most important criteria of selection. That it can be cute is an added bonus.

I know, I know. All you want is an answer.

Do you collect still?

Yes, I do. And just to show you that I still do, let me introduce Part 1 of My Favorite Things (because I do like lots of things, I just don’t need to buy them all). I am Kittymama for a reason; I like Hello Kitty. Still.

Far from the Kitty-addicted momma I was three years ago when I started this blog, I am now at a point in my life when I am ready to give many of them up. And they will go too (the task of documenting them in pictures is arduous). But things like these, I choose to keep.

The hippest Hello Kitty DSLR camera strap from Serendipitous Combinations

More iPhone4 silicone cases to match outfits (gifts from A; where he got them, I do not know)

Coming soon: a beautiful HK DSLR case I recently ordered from the Three Apples Online Shop  (expected arrival is August)


P. S. I’ll post the links to these wonderful online shops when I am off the iPad and on the PC. My PLDTDSL connection has been highly unstable since the last typhoon. (You should hear Alex grumble about this.) Good thing there’s mobile Internet to the rescue.

Need Kitty Love

I’m nursing a rather bad cold and right now, all I really want to do is curl up in bed and wait to be pampered with room service. But this being a household of an unusually hyperactive teenager (these last few days have been really manic for Alphonse), I guess I’d have to content myself with a cup of coffee in bed and a Kindle to cuddle up with. Room service might seem like a farfetched dream right now, but I hope it comes true when my husband comes home tonight. I need some babying, for goodness sakes!

And since we’re on the subject of what I need, aside from a working list of new Sylvanians, how about this for starters?

HK Nerds laptop case

I absolutely love Hello Kitty Nerd designs. Of all the newer designs in the past year, this one resonated with me the most. I have a red HK Nerds shirt and a scarf my husband got from Torrid and a Loungefly HK Nerds wallet from Sanrio Luxe. Now, wouldn’t my laptop look even cooler with this?

Made of neoprene and PVC, this fits smaller laptops such as the 13-inch MacBook.  It’s certainly perfect for my own laptop. (*dropping hints all over*)

Okay, back to bed for me now. If you see anything cool in Kitty world, give me a holler, would you? I need me some Kitty love right now.

Kitty Still Rules!

Who says Hello Kitty is dying?

Someone at the New York Times (see “In Search of Adorable, as Hello Kitty Starts to Fade,” 14 may 2010) must have gotten it wrong as fans don’t see Hello Kitty fading out from mass consciousness any time soon. How can she be “running out of lives” when the most kawaii Hello Kitty things still come up and hit it big in the markets?

Still not convinced? How about the newest Hello Kitty shoe collaborations as proof? I need only three letters to describe them, friends.

     O M G!   

      * faints*

For Dr. Martens’ 50th anniversary (Sanrio’s, too), their highly stylized boots and Mary Janes serve up massive doses of cuteness with tradition. The classic 1460 eight-eye boot is vamped with bright color tandems and the trademark HK ribbon. Mary Jane models follow the color composition of these pairs. A third boot model features what I call the “manga” look, with illustrations all over the shoe, and will retails at USD165, the most expensive of all models. (Other boot models at USD135 and Mary Janes at USD120.)

I’m not much of a boot person, though, once upon a time, back when my ankles were much, much thinner, I did traipse around the city in thick working men’s Doc Martens too. Back then, DMs were statement shoes, and anybody who wanted to be cool (even in this beastly hot city) owned at least a pair. They were heavy, but comfy. And yes, if you needed to stomp on the foot of a rogue boyfriend, these were your best bets for making your mark.  Now that I am much older, my ankles much thicker, and I have no pressing need to stomp on the foot of an erring spouse (I got lucky- I married an angel!), I prefer the more sedate Mary Janes. Kitty inspired, of course.

The Doc Martens x Hello Kitty footwear will be available in September. Whether they make it to the country is another matter altogether. Oh, well, there’s always

Now, when it comes to more casual wear, how about Pony’s contribution to the Kitty world, the Pony x Hello Kitty limited edition sneakers?  (Not My Little Pony, silly!) They come in a variety of styles, in two high and four low top designs. Pale pink, silver and white are the predominant color palettes for four of the designs while black, white and red mark the other two with a dash of cutesy boldness. These sneakers speak the language of Kitty coolness yet reveal the sensitive side to your hiphopping soul.  At PhP3295 for the low tops and PhP3495 for the high tops, they’re not so expensive and cost less than a pair of Skechers shape-ups.

I have to admit that I am still deciding on this one. I loved sneakers while growing up; they were, in fact my staple shoes for many years, even in med school. But Crocs have got me spoiled with no laces to tie and no eyes to thread. The slip-on comfort of my Hello Kitty Crocs and my non-HK Prepair beats the rigor of adjusting laces for swollen feet or ingrown toenails (eeewww). I guess that’s why I love Mary Janes over the boots, too; no fuss slip-on is more my style. Now, were Pony to come up with  a style that features, uhm, lemme see…ehrm,velcro, you’ll find me beating down mall doors just to be the first to get one. As it is, I’m waiting till the weekend to decide.

At 36, we all know that Hello Kitty is not destined to be top cat forever. Newer, brighter, younger things may eventually outshine her. I sincerely doubt, however, that she will go the way of the dinosaur. For as long as interesting things come up, I think you’ll find her aging spirit there. Yes, she may be a little long in the tooth, but who cares? She’s got no mouth to show it anyway.


P.S. Special thanks to Saralyn and Steven (and my favorite Skyler) for telling their mom to introduce me to “Hello Pitbull.” 🙂

School IS Cool, Hello Kitty

My friends at Gift Gate told me about this series of events last week, a few days before the start of the actual Megamall event, but I only got this flyer by email yesterday. I won’t be able to come to any of these dates (I missed last weekend already, drat!) but if anyone else is interested, maybe this’ll help. There’s still one weekend left to get yourself and your kids your fill of Hello Kitty. And if a picture with Hello Kitty is what you want, then come on down and get your finest poses taken!

I’m not sure if the resized flyer is still readable so let me just jot down the activities for all of you.

  • 1:00 – 5:00 pm Face Painting and Sand Art
  • 2:00- 2:30 PM Galileo Enrichment Activity for parents and children on “Preparing for Back to School” (limited slots and pre-registration required)
  • 3:00- 3:30 pm Meet and Greet/Photo Op with Hello Kitty
  • 4:30- 5:00 pm Breadtalk presents “Creative Ideas for School Snacks”
  • 5:30- 6:00 pm Meet and Greet/Photo Op with Hello Kitty

Just a reminder to all those who’d love to come, purchase is required for Face Painting, Sand Art, and Photo Op. Kitty addicts, enjoy this weekend at SM North Edsa!

Freedom from Hello Kitty Oppression

Hello Kitty Hell had another hilarious post last Thursday (March 18) and it reminded me so much of my eldest son’s relationship with all things Hello Kitty that I simply had to write about it.

It used to be that I got the run of the house as far as decorating was concerned. Our bedrooms were filled with girly things and the boys – all three of them – endured this mixed explosion of pinks and Hello Kitties without complaints.

As Alex grew older, however, he began to express his displeasure at having to sleep on Hello Kitty sheets or even wear Keroppi pajamas to bed. At six years old, he insisted on blues instead of pinks and willfully demanded Pokemon instead of Hello Kitty. My husband, perhaps seeing his chance at a Kitty-free zone, seized on my son’s demands and negotiated a treaty we all had to agree to. No more Kitties for the boys (except Alphonse, but only if he wanted to) and no more Kitties in the bedrooms, except for a small designated space by my side of the bed. Hello Kitty in the bathroom was a last concession, and Alex, in particular, seemed to find it funny that Hello Kitty stays with his poop.      

Freedom from Hello Kitty Oppression,” my smart aleck son calls this movement, and his reluctance to have anything to do with Hello Kitty has only grown stronger with time. When he was younger and I could still force him to accompany me, he always showed his disapproval by standing in protest by the nearest escape route. He was immune to Kitty’s charms and not even Hello Kitty Café and its food could entice him. If you look closely at the picture below of him and me at the Café (Alex was only eight then), you will see that I had to hold him by both arms to keep him from breaking free. Today, Gift Gate is still the last store he would be caught alive in.

Son: "Let me go, Mama!" Mom: "Not before a picture, son. Now hold still."

These days, even Alphonse seems ready to break free from my Hello Kitty strings. One minute he’s cuddling my Hello Kitty dolls, the next, he’s decapitating them. He’s also given up the pink Hello Kitty comforter in favor of his red Spiderman blankie. As much as I wish otherwise, he’s starting to exercise a little bit of independence from my Hello Kitty influence. He’s not totally there yet, but one day soon, I fear that he will be.

Ah, these are the times I would have really wanted a daughter. Sigh.

Last Song Syndrome

I woke up unusually late this morning, feeling sluggish and slowheaded. As much as I wanted to crawl back under the covers and get a few more hours of shuteye, I had to get up, else, Alphonse will follow and sleep through the day as well.

I know I should not have stayed up last night to  finish Stephen King’s new 1074-page novel, “Under The Dome.”  (What can I say? Stephen King’s magic is sooo back!) What I really wanted to do was finish my dollhouse and take some pictures but the book, waiting for me since New Year, beckoned. I could not resist.

Guess what woke me up from this numbing stupor.


Video Details
Title: The World is Saying Hello (Kitty)
By: The Sanrio Digital Frequency featuring Chantal
Music: Greg Chun
Lyrics: Jason Mayland
© Sanrio Digital 2009

Have a happy Hello Kitty day, friends!