His Superpower is Jumping

One of them, anyway. (The other is making water dance!)

Alphonse started jumping even before he could walk. With our hands on his sweaty little armpits, he would bounce and jump for hours till he was tired and ready for bed. It wasn’t all uncommon for him to bounce when held up and this skill evolved into jumping independently by his first birthday.

As he grew older, jumping became his second favorite physical activity (playing with water was the first) and over the years, he has worn out our spring beds, not to mention countless trampolines. Having learned our lesson and refusing to make King Coil any richer, we did away with springs and changed our bed foams to US rubber. The trampolines — well, we didn’t have any real choice on that.

Now that he is adult-sized and heavy to boot, even the largest personal trampoline available in local sports stores gets broken within weeks. We were not only spending money so often for his trampolines; we were also wasting time and energy looking for sports stores that still carried the largest sizes. Only our suking bote-diyaryo guy was ecstatic at the number of trampoline frames and broken springs we were giving him.

Yesterday, we got Alphonse a new trampoline. Finally! He hasn’t had one in months and he has grown fat around the belly from not getting enough exercise. We were afraid he would not like it. Thankfully, he took to it like fish in water. In fact, he loves it so much that he said yes to making a short video! I was so impressed that he even got dressed for it when he is almost always in his birthday suit at home.

See that nice little smile he has? ūüėä

I’m so glad Bubi Trampolines went on sale. Thank you, Bubi Trampolines, for the great product, as well as your home service and delivery. Special mention to Mr. Jonel Sumbillo for answering all my inquiries and to Mr. Fer John Nicolas for delivering and assembling the trampoline here at home.

P. S. His Mama is his spotter, dancing and jumping like crazy beside him. 3Es, yeah!

P.P.S. This is not a paid post. We paid for the trampoline at listed price.



A Time to Play

Sometimes, to get out of the rut of very long, difficult days dealing with meltdowns and self-injuries, I need to set aside time to play. Of late, all my toys have been forgotten in the worries of every day. My Sylvanians are still in boxes, waiting to be photographed. My dolls are unboxed and languishing in a limbo of neglect. Even Nimes, once my trusted companion, has remained in her pink suitcase, unloved and untouched.

Yesterday, however, was different. I took out a few¬†pieces of doll clothing to wash and a wig to¬†do a hair spa on, and soon enough, I was¬†already setting¬†Nimes¬†up for pictures. One of A‚ô•’s gifts, the boxed Blythe dress set Pinky Doodle Poodle, has turned out to be favorite, what with the fifties poodle skirt, the pink wig, and high boots! It is simply beautiful!

Dress set- Pinky Doodle Poodle

After dressing Nimes up, doing a spa on the wig and setting it up with foam rollers, I thought, “Why not take a picture to remember all the work, ehrm, play I did today?”¬† Well, the picture turned out nicer than I expected. I liked¬†it so much I thought to share it with you and save it¬†here on the blog¬†for posterity.

Nimes does the fifties

Nimes does the fifties

It even inspired me to write a few lines of fifties nostalgia, sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things:”

Poodles on swing skirts
And cute roadside diners
Corvettes, convertibles
Checkered recliners

Pin curlers and rollers
Worn all night, it seems
These are a few of my favorite things! 

As it turns out, I did need the couple of hours of play to feel¬†“normal” again.¬†The constant anxiety I carry in¬†the pit of my belly has subsided¬†a bit, no longer the pressing, urgent, demanding monster that it is on a daily basis. I know tough times are ahead of me and my family so I need to keep reminding ¬†myself to find a little happiness where and when¬†I can.

Plushie Girl

These days, I‚Äôm not much of a ‚Äúplushie girl.‚ÄĚ When sales of plushies (what we oldies simply used to call stuffed toys) are advertised on my Hello Kitty social network, I no longer get this compelling need to buy each and every one I see.

mushy over plushes lowres

Buried in a mountain of dolls (Kittymama at 17)

Collecting plushies used to be de rigeur for teenagers of my era. Back in the days of my youth, it was fashionable for young men a-courting to give their beloved gifts of stuffed animals. Flowers were okay but they wilt so soon and nothing said ‚ÄúI‚ô•U‚ÄĚ better than a¬† cute stuffed toy. I had a rather large collection of stuffed toys, most of them donated by my generous father, the rest given by friends and, ehrm, ‚Äúwould-be‚ÄĚ friends.

As I grew older, moved homes, got married and settled down into a life of domesticity, most of my stuffed toys were given away to friends with small children. Others were sold at my garage sales, their beneficiaries extremely ecstatic at scoring plushies in excellent condition for throw-away prices. And still others were given to charity. I have kept the ones with the most sentimental value (except for the ones given by ex-boyfriends, as a sign of respect to A ) but I have had to stop adding to them in recent years. Aside from collecting dust and occupying major space in my cramped home, it seemed such a waste to keep buying dolls when I do not have a daughter to enjoy them with. Well, Alphonse is another story, but my husband doesn’t want to encourage him too much with Hello Kitty.

And so, while I drool and salivate over the extremely interesting variety of dolls and plushies (particularly the new lines of Hello Kitty stuffed dolls) available in the market, I stop myself from acquiring those that do not belong to the Dress-Me Kitty (DM Kitty) family or the Hello Kitty Build-A-Bear (HK BAB) series.

Pretty babies all in a row

Pretty babies all in a row

As such, I only have six stuffed dolls in rotation inside the house right now ‚ÄĒ three of the Dress-Me Kitty varieties¬†and three¬†HK¬†¬†BAB stuffed dolls. Of the six,¬†three are white, one is pink, and two are tan. ¬†The tan ones get the most mileage as they¬†are more resistant to¬†dirt, aging, and excessive cudding.¬†The¬†rest get kissed every once in a while or have their fur brushed. Of course, the best time I have with them is when I play dress-up and change their clothes (but¬†never while Alphonse is watching because¬†he sometimes tries to fit into doll clothes and then gets mad when they are too small for him. But that’s another story altogether).¬† ūüôā Continue reading