HK Crocs New Releases

I was caught unaware by the release of new Hello Kitty Crocs in the markets. Fortunately, A♥ has the knack of finding out what’s new in my list of favorite things (how sweet is that?) and as usual, it was A♥  to the rescue with these surprises!

The Hello Kitty Carlisa Flats are traditional closed-toe ballerina flats with a Croslite™ material foot bed and a translucent TPU animal-print upper.

They come in three color combinations- cyan/canary, berry/aegean blue, and espresso/watermelon. A♥ purchased them three weeks ago  at Crocs Bonifacio High Street and Crocs Trinoma. As usual, he got the size right the first time.

In Singapore a little over a week ago, while trying out other Crocs styles, A♥ and I spotted these in their new arrivals section.- new colors of the Hello Kitty Crocs Lily.

I love the green (stucco/khaki) and the deep pink (berry/plum) colors of these new Lilies! The details on these are also very attractive (see picture below). I think these will get more wear in my wardrobe than the first two color selections. I can’t stop gushing over the striking beauty of the green pair.

In Singapore, each pair retailed for SGD80.20. A♥’s colleague just told him that these are now available locally and at a much lower price (rats!). If we had known these would be coming to our shores, then I would have waited to buy them here. The lack of marketing information on new styles, either on the official Crocs ph site or in their FB page, did not help us a bit in our purchasing decisions. Alas, these are the perils of the impulsive shopper, haha.

Check out the lovely new Crocs at Crocs concepts stores in the city- they are absolutely fabulous!


Update: HK x Vans

I went to the mall very early this morning to get new garbage cans for next week’s citywide implementation of waste segregation. Today was the start of a sale weekend and an hour into opening, the mall was already brimming with people out for bargains. I got the garbage cans without difficulty; they were half price and at that price, I could easily afford four (two for the second floor, two for the ground floor). I also spotted mops at dirt cheap prices so I picked up two of those.

Looking for counters with the least number of people proved to be a long trek from the basement up to the second floor. As I turned a corner, a flash of red and black caught my eye. I was mesmerized. It took another hour to ring up my purchases. 🙂

I made it home sweaty, tired, but happy. The garbage cans seemed a little heavier on the trip back home. Perhaps because it carried this:


Guess what I got?

Take a peek!

See it yet?


Aren’t they lovely?

Contrary to what the sales persons at Vans Glorietta 3 told me (that these pairs were limited only to their concept stores), I saw HK Vans being sold at the shoe section of the SM department store. They still have shoes in my size (8) but true, they don’t get any bigger than that. Even better news is I got them on sale, and if you head on to SM North EDSA this weekend, you can save 10% off the purchase price. Now who doesn’t like HK x Bargain?

Hello Kitty x Vans In Stores Now!

I was feeling poorly since coming home from Alphonse’s brief hospital stay. The stress and anxiety, compounded by lack of sleep and real food (we cold not keep food in the hospital ref, not when Alphonse was on NPO), resulted in a combination of gastric pain, vomiting, and fever. I was useless when we got home.

A felt sorry for me and offered to take me out on a date Sunday. Since he would be doing gift deliveries (one for A’s sister, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, and another for Alphonse’s favorite Tita Doctor, his developmental pediatrician), he figured a bit of fresh air would do me some good. Little did I know that he had a surprise planned out for me.

I’ve been waiting for local news on the Hello Kitty x Vans collaboration since the first press release hit the Internet in March this year. As a longtime patron of the brand, I’ve always had a pair of Vans growing up, but the last time I wore Vans was back in med school, when their classic white sneakers were my everyday shoes. With the announcement of this new collaboration, suddenly I had good reason to seriously contemplate returning to the brand. But news on the local release seemed slow in coming and pretty soon, these little desires got buried in the avalanche of Alphonse’s crisis.

But not yesterday. Yesterday, as I passed by the long stretch of EDSA, A pointed to me the giant billboard announcing Vans’ HK shoes. You know me, with the broken neck and all, because I totally missed the billboard. I was still trying to maneuver my neck to a stiff side glance when we zoomed past it.

“It’s here? Really?” was all I could say. A just kept smiling strangely.

And then we pulled up and parked somewhere in the underbelly of the city of Makati (sorry, I am such a wuss when it comes to directions) and I followed A through a maze of shops. Before we knew it, he was nudging me inside a store with a giant wooden Hello Kitty standing in front.


A held my hand for a second and drew me nearer to brush the hair off the side of my face. And then he whispered the sweetest words ever.

Buy whatever you want, honey.” *almost faints in excitement*

There are six HK designs to the classic Vans shoe; three are low-top authentic laced sneakers, one is designed as a pair of comics-inspired high-top sneakers, and two are comfortable, thick-soled slip-ons. Except for the high-top sneakers, these designs are available in both children and adult sizes.

I was informed by Vans Glorietta 3 store personnel that this collaboration will only be made available in the Vans concept stores. All designs are now available but due to the demand, this may change easily. Also, I was told that the largest size they carried was an 8. A size 8 would be perfect (for me!) for the laced sneakers with the wider entrance but for the classic slip-ons, I needed a half size bigger for my wide feet. Still, I was only able to find a single pair of size 8’s- a pair of pink low-top sneakers; a call by the sales person to their other branches confirmed the lack of shoes in my size. Despite my very obvious disappointment, I enjoyed my time at the Vans store as their personnnel were very accommodating of my requests.

At a little less that PhP2500/pair for the low-tops and the slip-ons, these shoes are affordable and because they do last a long time, they are definitely value buys. Fun, functional, and terribly cute, these Hello Kitty Vans will spice up my mid-life wardrobe with some much needed youthful energy and zest. I’m dragging A to check out the other concepts stores for my size, even if it means a trip to Pampanga, heehee!

And you know what else makes me really happy? I don’t even have to be a real skateboarder to rock the look!

Not only do I feel good, but HK Vans makes me look slim! Haha!

Anniversary Countdown

I know that anniversary month is here because I get little gifts every day from A. It could be anything, really. The other day, I got two steamed pork buns, my favorites! The day before that, he gave me the loveliest pink Hello Kitty pens and yummy mooncakes. The day before the day before that, he got me a Sylvanian Families toy. And today, he gave me Barbra Streisand’s latest DVD/CD, “One Night Only.” 

Well, they’re not all little gifts, to be truthful, but let’s leave the big things to your imagination, haha. Each day, when he comes home, he hands me an elaborately wrapped package (or two, or three) and waits for the dance of joy that usually follows my squeals of delight. I am a spoiled, spoiled woman.

Yesterday was no exception.  

I knew he was up to something again when he came barging through the bedroom door all serious and businesslike. It was so unlike him to come home like that. Even when I smell awful from housework (or playing, heehee), unwashed, uncombed and unkempt, he would always come home with a hug and kiss for me. Yesterday, however, he strode through the room and ignored me. I was baffled and a little hurt. I think he caught my reaction and decided, right then and there, to pull the plug on his awful joke. He pulled out two bags from behind him and with a flourish, handed them to me, all the while grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Good thing I caught sight of the bags before my eyes had the chance to well up in tears. Guess what he got me?

They’re finally here! Hello Kitty x Crocs McCall ballet flats in the sweetest designs are now available in Crocs Concepts stores. A got them for me at the Trinoma branch on his lunchbreak yesterday after an office colleague, Arlet (many, many thanks (✿◠‿◠) !), gave him a tip. I have to hand it to him, though. He sure knows how to pull the nicest surprises.

Want to see them on my feet? Promise not to laugh!

There! I have half a mind to wear them just like that, but I get enough “she’s-a-Kitty-freak” stares already, haha. The nicest part about this surprise is that the shoes fit perfectly so I need not exchange them. A really knows me so well (down to underwear size!) and I feel very, very blessed. Despite the added weight and the beginning traces of a wrinkle here and there, I have never had cause to doubt his love for me. Thank you, my dearest A. I love you. (‿♥)

Kitty Still Rules!

Who says Hello Kitty is dying?

Someone at the New York Times (see “In Search of Adorable, as Hello Kitty Starts to Fade,” 14 may 2010) must have gotten it wrong as fans don’t see Hello Kitty fading out from mass consciousness any time soon. How can she be “running out of lives” when the most kawaii Hello Kitty things still come up and hit it big in the markets?

Still not convinced? How about the newest Hello Kitty shoe collaborations as proof? I need only three letters to describe them, friends.

     O M G!   

      * faints*

For Dr. Martens’ 50th anniversary (Sanrio’s, too), their highly stylized boots and Mary Janes serve up massive doses of cuteness with tradition. The classic 1460 eight-eye boot is vamped with bright color tandems and the trademark HK ribbon. Mary Jane models follow the color composition of these pairs. A third boot model features what I call the “manga” look, with illustrations all over the shoe, and will retails at USD165, the most expensive of all models. (Other boot models at USD135 and Mary Janes at USD120.)

I’m not much of a boot person, though, once upon a time, back when my ankles were much, much thinner, I did traipse around the city in thick working men’s Doc Martens too. Back then, DMs were statement shoes, and anybody who wanted to be cool (even in this beastly hot city) owned at least a pair. They were heavy, but comfy. And yes, if you needed to stomp on the foot of a rogue boyfriend, these were your best bets for making your mark.  Now that I am much older, my ankles much thicker, and I have no pressing need to stomp on the foot of an erring spouse (I got lucky- I married an angel!), I prefer the more sedate Mary Janes. Kitty inspired, of course.

The Doc Martens x Hello Kitty footwear will be available in September. Whether they make it to the country is another matter altogether. Oh, well, there’s always

Now, when it comes to more casual wear, how about Pony’s contribution to the Kitty world, the Pony x Hello Kitty limited edition sneakers?  (Not My Little Pony, silly!) They come in a variety of styles, in two high and four low top designs. Pale pink, silver and white are the predominant color palettes for four of the designs while black, white and red mark the other two with a dash of cutesy boldness. These sneakers speak the language of Kitty coolness yet reveal the sensitive side to your hiphopping soul.  At PhP3295 for the low tops and PhP3495 for the high tops, they’re not so expensive and cost less than a pair of Skechers shape-ups.

I have to admit that I am still deciding on this one. I loved sneakers while growing up; they were, in fact my staple shoes for many years, even in med school. But Crocs have got me spoiled with no laces to tie and no eyes to thread. The slip-on comfort of my Hello Kitty Crocs and my non-HK Prepair beats the rigor of adjusting laces for swollen feet or ingrown toenails (eeewww). I guess that’s why I love Mary Janes over the boots, too; no fuss slip-on is more my style. Now, were Pony to come up with  a style that features, uhm, lemme see…ehrm,velcro, you’ll find me beating down mall doors just to be the first to get one. As it is, I’m waiting till the weekend to decide.

At 36, we all know that Hello Kitty is not destined to be top cat forever. Newer, brighter, younger things may eventually outshine her. I sincerely doubt, however, that she will go the way of the dinosaur. For as long as interesting things come up, I think you’ll find her aging spirit there. Yes, she may be a little long in the tooth, but who cares? She’s got no mouth to show it anyway.


P.S. Special thanks to Saralyn and Steven (and my favorite Skyler) for telling their mom to introduce me to “Hello Pitbull.” 🙂

Hello Kitty Crocs News

My husband showed me this picture tonight and I was all agog with excitement. As you all know, all my shoes are Crocs, from clogs to flats to heels. My favorites are my Hello Kitty Caymans and Prepair clogs, shoes that get the most use in any given week. Except for two pairs of running shoes (Reebok and Fila crosstrainers) and golf shoes (Mizuno), I am totally and utterly dependent on Crocs for foot survival.

Now for the bit of exciting news: this lovely pair of mccall HK flats will be available by year’s end, in fall/winter of 2010. It will come out in two colors- black on white and white on black. Made of Croslite material, this gorgeous shoe will provide maximum cushioning while being incredibly lightweight. Ventilation holes on the vamp and medial sides of the shoe allow circulation and breathability. Moreover, the shoe is made super cute by a Hello Kitty bow jibbitz.

 In the past year, I’ve been limiting my purchases of Hello Kitty items to shoes, clothing, and bags in an effort to curb my unwieldy collection. Shoes make for a great excuse to add another Hello Kitty to the list; after all, who can argue with women and footwear? I can’t wait for this one to come.

P.S. Thanks to Arlet, my husband’s colleague at work, for the heads up. Happy Kitty day, Arlet! 🙂

Crocs Hungry

We were up by six Sunday morning. I’d only taken in three hours of sleep the night before as Alphonse kept us up all night with his merry prancing. Well, he was happy, and we couldn’t fault him for not being sleepy. Arrggghh…teenagers!  Even with so little sleep, A and I had a promise to keep. We promised the boys we’d get them Crocs. 

Crocs had a four-day sale last week (technically five, including Wednesday, which was exclusive to Citibank card members), starting Thursday morning. It was such a HUGE sale (some items up to 90% off) that people came in by the thousands. The lines were so long and so convoluted — up to five loops around the place! — that the very first day (Wednesday) people waited hours in the sun just to get in. A and I could not go on any of the first four days. He had work and meetings, and I was feeling under the weather. By Saturday, however, I was feeling much better and thought I could brave the sale lines without feeling faint or nauseated. I prevailed upon A to go with me to the sale, but I had to do it his way, which meant getting there really early to fall in line.

And it was a great idea too. By 6:45 am, there was already a line of around thirty people waiting by the still closed gate of the sale venue. A and I fell in line with them for more than an hour before we were finally let inside the gates. By then, the crowd had swollen to more than a hundred. We were given seats, thankfully, in makeshift tents in front of the sale site. The shade was just enough to keep us from frying under the morning sun, but the heat coming from the concrete floor was almost unbearable. We waited for another two hours, fanning ourselves furiously, before the doors were finally opened. By then, the crowd was no longer just a small manageable group of people; it had become a massive horde.

I interrupt this post for a short, but true, story: 

A and I still laugh about this!

Anyway, back to the story: Inside, it was a complete bedlam. There were so many people that it was difficult to stay in one place long enough to sort through unpaired shoes. Many elbowed their way to get choice spots in front of their bins of choice, rummaging like crazy, tossing shoes everywhere. Some brought their kids along, shoving them with the rest of the crowd. The sales personnel were helpful but were so few compared to the crowd. And to think, Sunday was supposed to be their least attended day; I can’t imagine what it was like the other days. *shudders*

For all our troubles, A and I picked up great finds for all the boys — extra lightweight rubber shoes for Alex and Alphonse and  a pair of sandals for Alex. I also got two pairs of Caymans for my two-year old nephew, a request from my sister. There were even some for me. I have sold or given away most of my other pairs of shoes and live on just my Crocs, so getting some nice pairs of women’s heels in the same comfortable molds was a real bonus.

I wish I worn anything other than my Crocs prepair clogs that day, but since I only have Crocs, I really didn’t have a choice on footwear. People wearing Crocs were required to have stickers put on their shoes. The few seconds delay in putting them on and having them checked meant more people ahead of me as some jumped their lines. Worse, the sticker was quite difficult to take off.

Was it really worth it? Was it worth the time, the trouble, the crowds? At the end of the day, I still think it was. I got my kids new shoes (good for the next year or two at least) for so much less than they normally go for. What’s more, they got to be Crocs, still my favorite shoes in the entire world. Tim Gunn and the rest of the fashionista world may hate me for my unconventional shoe sense, but I’d still go for Crocs over Blahniks and Choos any day.