A Toy-rrific Easter

The boys were all sick during the Holy Week break- can you believe it, down with the flu in the middle of a summer heatwave!- and we were grounded at home as our self-imposed quarantine started on Holy Wednesday. We had planned to bring Alphonse out for the Easter weekend, perhaps Nuvali again, but the boys were in no shape to go anywhere, coughing and hacking as they did. So, what was there for me to do by myself during the long break? Why, play, of course!

Between tending to the sick and watching episodes of Major Crimes and Scandal, I took a bit of time to set up for Easter pictures. While previous years might have had me working on a storyboard, this year, with the heat bearing down on us, I could only set up small productions inside the bedroom (and on top of the bed!). These two pictures turned out the best among this year’s crop and so, without further ado, I proudly share with you my Easter pictures.

Note: If you are my friend on Facebook, you might have seen these ad nauseum on my page and personal account, so apologies. If you are seeing this for the first time, I hope you enjoy these pictures and Happy Easter!

happy easter phsf

Easter with Kittymama and Calico Critters’ Cristy the Bunny (ehrrr) and Simon the Chick (double ehrrr)!

happy easter nimes 03 copy2

A giant Easter Blythe invades the picture, bringing with her two giant, but adorably cute, chicks. Meanwhile, Kittymama runs off with the chocolate eggs. Simon finds a lot in common with the new chick, heehee, while Cristy finds a new BFF (Best Friends Forever) with Easter Bunny Nimes. I hope you all had a toy-rrific Easter! I know I did. 🙂

Happy Easter and God bless you all, friends!


Wishing for Ribboneta

Ribboneta is 2009’s Hello Kitty x Blythe collaboration especially created to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th year. She is one of my dream dolls, a grail doll, if you will.

Back in 2012, when I first dreamed of getting a Blythe doll for myself, the very first thing I did was to search for her. Alas, even then, her price had soared to a point where you could easily buy two or three new Blythe releases. And because I was unsure then if I really wanted to start another collection, I let that dream go, but not without regrets.

Fast forward to 2013, and the day I received Slow Nimes. Who knew I would love Blythes as much as I do Hello Kitty and Sylvanian Families? These days, they (the Blythe girls) coexist happily with my other collections, forefront among them, my Sylvanian Families. 🙂

Now, back to Ribboneta. As most Hello Kitty collaborations go, she is one special girl indeed.


She has reddish brown hair fringed with bangs. Her hair holds a slight curl at the ends.

Blythe ribboneta 02

Her eye chips are special too, as they have been marked with a ribbon in one of the irises of the pink and green forward-facing eyes. Her eyelids are light pink. 🙂 Blythe ribboneta 07

She has one of the prettiest clothes ever, with a pink shantung silk halter dress and a magenta bolero which matches the ribbon in her hair. The dress also has a ribbon behind the neck and more colorful ribbons near the hem. Small faux pink pearls are seeded on top of the ribbons.

Ribboneta has a Hello Kitty bag with handles made of the same faux pink pearls and a Hello Kitty necklace (HK head in a gold chain). Matching pink stockings and shoes complete the outfit and scream “Hello Kitty!” from top to toe.

Blythe ribboneta 01

When RW was released in 2009, she was pegged at JPY21000, or something like USD207 in today’s exchange rate. Today, a quick search of eBay shows the price to have gone remarkably from its original SRP to as much as USD700 for a never opened, MIB (mint-in-box) doll. Oh, my aching heart!

I’ve sort of resigned myself to never ever owning Ribboneta Wish. It’s just too much money for one doll, and unless I win the Lotto soon, I can’t justify spending that much money for her. Still, a part of me longs for that unattainable doll, and will always do.

There is a happy ending to this sad tale, though. Just when I thought I would never even see a glimpse of RW, here comes A♥ to the rescue! No, it is not Ribboneta, but close enough: RW’s stock clothes! *squeals*

And so, despite not having Ribboneta, I am ecstatic that Nimes can wear her clothes and pretend to be her, even for a short while. Moreover, being the recipient of such a thoughtful gift, well, that alone is a remarkable gift in itself, one I will always remember with love and gratitude.

Nimes as RW

Now, can anything be lovelier than that?

Emergency Rescue at Kitty Little Lanes

One of the many little gifts my husband gave me over the holidays were two unboxed Petite Blythes. Petite Blythe Pure Punthic, a 2009 release, was otherwise complete and in perfect condition. Petite Blythe Buttercake Afternoon, released in 2005 and reissued in 2006, came with an extra body as her original body showed wear and tear. Still, these mini-dolls were absolutely delightful. Their eyes, fringed with extra long lashes, could close and open. Their legs were bendable and they could sit and stand (each doll comes with its own mini stand, much like the big Neo Blythes).  I was fascinated by them and immediately thought of giving them real estate space in my miniature village.

Petite Blythe Pure Punthic Miele Dolce 0909  Petite Blythe Buttercake Afternoon 0705

Just this week, I was able to add another Petite Blythe- a Feline Fancy, released in 2003. Feline Fancy, of the three, showed the worst “injuries; ” her shoulders and portions of her bright green hair were stained black from her stock clothes. She had such a pretty face, though, that I couldn’t say “No” to her. I knew also that despite her flaws, she would be welcome in my very inclusive, non-judgmental community of Sylvanians, Kitty Little Lanes.

Petite Blythe Feline Fancy 1203

I had meant to do one picture for Instagram. Inspired by these wonderful dolls and my Sylvanian Families, it evolved into a story. I hope you enjoy it.


911 at Kitty Little Lanes

It was a slow day at the county switchboard offices until Nurse Emmaline Nightingale received a distress call.

Operator Nightingale: 911 emergency services, hello.

ER 01

Grandma Patricia Chocolate: Hello, I need help. Please send an ambulance!

ER 02

Operator: Yes, ma’am, what’s the nature of the emergency please?

ER 03Grandma: It’s my niece, Fancy. She’s burning up with a fever. Please hurry.

Operator (recognizing Grandma’s voice, well, it’s a small town): I’ll send an ambulance right away, Grandma Patricia. Please stay calm. The paramedics will be there soon.

ER 04

One minute and thirteen seconds later:

Grandma: Thank goodness you’re here, Thomas and Burdock! Nurse Brie, I’m so glad you came too!

Paramedic Thomas Nightingale: Well, ma’am, when we heard my sister-in-law Emmaline call out 123 Plaines Avenue, we rushed as fast as we could. Grandpa Rhys back yet?

Grandma: He’s still at my son’s, helping build the play burrow for our grandkids. He’s not due till this weekend, so I am all alone with the girls. These are my nieces Miele, Buttercake, and Fancy.  

ER 05

Paramedic Thomas gently wheeled Fancy in the stretcher. He hadn’t had an emergency in years (well, Owen Bearbury doesn’t count because everyone knows he is accident-prone, like totally) but he still knew the basics like he was taught in Paramedic College. It’s like learning to ride a bike, really; you never forget.

Paramedic Thomas: (thinking to himself) A- airway, checked. B-breathing- checked. C-circulation- checked.

Paramedic Burdock: We’ll have her at the hospital very soon, Grandma.

Paramedic Thomas: Let’s load her up!

ER 06

Buttercake waved to Fancy and held back her tears. Fancy awakened briefly but seemed oblivious to all the commotion around her. She was very, very sleepy and tired, she thought, as the paramedics gently wheeled the stretcher into the ambulance.

ER 07

Nurse Brie Norwood: Hang in there, Fancy. Just stay calm, my dear. You’ll be alright.

ER 08

Three minutes later, they were met by Drs. Murdoch and Murdoch, the father and son medical team of Kitty Little Lanes. Nurse Emily rushed to follow the doctors. Nurse Emma, one of the Nightingale triplet nurses, had another patient on standby; a strawberry-haired little girl suffering from a stomach ache (must be due to all the shortcake she ate).

ER 09

Nurse Brie: Doctor, her pulse remains fast and thready, respiration is rapid and shallow. Her sisters say she was febrile on the way to their aunt’s house here in Kitty Little Lanes.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Let’s bring her in for an evaluation and some tests. Junior, grab her chart and review the history again. Bring me up to speed while I examine her inside.

ER 10

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Mrs. Chocolate, how are you related to the patient?

Grandma: She’s my niece, Dr. Murdoch, on my mother’s side of the family. She came with her sisters for a visit. The trip was overnight by bus and they said Fancy was sick by the time they got here.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Your nieces are very tall, ehrm, ahh… (glances at the three sisters) But where were we? Ah, it looks like her fever is caused by an infection…Hmmm… She is also dehhydrated.

ER 12

Dr. Murdoch, Jr.: Dad, ehrm, Dr. Murdoch, her sisters say she was in an accident last week when her science project, a jet pack, burst to flames while she was wearing it for a demonstration. It looks like the infection is coming from those untreated burns in her shoulders and arms.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: We’ll put her on intravenous antibiotics then. Keep her hydrated and monitor her input and output. See to those burns; let’s debride and clean them up. Nurse, get the burn tray ready please!

Nurse Emily: Yes, Doctor! 

ER 13


Grandma: How are you feeling, Fancy?

ER 14

Fancy: Much better, Auntie Pat. Thank you for taking care of me. I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you.

ER 15

Buttercake: We’re so happy you’re feeling much better, Fancy. We should’ve had your burns treated much sooner. Miele and I are also sorry we didn’t take your injuries seriously.

Grandma: It’s alright, my dears. The important thing is that you are all safe and Fancy will be up and about in no time soon!

ER 17

Nurse Emily saw Miele sitting quietly, as if dazed, and headed over to her.

Nurse Emily: Are you okay, Miele?

Miele: I am still a litle shocked, Nurse Emily. Who knew jetpacks could be so deadly?

ER 18

By the end of the week, Fancy was well enough to go home. Her sisters promised to remind her to take her medicines and help with her chores while she was on the mend.

Dr. Murdoch, Sr.: Goodbye, Fancy! Goodbye, girls! Mrs. Chocolate, Dr. Daniels at Blythe City General will see Fancy three days from now for her check-up, okay?

Grandma: Yes, thank you, Doctor. We’ll be driving them home today. I’ll be sure to remind her mom.

Dr. Murdock, Jr.: Don’t forget the prescriptions for your medicines, Fancy. And if you feel poorly, feel free to call us here at the hospital. Nurses Nightingale will connect you to me or to my dad. One of us is always on duty.

Grandma: Well, come along, dears. Grandpa is at the car already. Don’t forget the suitcase, Buttercake!

Buttercake: I won’t, Auntie Pat.  Thank you so much again!

ER 19

Fancy recovered from her jetpack accident, though to date, she is still undergoing cosmetic treatments to lighten the scars of her burns. When Fancy and the girls made their way back home to Blythe City, she had such wonderful stories to tell of the kindness and graciousness of the critters at Kitty Little Lanes. She also sent a postcard to the hospital staff to thank them.

ER 22

Fancy’s stay at Kitty Little Lanes taught her three things:

1. Don’t perform experiments without a safety check and back-up. Jetpacks are cool but flammable.

2. Don’t shrug off a burn. Have serious burns treated by professionals right away. Don’t put butter or oil or toothpaste on burns. Wash them with cool, clean water (no soap), cover with a sterile cloth, and see a doctor right away.

3. Life at Kitty Little Lanes, while far from perfect (think Owen and all his accidents), is a life for her and her sisters. So, Kitty Little Lanes, here come the Petite Blythes!


This has been an original

Kitty Little Lanes 03 lowrescopy



The Beauty Salon

Antonio Patches was a lonely man.

beauty salon 01

Each day, he would go to work in worn denim dungarees, carrying an assortment of tools in his old leather bag. And each night, he would trudge back home, dirty and smelly, covered in stains and reeking of grease and oil.

beauty salon 02

He was a mechanic, a job he held close to ten years.

beauty salon 07

Everyone in town trusted him with their cars, bicycles, even their appliances. Everyone knew that if there was anything wrong with anything mechanical, Antonio Patches was the one to call.

beauty salon 04

The work was good.

beauty salon 05

It was work that sustained his family’s needs and for that he was thankful. .

beauty salon 06

Yet, it did not sustain his soul.

You see, all his life, Antonio had wanted to be a hairdresser.

beauty salon 03 copy

He loved hair. He knew how to cut, color, and style. Give him a mangy mane and he could tame the frizz out of it. He could do magic on hair. He could straighten it without defiance or coax the gentlest, softest curls from it. He had an amazing natural talent but he had never dared share it with anyone except his family.

beauty salon plus 05

His wife, Dorothy, admired his wonderful talent. Antonio had been cutting and styling her hair for years, but it was a secret he demanded her to keep.

beauty salon 22

Their kids, Bella and Bertie, knew haircuts were dad’s turf at home as a matter of rule but they thought all their friends’ dads probably did the same.

beauty salon 21

For years, Dorothy had known that Antonio was unhappy in his job. He would rather fiddle with scissors and curling irons than wrenches and bolts. She knew he had been dreaming of quitting for a long time. But the thought of their mortgage, the kids’ education, and all their bills always stopped him from taking the leap and fulfilling his dream.

beauty salon plus 02

On that last Friday of May, as Antonio headed to work, Dorothy Patches had other things on her mind. She had been planning a surprise for her husband for months and today was the day he would get it. She finished all her chores in a hurry. She was so excited she had butterflies in her stomach!

A little past noon, she bundled up the baby and quickly headed to an old building on Perth Path. beauty salon 08

“Hello, Dorothy!” she heard a familiar voice call out. Mayor Kittymama was already at the sidewalk, waiting, papers in hand

beauty salon 09

“The workers finished up inside this morning and will be back at five to remove the window and door covers. Have you told Antonio yet?” the Mayor inquired.

beauty salon 10
“Tonight’s the night, Kittymama. This is Antonio’s surprise gift! I’ve been saving for years for a cruise on our anniversary but when this came up in the market, suddenly, the cruise didn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.” Dorothy answered.

“Well, congratulations, dear. Here are your licenses and the final papers from City Hall. Good luck to you and Antonio!” Kittymama bade Mrs. Patches goodbye.

beauty salon 11

Clutching the deed of sale, Dorothy quickly headed home to change. She spotted the kids walking home from school and ran to catch up with them.

“Mommy, does Daddy know?” Bella asked.

“We’ll tell him together, Bella. You, me, Bertie, baby, ” Dorothy replied with a smile.

beauty salon 13

A few minutes past six, they heard the front door open. They all ran to Antonio, still in his dirty dungarees and holding his work bag.

beauty salon 14
“Daddy, Daddy, we have a surprise for you!” the kids cried in unison.

“A surprise?” Antonio looked at Dorothy, seemingly confused. “Why are you all dressed like that? Is it Halloween yet?”

beauty salon 15
“We’ll answer your questions shortly, my dear. But first, we’ll cover your eyes and you have to obey everything we say. It won’t take long. We’ll be there soon.” Dorothy assured him.

“There? Where’s there? Where are we going? Why? What?” Antonio mumbled, a bit dazed.

“Oh, Dadee, it’s a supwise, silly,” Baby Bitty chuckled.

beauty salon 16

His eyes covered, Antonio navigated the short distance with Dorothy and the kids’ help. When they stopped, Dorothy turned him around and took the blindfold off.

“Surpise!” they all shouted together.

Antonio looked at the building in front of him, speechless.

beauty salon 17
He couldn’t believe his eyes. Before him stood a newly painted building with a sign that said “You can do it, Antonio Patches!”

beauty salon plus 03
” What does this mean, honey? How can we afford this?” Antonio babbled on, confused. At the same time, he was also a little bit scared.

“Tomorrow, you are calling Mr. Underwood at the shop to give him notice. The rest of the hair supplies and equipment will come by Sunday. You can open as soon as you want, dear,” Dorothy said gently.

beauty salon 18
“But our bills…” Antonio still couldn’t believe his eyes as Dorothy handed him the day’s latest paper.

“Since we will need two salaries until you get settled, I accepted the position of Dinner Lady at Bella’s and Bertie’s school. Here, look! That way, I can also monitor what they’re eating, while making sure all the kids get nutritious, filling food in school. You know how I always complain about the school lunches they used to serve…” she replied.

beauty salon plus 01

“And Bitty? Who’ll take care of her?” he queried timidly.

“They have daycare at the school, and it’s free! C’mon, honey, look at the paper please!” Dorothy insisted.

“But you know the kids’ tuitions are so expensive. My salary’s barely enough to pay for school as it is,” he said.

“Daddy, we have swim scholarships! After we won in all of last year’s swim meets, the town council decided to sponsor us -school, training, and all- even our new uniforms! Isn’t it great?” By then, the kids were jumping up and down with glee.

beauty salon plus 04

“You see, Antonio, we can make this happen. You’ve given up so much for us all these years. You deserve something really good in your life. Now it’s our turn to make your dreams come true,” his wife whispered in his ear.

beauty salon 19
Antonio could barely contain the joy in his heart. After all these years, he will start living his dream. This gift meant everything to him, made even more meaningful by the sacrifice and hard work of those he loved more than his own life.

beauty salon 20

And with that, Antonio Patches was a lonely man no more.


This has been a Kitty Little Lanes original story.
Kitty Little Lanes 03 lowrescopy

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The Patches Dog Family

The Beauty Salon

Critter Fun (New Figure Additions)

I’ve been having so much fun making stuff up for the PH♥Sylvanian Families page that I thought to re-work some pictures of new figures I have. As you can see, I am getting a little better each day with Photoshop. My thanks to my first teacher, my sister Jasmine, for patiently guiding me through the different ways I can use Adobe Photoshop. Now, I am addicted to it, heehee! (Nerd alert!)

I’ll show you the original photos as they were meant to be shown first in this blog. And then, I’ll follow it up with the re-worked photo. I had a lot of fun doing this! I hope you enjoy it too!

Penguin Adoption

I got this gray penguin as a gift from a local seller. He isn’t a Sylvanian Families figure but he looked so cuddly that I could not resist him. I thought he’d make a great addition to the De Burg Penguin family.

Why, even Polar de Burg thinks so!



I acquired these frogs last week and I fell in love with them right away! For old figures, they were not so shoddy, just some minor fur loss in their heads which tells me they’ve been played with and loved. Their clothes were also complete, but were worn by different family members (sister was wearing the father’s shirt, Mama was wearing sister’s dress, Mama’s dress was in an old rabbit figure, and brother’s overalls had stretched-out elastics that needed repair). I cleaned them, repaired their clothes, and now, they are as lovely as new!

Here in their lily pad, the Bullrush Family- Walter, Lydia, Algernon and Lily- finds a new home in Kitty Little Lanes.


The Vole Brothers

I got a second dentist set last week when the local toy stores re-stocked on the dentist. I wanted Spencer Clearwater to expand his practice and service the whole town without feeling stressed out. He needed more time with his wife and daughter too, not having had too many days off since they arrived in town. So, Spencer calls in his brother, the cool dude with the dark shades and the full head of blonde hair (guess where that came from!), to share the practice with him.

I can’t make up my mind on brother Vole’s name, though. Should it be Spike or Spicer? I like Spicer because it sounds closer to Spencer, but Spike is just as cute. And when he introduces himself to patients, he can always say, “Hi, I’m Dr. Spicer, the spicy Clearwater!” What do you think?

More figures coming in the following weeks so please stay tune! I hope you enjoyed my pictures today!

The JP Red Family Car: Cherry Sweet!

I have been meaning to write a review post on the JP Red Family Car since I brought it home from Singapore in late August. Alas, there’s no excuse for late news on the web, haha, and djds2004 from the US already beat me to it in the Sylvanian Families Forum. You can check out her lovely pictures and review here. Her Cherry Cruiser is from the Calico Critters line; mine is a Sylvanian Families Japan release. They seem to be the same, except the CC version is a US release, thus accounting for the lefthand drive we know here in Manila (steering wheel on the left side), as opposed to JP (and UK) cars, which have steering wheels on the right side.

There have been two family cars (and one wedding car) released in the local lineup of Sylvanian Families in the last two years. The blue family car from Flair was released first and separately from the caravan; the green family car came in a value pack bundle with the caravan a while later. Both are 2010 local releases. Incidentally, this same style of car is also available in cream and burgundy in the SSK website.

As far looks go, the only difference between the two is the color change. Both are sparse in accessories, counting only the wicker traveling suitcase/picnic hamper and two baby car seats as their add-ons.

On the other hand, the red family car, which for the purposes of naming it may also be referred to as the Cherry Cruiser (its CC name), is smaller and shorter compared to the original family cars. It is meant for a five-figure family, but because of its compact size, larger figures might have difficulty fitting in. The absence of body detail makes the car look more elegant and less dated than its old counterparts. The front bumper is distinctive in head lights and grill design and differs from the blue and green cars with its rounded edges.

As far as accessories go, this car certainly packs more. Housed within its equally compact box (plus points for not having too many cardboard packaging as space filler) are two tray tables for attachment to the back of the front seats, which may be replaced by the single car seat also provided. The latter, to my surprise, can be positioned three ways (left, right, middle). There are food and drinks provided for the family on the go- a small basket of sandwiches and a covered tray of what appears to be some sort of salad (potato with egg? yum!).

There are two cans of soda; these can be placed on the cup holder between the two front seat or on the trays for back seat occupants. There are also stickers for the soda cans and the licence plates (SF-002 in the JP version as compared to the vanity plate 2-CUTE in the CC version).

Most ingenious of all is the addition of a pull-out low picnic table from the front license plate. Although not entirely workable to my rational mind (license plates can be made off by scheming thieves that way, with a table to boot, haha!), this really seems like an innovation worthy of Sylvanian Families.

All in all, I like the JP Red Family Car aka the Cherry Cruiser. For a purchase I hadn’t planned (I passed that car three times for three consecutive days until my husband picked it up and forced it on me, reasoning that a collector MUST collect EVERYTHING- thank you, honey! Men and cars, what can I say?), it turned out to be one of the most pleasurable buys of my recent trip. For SGD59.95 (less 20% off + additional 10% off- SGD43.17`or a little over PhP1500 ), you could say it was a steal the day A♥ bought it. 🙂

Watch out for more picture of my recent purchases, hopefully, in the coming days. And don’t forget the Sylvanian Families Passport Promo ongoing till November 30. Head on to the nearest Toy Kingdom and Toy Express- hurry!

Sylvanian Families Passport Promotion

Great news for all Sylvanian collectors in the country:  Ban Kee Trading Inc., official distributor of Sylvanian Families in the Philippines, has launched a new promotion to run from September 1, 2011 till November 30, 2011 in Toy Kingdom and Toy Express outlets.

The promotion, called Sylvanian Families Passport, allows collectors to buy their way to the top prize, a deluxe three-story Sylvanian Families JP house, while enjoying premium items along the way. Every PhP1000 purchase qualifies for a stamp in your passport. Collect enough stamps and you get to bring home premium items (these are not available for sale in the local market).

I have to give thanks to the Brands Department Manager for Sylvanian Families of Ban Kee, Mr. Joseph de Leon, for the news. He also gave us hints on what to look forward to in the coming months- new releases and plans for a big exhibit near the holidays. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Of course, after hearing of this latest development, I did my homework and actually went to the store to check it out. My gratitude to Benjo of TK SM North EDSA for explaining the salient points of the promotion to me.

Here are the official promo mechanics:

Open to all Sylvanian Families Collectors/ Aficionados.

For every purchase of PhP1000 worth of Sylvanian products, single or accumulated, customers automatically get a passport with one (1) equivalent stamp earned.

e.g. A PhP2000 worth of purchase would earn two (2) stamps.

Accumulated  receipts are allowed but should be from the same store.

For every succeeding purchases worth PhP1000, simply present receipts to a customer service or authorized Ban Kee representative with ID who will stamp the said passport equivalent of purchased amount.

Collect stamps to reach target points and redeem premium items assigned.

Present passport and receipts to get corresponding stamp/s. In case a consumer was not able to bring his/her passport, he/she can still claim his/her stamp/s on his/her next visit provided he/she presents his/her passport to the same store he purchased the items.

Accumulation of stamps is valid in any participating stores.

First row must be completed before proceeding to the next row.

Once stamps have been completed, passport must be surrendered to an authorized Ban Kee representative.

Promo duration is from September 1, 2011 to November 30, 2011.

Participating stores as follows:

  1. Toykingdom Megamall               
  2. Toykingdom Mall of Asia            
  3. Toykingdom North EDSA          
  4. Toykingdom Fairview                  
  5. Toykingdom Podium                      
  6. Toykingdom Virra Mall                  
  7. Toykingdom Las PIñas                   
  8. Toykingdom Pampanga                 
  9. Toykingdom Makati                       
  10. Toy Express Megamall
  11. Toy Express Mall of Asia
  12. Toy Express North EDSA
  13. Toy Express Manila
  14. Toy Express San Lazaro
  15. Toy Express Sta. Mesa
  16. Toy Express Marikina
  17. Toy Express Clark
  18. Toy Express Cubao

Redemption period shall be up to 60 days from end of promo period in any of the  participating stores.

Combined stamps from a separate passport will not be honored.

Cannot be used in conjunction with other promo/s.

Passport is strictly non-transferable.


Now, I’ll answer the question that’s on every Sylvanian collector’s mind: what are the premium items we can get for free? Hold your breath, friends!

5 stamps- keychain

10 stamps- bike set

15 stamps-seesaw accesories

20 stamps- washing machine

25 stamps- Wonder Land collectible figures

30 stamps- Wedding set collectible figures

35 stamps- cake car

45 stamps- Kimono set

60- JP deluxe house

Don’t believe all these are possible? What if I tell you they’re all waiting for you at the nearest Toy Kingdom  and Toy Express stores? I knew I’d have to prove these to you so I took pictures!

The prizes that await you… (washing machine missing, still in Ban Kee office)

And the three-storey that’s to die for…haaayy!!!

This is a very exciting time for local collectors. We have a lot of wonderful items to choose from these days, and our in-store SF displays now match those found in Singapore and Hong Kong in detail and beauty. I only wish we had this much earlier so I could have paced my buying sprees to garner prizes. Still, I have my eye on some doubles and triples… but let’s not tell A♥ all about it first, okay?

Happy collecting, Sylvanian friends!