SF Domicile and Buildings/ Shops and Stalls

Page Under Construction: pictures not yet uploaded (sorry!)

Buildings and Homes:

Starter Homes (as of 2/25/14, and starting from top, right to left)

SF Starter House collection

  1. Flair Cosy Cottage Set
  2. Epoch EU Gift Set
  3. Epoch EU Beginner House Set
  4. Epoch JP Rose Cottage
  5. Flair Applewood Cottage
  6. Epoch EU Starter House Set
  7. Epoch JP Brown Cottage
  8. Flair Bramble Cottage
  9. Flair Sycamore Cottage

City House with Lights

  1. Epoch EU City House with Lights- regular package (aka Willow Hall)
  2. Epoch EU City House with Lights- gift set
  3. Flair Beechwood Hall
  4. City House with Lights and Carport

House Attachments (can also stand alone)

  1. Epoch JP Conservatory
  2. Flair (blue) Summer House
  3. Flair Conservatory (looks like a greenhouse)
  4. Green Summer Home
  5. Red Roofed House Attachments (2)

Three-Storey House (aka Cedar Terrace)

  1. Epoch JP Three-Storey House
  2. Epoch EU Three-Storey House gift set

Flair Lakeside Lodge

Flair Larchwood Lodge

Epoch JP Riverside House

Flair Babblebrook Grange (2)

Deluxe Village House

  1. Flair Oakwood Manor (2)
  2. Epoch JP Green-roofed Deluxe Village House (2)

Red-Roofed House

  1. Epoch JP Red-Roofed House (aka Primrose Lodge) (3)

Vintage Houses

  1. Basic brown cottage (2)
  2. Basic white cottage (1)
  3. Cottage with Balcony (2)
  4. Large Cottage with red ladder (1)


Restaurants/ Services

  1. Courtyard Restaurant

Shops and Stalls

  1. Pizza Shops
  2. Toy Shops
  3. Flower Stalls
  4. Village Sweets Shop
  5. Ice Cream Stall
  6. Street Market
  7. Vegetable Stand
  8. Stew Set
  9. Village Shoe shop
  10. Toy Wagon- The Toy Wagon – Released in 2006 (Japan)
  11. The Candy Wagon – Released in 2006 (Japan)
  12. Soft Serve Ice Cream Stand – Released in 2007/8 (Japan)
  13. Doughnut Stall
  14. Cake Display Stand

3 thoughts on “SF Domicile and Buildings/ Shops and Stalls

    • I wish I could take photos of them, Carol, and I hope I am able to do so one of these days. And yes, I want a village too. I hope I can make it happen before I get too old to enjoy them šŸ™‚

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