Stories at Kitty Little Lanes

Here is a list of all the stories I’ve written for my Sylvanian Village, Kitty Little Lanes:

Makeover Magic at Kitty Little Lanes– a DIY preview of the Sylvanian Cake shop turned pizza parlor

SF Cake shop 05

Pizza Party– The folks at Kitty Little Lanes get a taste of homemade pizza in their little town.

SF Pizza Party 01

Wendy’s Darlings– a very short story of an imagined family reunion and how it would look like in pictures.

SF Wendy's squirrels 08

How the Three Little Kittens Found Their…- The Calico triplets share their adventure and their search for the missing part of their lives.

Three Little Kittens Adventure 01

The Veggie Tale– Vegetables and fruits are the staples of a Sylvanian meal but how do they get them to their plates? Meet two of the people behind Sylvania’s thriving agriculture and market.

A Veggie Story 17

Sweet Dreams are Made of These– Sylvania’s sweet tooth deserves the sweetest delights from the Keats’ husband and wife baking team.

Cake Shop 15

Opening Day– John Lewis opens a franchise at Kitty Little Lanes with the Maces Mouse Family.

JL 01

A Sylvanian Halloween Story– This is a not-so-scary story about childhood fears and dares and friendships.

Halloween KLL 01 copy

The Beauty Salon– Antonio Patches makes his dream come true with the love and support of his family.

beauty salon 03 copy

Emergency Rescue at Kitty Little Lanes– A sick Petite Blythe visits her Sylvanian relative and suddenly requires the services of the Sylvanian ambulance and medical personnel at the General Hospital.

ER 15

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