Puddleford Duck Family (FL)- new!

(acquired September 20, 2012)

Ducks- Puddingford

Father Nelson, Mother Beth, and ducklings Tom, Sammy, and Maisy

Waddlington Duck Family (FL)

Father/Mayor Bill, Mother/Mayoress Wanda, Ducklings Quiller, Sebastian and  Jemima

Puddleford Duck Family (Japanese Dream Project, missing father)



Plume Owl Family (FL)

Father Seawell, Mother Evangeline, and owlets Fleur, Dee, and Lee

Treefellow Owl Family (FL)

Father Aristotle, Mother Arabella, and owlets Winky, Grumpy, and Blinky


DeBurg Penguin Family

Father Thaw, Mother Perma, Brother Frost, Sister Storm, Baby Polar and sleeping Baby Snow (two)


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