Father Mortimer, Mother Eleanor, Brother Maxwell, Sister Abigail, Baby Bilberry and Baby Peaches


2 thoughts on “Hedgehogs

  1. The Brambles started my interest with SF. The first time I saw them on a leaflet insert, I fell in love. Just got them at TK Makati two weeks ago and then my love affair began. I didn’t like Mother Eleanor’s dress so I made her a dress which went the way of a wedding gown. Now I have 3 wedding gowns for her complete with veil, flower nosegay and beaded slippers.

    Now, I can’t stop. Currently, I’m working on thong sandals for all my characters. I now have the country boutique, shoe store and sewing with mother sets. I’m on the hunt for more dress shops and of course the hedgehog babies.

    I adore your Baby Peaches. And you’re so inspirational! God bless your happy spirit.

    • I love your name, bittenbythebug, because I too have that Sylvanian bug in my system and it isn’t going away soon. The Brambles were one of my first families (second to the Keats cream cats, if my senior citizen mind recalls correctly). They are beautiful and the hair they have is so soft I used to spend hours just brushing them over and over again. I am glad I am not the only one who loves them.
      The dress shop is available in Hong Kong and Singapore. And I’ve seen auctions on eBay for the old sewing machine, which every good dress shop needs. I got lucky a few weeks ago when I found a mint-in-box SF sewing machine (circa 1985) from one of my favorite toy resellers.
      If you get the urge to talk about sylvanians, send me a line on okasaneko@hellokitty.com. I’m always happy to correspond with Sylvanian collectors; they make collecting all the more fun. Thank you for dropping by and saying hello! 🙂

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