Easy Buy Sylvanian Families (Updated!)

These are the new single-colored Sylvanian Families releases from Epoch EU. They are not named so the collector has the option of christening them. All the babies can be assigned a gender according to personal choices, even the one in pink, I think.

I made the background from a scanned copy of the card case the families came in. Expanding the picture with Photoshop’s features allowed me to expand their background. I chose to photograph them this way to showcase their uniqueness from the rest of the Sylvanian Families collections.

EB Babies

EB Gray cat baby and Ochre rabbit baby from Nursery Room Playset- new!

EB Pigs

EB Pig Family- new!

The Gray Cats

The Gray Cats

 (available separately from EB playsets)

The Ocher Rabbits

The Ocher Rabbits

(available separately from EB playsets)

 New Easy Buy Sylvanians were released in Manila on February 13, 2012.


The Tan Bears

The Beige Cats

The Brown Dogs

The Brown Mice Family

The Gray Rabbit Family

I thought to include the sister from the Beginner’s set (sister rabbit in the darker pink dress); they could be twins. 🙂

Sheep Family

The Easy Buy Girls (Sister figures from individual playsets)

EB Girls 02

bear sister with television, brown dog sister with sofa, beige cat sister with oven

EB Girls 01

gray rabbit sister with EB starter house, mouse sister with study table, sheep sister with sink

4 thoughts on “Easy Buy Sylvanian Families (Updated!)

  1. The brown dog family is really awsome! And the mouses must have a whole new mold as their ears look different from other SF mouse families.
    I would sertainly buy some of them if I had a change.

  2. i am so jealous hahahaha because im a sylvanian collector too but i dont have many sylvania but im not sure if where gonna buy on my b-day its on jul. 23

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