SF Playsets and Furniture

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Playsets- with figures

  1. Doctor Murdoch with bike
  2. Dentist Set
  3. Nurse with wheelchair
  4. Capt. Horatio Seadog with boat
  5. PC Bobby Roberts with bike
  6. Mailman with post box
  7. Father Christmas and tree set
  8. Playtime with Father (William Beagle and Baby Percy)
  9. A Visit to the Dress Shop (Margaret Petite and Baby Halley)
  10. Party Dress Shopping with Charlotte Merryweather
  11. Mother at Home Set (with Mama Teri Chocolate)
  12. Father at Home Set (with Papa Frasier Chocolate)
  13. Brother at Home Set (with Coco Chocolate)
  14. Sister at Home Set (with Freya Chocolate)
  15. Baby at Home Set ( with Creme Chocolate)
  16. Mother at Home Set (with Mama Purdy Tailbury)
  17. Marjorie’s Gymnastics Lesson
  18. Sewing with Vole mother and sister
  19. Day at the Beach (with Papa Harley and Vespa Farthing)
  20. Juice Bar (with Mama Berry Blackberry)
  21. Happy Birthday, Carla
  22. Garden Furniture with Marianne
  23. Living Room with Michael and baby
  24. Cycling with Mother (Mama Penny and baby Rally Farthing)
  25. Stefania plays piano
  26. Mama Diana and Refrigerator
  27. Papa Aaron and Marco and Vegetable Garden
  28. Kitchen and Mama Angela
  29. Lucas and toilet

 Furniture- Living Room

  1. Victorian Living Room Set-2
  2. Family Room and Aquarium (CC)
  3. Red country armchairs and table
  4. Luxury television
  5. Vintage television
  6. Shoe cupboard
  7. Coffee side table
  8.  Home Interiors set
  9. Luxury Living Room (red)
  10. Armchairs and Table (floral white and pink)

Furniture- Bedroom

  1. Sister’s bedroom with piano
  2. Lavender guest room set
  3. Luxury four-poster set
  4. Luxury master bedroom-2
  5. Large Beds-2
  6. Bunk Beds (CC)

Furniture- Bathroom

  1. Woodland bathroom set
  2. Vintage bathtub in ceramic
  3. Vinatage ceramic toilet

Furniture- Kitchen and Cleaning

  1. Kitchen set (CC)
  2. Kitchen set (SF)- 2
  3. Dining Room Furniture set-2
  4. Kitchen Cookery set
  5. Kitchen Trolley (Home Appliances Set)
  6. Vaccum cleaning set
  7. Refrigerator
  8. Dinner party set-2

Furniture- Nursery

  1. Baby Nursery in red
  2. Baby Nursery in pink
  3. Nursery Nightlight set- 2
  4. Pram/ Double prams- 5
  5. Baby playpens- 6
  6. Nursery High Chairs – 4
  7. Baby cot and accessories


  1. Garden accessory set
  2. Vegetable patch
  3. Garden Party set -2
  4. Baby Train Play home
  5. Wedding Car
  6. Family Car (blue)
  7. Caravan
  8. Woodland Bus


  1. Beauty Salon Dressing Table
  2. Beautician’s Set with outfit
  3. Physical Exam Test
  4. Wheelchair
  5. School Toilet
  6. Nursery Toilet


  1. * Pony and Trap
  2. * Nutmeg the Pony

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