Sylvanian Families

Families are the most popular items in a Sylvanian collector’s prized possessions.They often come in boxed sets of four figures, although certain families are split into playsets, each figure bundled with differently themed furniture to complete a household. Below are the families I have collected since September 2009. Not all of them are complete and some of them come in multiple forms. The quest to reunite these family members with their loved ones is a never-ending source of fun and excitement.

Please bear with me as I update these pages with new pictures to reflect new additions and acquisitions. Names have been added whenever possible. To go to the sub-pages, simply click on the type of critters you want to see.

The critters are grouped according to family and to manufacturer (Epoch JP, Epoch EU, Flair, or Calico Critters). A family, for the purposes of this page, is defined as “having at least one parent in a family with children or a couple in a relationship”. Children without parents are placed in the Minors category.





























Unaccompanied Minors

Sylvanian Community Workers

The Animal Farm

Easy Buy Sylvanian Families



28 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families

  1. I would like to start my/our collection hopefully next year. But my hubby’s telling me that it will really cost me a lot of money. Oh well, let’s just see. Maybe, I can buy just one set every 3 months.

  2. Hi, Vivian! You can start small and maybe set a goal like one family and one house first, then complete the furnishings as you go along. Or you can choose to just collect families. There are so many ways to enjoy Sylvanian Families, and while they are a pretty expensive hobby, they do bring so much joy. 🙂

  3. Wow! Kittymama! You completed the Fox Family pala! I didn’t notice this before.. the babies are so cute! and you have Doughty Family also! We love those two families! Did you bought the Doughty Families here? I saw online site at ebay. But its so expensive I’m now looking at other sites.

    And the Macavity Cat mother’s stripped pattern looks darker than the other families. Is this same with the real thing? or just with pictures?

    • The new additions came as surprise gifts from A, shobe. He bought them through a friend abroad and had them shipped home. I got two large boxes and one small box before Christmas which I have not yet finished documenting. The Macavity cat mom is new and came as a single from JP Epoch, ditto with the twins. I was also bothered with the coloring but since the Macavity dad and brother were old stocks from Wonder Toys, I think I’ll have to live with them until I can buy new ones to replace the older ones. (Judging from my wish list, that’ll take a while, heehee.)

      • WOW! Your A is very generous! We admire him =) We love the Doughty Family more and more after looking at the catalogue you gave us. At first I thought Mr. Doughty Dog does not have a family and it can only be acquired through purchasing Hamburger Wagon. But now, WOW, he also has family na pala!!!

        We are excited to see your collections na! Especially the ones A bought for you. He’s really cool.

    • The Doughty family came with the new box, Joanna. I will be able to post more pictures this month, but it takes a while to go through the shots and resize them. I wish I can set them up as beautifully as you and your mom did, but I get so engrossed in the small details that I never finish! Hay!

  4. I’d also like to welcome the Grunts family! This is the first time i saw this family here. The three babies reminds me of three little pigs. hehehe Its really cool!

    I think you should make a mini Sylvanian Village na like Beverly’s page! =)

    • The pigs are my new favorites because they remind me so much of A and me and the kids! We are a Porkchop *oink* family, heehee. 🙂

  5. Hi Kittymama,
    Where can you get the Wadington Family and the Grandparents? Have been going around the toy stores here but they pretty much have the same stocks only. Is there a place where they have the older stocks? Please advise.

    • Which part of the world are you in, Dindo? I got my ducks from a toy store here in Metro Manila and they sell old stocks of SF items and characters at reduced prices. I got mine at PhP450, which at today’s conversion rates, is roughly US$10.

    • Thank you for dropping by my site! I am glad that you’ve decided to start a collection. Yes, these are very addictive becasue they are simply so cute! Aside from this, the collection is very extensive, spanning 25 years worth of toys. I hope you will come back and visit, drop a line or two, and tell me all about your collection too. Good luck!

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  7. The ducks and persian kitties are the cutest of all, i think. oh and the squirrel babies, of course (but the voles and otters are the ickiest … yikkkkk!)

    Grrrrreat background! The trees are a nice touch too.

    I just wonder why the Doughtys look so worried … did you capture their picture just seconds before something menacing attacked them from behind the trees!

    Oooooh you could ask Alex’s help and make a sylvanian massacre photo shoot 😀

    • You are an awful influence, Ninjas. How did you know Alex has been dreaming of that since the day I began collecting? Grrrr….

      And thank you. Took you long enough to see the pictures I labored so hard to take. Hhmmpff!

      • Sheeeeeesh … talk about tarrrray!

        You forget I witnessed far too many Barbie and Fisher-Price massacres in my day! And all thanks to a little troll named Jeff. The very same troll who planted the seeds of mayhem and madness into your son’s itty bitty baby brain so many moons ago.

        I know how these things work … (face+palm)

  8. hi! where did you get all the Clearwaters? I no they come in the dentist and sewing sets, but i can’t find them anywhere near me! Where did you get them????

    • They’re available in malls and toy stores here in my country (Philippines) and I think they’re also available on eBay as well as other online sources. You’re right, they do come from different sets, the dentist set for the father and sewing with mother set for mom and daughter.

  9. Hi Kittymama, wonderful post on the collection. I’m from the UK and we really struggle to get most of the collections here – especially the Walnut Family, been looking for ages! Nice to see so many people enjoying them on the post.

  10. Hello Kittymama!I love your blog!It’s very informative!I am actually a clay crafter and I make miniature food. I am also a big fan of dollhouses so it was like love at first site when I saw the sylvanian families a few years ago. They’re so cute and they really bring joy and happiness(Even for a twenty-year old like me)For years I’ve seen these cute critters at toy shops but I’m quite undecided if I would buy and start a collection because I’m still in college and I have limited allowance.Finally, Just last month, I purchased my first Sylvanian Item (Which is actually the Chocolate rabbit twins). I was really Thrilled! Then I came across your wonderful blog. It gave me great joy to know that I’m not the only person in the Philippines who loves these little critters. You really inspired me to continue starting my collection and hopefully someday I can reunite families as well. Thanks a bunch and more power!:)

    • Thank you! I’m really glad to know that there are other collectors too. There are many, I think, in the country, but they’re quite a quiet lot. The fun part about collecting is that each piece means something to you, so don’t rush and enjoy the ride. As a college student, I know you have more important priorities at this stage in your life. Come and visit again! 🙂

  11. You have such a huge collection! XD And I read the cake shop entry btw, nice pics! I’m stoked to see my stuff used in your pictures, hehe. I’m going to have to start making food again soon, especially since my husband accidentally left the bulk of my minis at a bakery and they disappeared. >_< My Sylvanian bakery is looking decidedly bare now since that real bakery 'ate' my minis.

    Can you still get the Waddlington ducks? If so can I ask you to get me a set? I can pay through paypal or through another trade.

    • The person who found your bakery items had a lucky day, Pei!

      Thanks for checking out my collection! I’ll look around for Waddlington Ducks in the area and let you know. 🙂

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