Bearbury Bears (FL)

Father Henry, Mother Angela. Brother Oliver, Sister Angele (two versions), Cousin Owen (the accident-prone one) and Baby sisters Harriet (two versions, one from birthday set, the other from mother and baby set)

(updated 042612- Angele’s bedtime set figure added!)

Bearbury Bears (EU)

Father Bruno, Mother Angela, Brother Alex, Sister Olivia, Baby Benjamin

Bearbury Grandparents (EU)

(names pending research)

Beaufort Polar Bears (FL)

Father Sven, Mother Vania, Brother Valentine, Sister Verity, and twins Victor and Victoria

Polar Bears (JP) new!

(acquired February 24, 2013)

Bear- Polar JP

Evergreen Gray Bears (FL)

Father Forrest, Mother Honeysuckle, Older Brother Logan, Older Sister Summer, Brother Preston, Sister Ashley, and Baby Dusty

(updated 042612- single baby added!)

Evergreen Bear Grandparents (FL)

Grandfather Ernest and Grandmother Primrose

Honey Bears (FL)

Father Bertie, Mother Tamsie, Brother Diggory, Sister Katy, Baby Jeremy

Marmalade Bears (FL)

Father Maurice, Mother Margot, Brother Oscar, Sister Ottileee and Baby Kit

Marmalade Bear Grandparents (FL)

Grandfather Quincy and Grandmother Clementine

Panda Bears (FL)

Father Bertram, Mother Alexandra, Brother Kane, Sister Clarice, Baby Lena, and twins Chichi and Mimi

Red Panda Bears (JP)

Father Merlot, Mother Shiraz, Sister Cherry, and Baby Cranberry*

Petite Bears (JP)

Father Patrick, Mother Margaret, Brother Piers, Sister Andromeda, and twins Freddie and Halley

Petite Bears (FL)

Mother Margaret and Baby Halley

Porridge Bears (EU) aka EU Marmalade Bears

Father Cuthbert, Mother Lauren, Brother Jack, Sister Chloe Porridge, twins Teddy and Hetty*

Timbertop Bear Celebration Family (FL)

Father Taylor, Mother Rose, Older Brother Birch, Older Sister Ivy, Brother Bud, Sister Daisy, Baby Burl and Baby Daffodil (sitting)

Yellow Bears aka Yellowstone Bears (JP)/Osbournes (FL)

*UK Names used in the absence of official EU/JP names

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