Darwin Monkey Family (FL)

Father Geoff, Mother Shirley, Brother Simion, Sister Katie, and twins Bobo and Bubbles

Monkey Family (EU)

Monkey Family set with twins and EU exclusive single baby

(updated 042612- new family and babies added!)


4 thoughts on “Monkeys

    • You didn’t tell me where you are from so I am assuming you are a local. The monkeys are still available in toy stores in the city; try giving Toy Kingdom or Toys’R’Us a call to ask if they have them in stock. 🙂

      • Hi, Pilar! The monkeys were also released in the Epoch EU line, which I think is also available in your country. Are you a member of the Sylvanian Families international forum? There are quite a number of Spanish collectors who are members there too. They will be better able to point you to stores in your locality that may carry the items you want. 🙂

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