Babblebrook Gray Rabbit Celebration Family (FL)

Father Cliff, Mother Crystal, Older Brother Richard, Older Sister Judy, Brother Bubba, Sister Breezy, and Baby Coral

Blackberry Rabbit Family (FL)

Father Bob, Mother Betty, Sisters Yvette, Ingrid and unnamed baby from nursery figure set

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family (EU)

Mother Cecile and Baby Donna

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family (JP)

JP single boxed figures, unnamed

Butterglove Ivory Rabbit Family (JP)

Mother and daughter from 1999 Party Dress Series (JP)

Chocolate Rabbit Family (JP)

Father Frasier, Mother Teri, Brother Coco, Sister Freya, Baby sister Creme (two versions), and twins Kabe and Breeze

Older Sister Peppermint Chocolate with her delightful dresser box (SSK Club Member offer)- Peppermint will rejoin her family in a portrait shot soon.

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents (FL)- new!

Rabbit- Chocolate Rabbit Grands

Columbus Seabreeze Celebration Family (FL)

Father Lawrence, Mother Doris, Brother Tristan, Sister Morgan and Baby Nessie

Cottontail Rabbit Family (EU)

Father Aaron, Mother Sorrell, Brother Gromwell, Sister Willow and Babies Comfrey and Angelica

Cottontail Rabbit Family (EU)

Father Aaron and Brother Marco from SF Euro’s vegetable garden playset, Mother Marianne from the garden furniture set

Cottontail Rabbit Family (JP)

JP single boxed figures, unnamed

Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents (FL)- new!

Rabbit- Cottontail Grands

Dappledawn Fawn Rabbit Family (FL)

Father Burdock, Mother Angelica, Brother Figwort, Sister Aster, and twins Lavender and Larkspur

Hopkins Champagne Rabbit Family (FL)- new!

(acquired April 15, 2013)

Rabbit- Champage Hopkins

Father Don, Mother Adrianne, Brother Roger, Sister Rosa and triplets Nicholas, Crystal and Lauren

Milk Rabbit Family (EU)

Father Boris, Mother Flora, Brother Otto, Sister Carla, and Baby Robby (SF Euro sets)


Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Family (FL)

Father Alex, Mother Kate, Brother Oliver, Sister Rebecca, Baby Jamie (two versions) and Baby Hannah

Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Grandparents (FL)

Grandfather Mack and Grandmother Mabel

Nightingale Rabbit Family

Husband Paramadic Thomas and wife Nurse Emily

Wildwood Brown Rabbit Family

Father Herb, Mother Ginger, older brother & sister Ray & Tina, brother & sister Rusty & Holly. and Baby sister Juniper

Wildwood Rabbit Grandparents

Grandfather Smokey and Grandmother Flora

Snow-warren White Rabbit Celebration Family

Father Clarence, Mother Lettuce, Brother Lucky, Sister Sophie, baby Alice, Grandfather Bernard and Grandmother Edith


Lavender Rabbit Family (JP)



3 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. hi, i have this ocher mother rabbit, does she belong to the dappledawn fawn family? i just started collecting them… where do you get their names, i’ve been trying to research them. i want to know more about sf… thanks!

    • The ocher rabbits are unrelated to any of the existing rabbit families but are closest to the Nightingales in appearance. They have the same coloring as Dappledawns but do not have the bent ear characteristic of the fawn rabbits. The ocher rabbits come from the Epoch EU line of Sylvanian Families and, like the Japanese Sylvanian Families characters, do not have names. Only figures from the Flair and Calico Critters lines have names and biographies. Sp that means you’re pretty much free to create your own name for your rabbits! Happy collecting!

  2. Hi there! Would like to ask you, is the chocolate rabbit older sister same height with the chocolate rabbit grandparents.

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