Community Helpers- Private Enterprise

Page under construction

The Ice Cream Vendors: JP Silk Cat Father and Daughter/ FL Polar Bears

JP Ice Cream Wagon with Ice Cream Driver and Seller

(Left) Silk Cat Father and Daughter

(Right) Vincent and Violet Beaufort

Mother and Father Cream Cats with Cake Shop (JP)  

Father/ Farmer Bob Blackberry Rabbit with Horse and Cart (FL)  

Father/ Mr. John Sainsbury Bear with Sainsbury Store (FL)  

Father Maces Mouse with John Lewis Department Store (FL)  

Watch out for more!

Mother Sparkle Rabbit with Village Store (CC)
Mother Blackberry Rabbit with Juice Bar (FL)
Father Appleblossom Squirrel with Windmill Bakery
Uncle Mulberry Raccoon with Toy Shop/ Village Toy Store (FL)
Father Chiffon Dog with Hamburger Wagon (EU)
Mother Chihuahua Dog with Hamburger Restaurant (JP)
Mother and Father Cream Cats with Cake Shop (JP)
Father/Chef Basil Hazelwood Mouse with Regency Hotel (FL)
Mother/ Waitress Suzette Simpkins Cat with Regency Hotel (FL)
Mothers/ Waitresses Cottontail Rabbit and Maces Mouse (acquired as figures only)
Father/ Lollipop Man Chantilly Cat with School crossing ((FL)
Mother/ Dinner Lady Bassett Dog with School kitchen and School Lunch Set (FL)
Pastor Beaver with Chapel (FL)

The Ballroom Set (FL)

Mother Grace Cheshire Cat- Ballroom singer

Father Kelly Bassett – Musician

The Waltzing Figures Set (FL)

Mother Grace Cheshire Cat- Ballroom singer

Father Kelly Bassett – Musician


6 thoughts on “Community Helpers- Private Enterprise

    • Thanks, sis Cha! It’s slow work, documenting what I already have, but I have been inspired by you and other friends so I will keep at it. 🙂

  1. hi, glad that I found your site. Love you sylvanian photos and collection. I’m also into collecting them and now building a small sylvanian village for them.

    • Oh, I would love to see your village! I don’t have a dedicated space for them yet but I dream of making a village too! Thanks for saying hello!

  2. How did you create the backdrops for your village? They look amazing! Your scenes are so inspiring – thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful resource!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I usually use old calendars, the ones that have lots of nice scenes and backgrounds. I also look for pictures on the web and enlarge them using Photoshop. 🙂

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